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brothers and sisters—if you have any–who love you and play with you every day ? "

“O, sir, that's it; sometimes I am afraid that I love them better than the Saviour, and that makes me cry; because I ought to love Him better than all of them.”

“But you have never seen Him”

“No, I have never seen Him ; but I am going to see Him. I am going to live with Him forever.”

“How do you know that ?”

“ Because I am sorry for my sins, and I love the Saviour, and all that repent and love the Saviour are going to Him when they die to live with Him in heaven for ever.”

“Where is heaven ?“It is away up there in the blue sky where Jesus and the angels live.”

“ What kind of a place is heaven ?” “O, it is a very beautiful place, and a very happy place.”

“ Is it pleasanter than this world ?" inquired the young man, glancing around at the beautiful scenery.

“O) yes, a great deal pleasanter! I was just wondering a little while ago, as I was crossing the meadow, how it could be pleasanter in heaven than it was on earth; but while I was wondering, I felt the sun scorching me, and I saw an ugly snake in the grass, and then I did not wonder any more.”

“So they don't have any scorching sun or snakes in heaven ?" said the young man, smiling,

“No, there is no sun there, for God makes it light, there is nothing there that can hurt any one-no death, or pain, or sickness, or sorrow."

" Then that is what makes heaven more beautiful than earth, isn't it?”

“No, that makes it pleasanter; but it is more beautiful too, because, don't you know the Bible says, ' Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him ;” so it must be glorious, for our eyes see very beautiful things, and our ears hear sweet music sometimes. Just listen now, how sweetly the birds are singing, but the angels sing a great deal sweeter."

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“But how do you know the Bible is true ?"
“ Because it is God's book."
“But how do you know there is a God ?

“Because there is a world, and people in it, and every. thing beautiful: and besides, God tells me so, Himself.”

“ How does He tell you, does He whisper in your ear ?"

“No; he tells me right here," replied the child, laying her hand upon her breast.

For some moments the young man remained silent, apparently lost in deep thought, when rousing up suddenly, he said, “What is your name, my little monitress?"

Angela, sir.”

“Angel— that is an appropriate name- and if there be angels on earth, why not in heaven," murmured the young

" Well, my pretty angel, where do you live? you are not a fairy are you, making your home amid the bowers ?

“I live yonder, over the hill,” replied the child, pointing in the direction of her father's cottage.

“ And have you come all this way to read your Bible in this pleasant spot ?"

“O no, sir ; I am going to church and to Sabbath school, and I stop here to rest, and I thought I would read a little in my Bible about the Saviour. I love to read about the Saviour, but it makes me cry when I read how cruelly He was treated."

“O, could I but have that child's faith I would give the whole world,” exclaimed the young man vehemently. " Cam it be ? is there a God ?”

“ Don't you believe there is a God, sir ?" inquired the child, approaching him, and looking earnestly at him.

He turned and walked rapidly away. But he did not spend the day roaming over the hills with his gun, as he designed doing, but passed the greater portion of it in the sauctuary. Through the words of that little child, God had sent an arrow of conviction to his soul, and he found no rest till he had bowed at the foot of the cross, and sought and found forgiveness through a crucified Re deemer.- Erangelist.

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Tread softly. Here lies the form
Of one who was my sister,
Cold in death.
Oft she hath chased me with those tiny feet,
And oft her voice was raised with mine
In joyous laughter; but now no more 'tis heard,
Her lips are sealed in death.
Like the day spring,
Where'er she went was happiness and joy !
Was any sad-she wiped his tears away,
And kissed him well again. Then tried
A thousand childish, loving tricks
To raise a smile. Alas! alas !
No smile is on her face; but that with which
She welcomed death.
He came: The messenger of one
Who loved her more than we.
We loved her much; but Jesus loved her more.
For this He took her to himself
From this dark world of misery and sin,
Spotless and pure, through his own blood,
And meet for heaven.
This is a lesson hard to learn,
To bow beneath a heavy stroke
Of chastisement and not repine.
Her loss is great to us : the gain
Is greater far to her.
She was too frail a bark for this rough sea ;
But Ile in mercy sheltered her,
Then let his will be done !



I was sitting by a window in the second story of one of the large boarding houses at Saratoga Springs, thinking of absent friends, when I heard shouts of children from the piazza beneath me.

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“Oh, yes, that's capital ! so we will ! Come on now! There's William Hale! Come on William, we're going to have a ride on the circular railway. Come with us."

“Yes, if my mother is willing. I will run and ask her." replied Willian.

“Oh, oh! so you must run and ask your ma. Great baby--run along and ask your ma! Ain't you I didn't ask my mother." “Nor 1,-1

- nor J," added half a dozen voices. “Be a man, William,” cried the first voice. " Come along with us, if you don't wish to be called a coward so long as you live. Don't you see we are all waiting?"

I leaned forward to catch a view of the children, and. saw William standing with one foot advanced, and his hand firmly clenched, in the midst of the group. He was a fine subject for a painter, just at that moment. His flushed brow, flashing eye, compressed lip, and changis: cheek, all told how that word coward was rankling in his breast. Will he prove himself indeed one, by yielding to them ? thought I. It was with breathless interest I listened for his answer, for I feared that the evil principle in! his heart would be stronger than the good. But no.

" I will not go without asking my mother," said the noble boy, his voice trembling with emotion, “and I am no coward either. I promised her I would not go from the house without her permission, and I should be a base coward if I were to tell her a wicked lie.”

There was something commanding in his tone, which made the noisy children mute. It was the strong soul over the weaker, and they involuntarils yielded him the tribute of respect.

I saw him in the evening among the gathered multitude in the parlour. He was walking by his mother's sidestately matron, clad in widow's weeds. It was evident pride she looked on her graceful boy, whose face was one of the finest I ever saw, fairly radiant with athmation and intelligence. Wellmight she be happy in such a son-one who could dare to do right, when all were tempting to the wrong.


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“ Have you seen my Beautiful Ones ? ”

Said the mother bereaved, to Earth;
" Have you not missed them in valley and glen ?

Turn not your flowers to seek them again ?
Lose not your echoes their mirth ?

The Earth looked up with smiling face,
But told not of treasures in trust;
Of small, dimpled hands clinging close to her

Of young, sunny heads on green pillows that rest,

Of Beauty asleep in the dust.
" Have you seen my Beautiful Ones?

The mother to Sorrow then said ;
Whose head was bowed low, her tears falling fast;

She said, " I have seen them ; a spectre strode past,

your babes by the hand swiftly led ! "
Then the mother for her Beautiful Ones,

Wept with tears gushing forth like the rain ;
She sought the low mounds in the gloomy

And she cried out,“O Earth,” as she knelt on the

“ Restore me my loved ones again!”

“I have seen your Beautiful Ones,”
Said Faith, drawing near to her side ;

They passed from earth with a form clad in white, (For to me the blest vision was given ;)

A voice I heard as they passed from your sight, “Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven!”



Fanny Grey was a bright, happy little girl, who laughed and chattered from morn until night, except when she was obliged to be quiet. That was the hardest work she had to do- as hard for her as it would be for older persons to caper about as she did all day long. Sometimes she would

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