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*JACOB, Joshua, and the White Quakers, continued. To the Police of Dublin. ... - --- ... 8vo. No date.

— Newspapers, Mountebanks, Bells, Clocks and Watches rejected by .. Grace of God, and disowned by the Faith of Jesus. Folio. No Printer's name or place. [1843.]

— To those calling themselves Roman Catholics.
Small folio. No date.

— The Sandy Foundation shaken, Bigotry and intolerance are

inseparable from infidelity under any name or profession.
Folio. [1843.]

To the Rulers of this Nation of IRELAND, From our Yearly
Meeting of Friends commonly called White Quakers; held
in Dublin, 1st of 5th month, 1843. — Signed by Abigail
Beale, William Roberts, Rebecca Ridgeway, Elizabeth Beale,
Elizabeth Anthony Pim, William Strangman Jacob, Anne
Joseph Jacob. ... Folio. No Printer's name or place. [1843.]

Some Account of the Progress of the Truth as it is in Jesus. 3 vols. (Issued in parts.) Mountmelick: Printed. ... --- - - - ... 8vo. 1843.

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WHEREAS The late William Beale of Irishtown, near
Mountmelick, my father, left at his decease a considerable
property, &c. --- - - - --- --- ... Folio. [1842.]

JACOB, Thomas Greer, of Belfast. Son of RICHD. & MARY JAcoB, of Waterford.

Brief remarks on the Christian Sabbath, as distinguished from
the #abbath of the 3ting, with some notices and advices on
the proper observance of the First day of the week. Ad-
dressed to those who profess the Principles of the Society of
Friends. Being extracts from various publications acknow-
ledged by or issuing from that body, in its collective capacity.
Collected by a member. [ANoN.]

Belfast: Printed by James Wilson, 70, High-street.

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— The Advocate of Moral Reform.

He died the 17th day of the 7th month, 1837, in the 41st year of his
age, and was buried in Friends' Burying Ground, near Belfast, on
the 19th of the same. Some account of him may be found in The
Irish Friend, No. 1, vol. 1, page 4.

JAFFRAY, Alexander, of Aberdeen.

A Word of Erhortation by way of Preface to the following Purposes, from a Lover of the true interest of those whom

JAFFRAY, Alexander, continued.

they are directed.—(being a Preface to Geo. Keith's “Help

in time of Need, &c.” written in 1664.)
* 4to. Printed in the Year, 1665. 14

Republished in the following— Diary of Alexander Jaffray, Provost of Aberdeen, One of the Scottish Commissioners to King Charles 2nd, and a Member of Cromwell's Parliament; to which are added, Particulars of his subsequent life, given in connexion with Memoirs of the Rise, Progress, and Persecutions of the People called Quakers, in the North of Scotland, among whom he became one of the earliest members. By John Barclay. London : Published by Harvey and Darton, Gracechurch Street; Alexander Brown and Co., Aberdeen; and William Whyte and Co., Edinburgh. ... 8vo. 1833. 39

Reprinted.—The 2nd edition. London (same imprint.) 8vo. 1834. 39

Reprinted.—The 3rd edition.
Aberdeen: George & Robert King, St. Nicholas Street;
Hamilton, Adams & Co., London. (Aberdeen: Printed -
by A. King & Co., Broad Street.) --- ... 8vo. 1856. 283

Reprinted.—(same imprint.) --- --- ... 4to. 1856. 56%
He died the 7th day of the 5th month, 1673, aged 59 years, and was
buried in a piece of ground set apart near his own house at
Kingswells, the 8th of the same.

JAFFRAY, Andrew,(his Son) of Kings-wells, in the Shire of Aberdeen.

A Serious and earnest Echortation and seasonable Warning given forth in two Epistles to the People and Inhabitants of Aberdeen, being the Breathings of one of the despised Sufferers for the blessed Truth (in scorn called a Quaker) within their City, while I was under deep exercise of Spirit, &c.—Andrew

Jaffray. --- ... 4to. No Printer's name or place. [1677.] 1 — The Testimony of Andrew Jaffray, concerning Robert Barclay. —See R. B's. Works. --- --- ... Folio. 1692. 1

Reprinted.—See R. BARCLAY. — and Rob ERT BARCLAY, Junr. — A Modest and Serious ADDRESS to the well meaning Followers of ANTONIA BOURIGNON, upon occasion of the Translating and Publishing of Her WARNING against the QUAKERs, and its Preface to the English Reader. By one of the aforesaid People, with a Letter from A. I. (ANDREw JAFFRAY) to Dr. G. G. --- --- ... 4to. Printed in the Year, 1708. 4 He died the 1st of 2nd month, 1726, and was interred in his own burial-ground on the family estate of Kingswells. For further particulars respecting him and a sketch of his life, death, and character, with some account of his family, see his Father's Diary as above, page 503–513.

JANNEY, Thomas, of Cheshire, afterwards of Pennsylvania.
— Preface to a book of Alex. Lawrence's, entitled, “An Answer to a

Book published by Richard Smith, of West Chester, &c.” 4to. 1677.

An EPISTLE from Chomag jammtp to Friends of Cheshire, and
by them desired to be made Publick,-(From my own House
near the Falls of Delaware, in the County of Bucks, in Pen-
sylvania, the 16th day of the 10th Month, 1693.)
London, Printed and sold by T. Sowle, near the Meeting-

House, in White Hart Court, Gracious-street. 4to. 1694.

He was taken ill (whilst on a religious visit to his brethren in England)
and died the 12th of the 12th month, 1696, and was buried the
15th of the same, in Friends' Burying-place in Cheshire, aged 63.
A Minister 42 years.

JANNEY, Samuel M., of Springdale, near Purcelville, Loudoun
County, Virginia, North America, now of Lincoln, in the
same county.

—Conversations on Religious subjects.

3rd edition. ... -- --- ... 1843.

Republished in The Friends' Intelligencer.
— The Life of William Penn: with selections from his correspon-

dence and autobiography. By Samuel M. Janney, (with two
Portraits of William Penn.)

Philadelphia : Lippincott, Grambo & Co. ... 8vo. 1851.

Reprinted.—2nd edition, revised.

Large 8vo. Philadelphia (same imprint.) 1852.

— The Life of George Fox; with Dissertations on his views
concerning the Doctrines, Testimonies, and Discipline of the
Christian Church. (With a Frontispiece of “Swarthmore

Philadelphia : Lippincott, Grambo & Co. ... 8vo. 1853.

— History of the Religious Society of Friends, from its Rise to
the Year 1828. By Samuel M. Janney, Author of “Life of
William Penn, “Life of George Fox,” etc. (From the Birth
of Geo. Fox to the year 1660.)
While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of
light.—John xii. 36.
In Four Volumes. Vol. 1.
Philadelphia: Hayes & Zell, No. 439, Market Street.

Large 12mo, 1859.

Reprinted.—2nd edition.
Philadelphia ; Hayes & Zell, No. 439, Market Street.

Large 12mo, 1860.

— The same, Vol. 2. (From 1660 to the death of Geo. Fox,
Philadelphia : T. Ellwood Zell, No. 439, Market Street.

Large 12mo, 1861.

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JANNEY, Samuel M., continued.
— The same. Wols. 3 and 4.—(From 1691 to 1828.)
Philadelphia: T. Ellwood Zell. ... Large 12mo. 1867.

— An American View of the causes which have led to the
Decline of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and
Ireland. [ANoN.]

“Truth never lost ground by enquiry, because she is most of all

Philadelphia : T. Ellwood Zell. - - - ... 8vo. 1860. 2
London : A. W. Bennett, 5, Bishopsgate Without.
8vo. 1860. .. 2

JANSON, Edmund, of Tottenham, near London.
The following Considerations on the SLAVE TRADE and
SLAVERY, are submitted to the Public, under a conviction
of the soundness of the principles on which they are founded,
and which have long been advocated. (About 1826.)
W. Phillips, Printer, George-yard, Lombard-street.
8vo. No date. }
He died the 2nd of the 9th month, 1826, aged 28 years.

*JAQUES, George, and others, of Reading.

The Christian (Irgtimonp of Some, called QUAKERs, at Reading,
in Barkshire, To some Fundamental Truths of the Christian
Religion. Giving an Account First, Of Twelve Weighty
Queries, Proposed to some Preachers, and others of the People,
called Quakers, at Reading, Concerning some Essential, Prin-
ciples, of the Christian Faith.
Secondly, Our plain and Positive Answer to the said Twelve
Queries, in Twelve several Positions, according to Scripture.
Thirdly, A Copy of a Paper sent to them. Signed, "Wm.
Pain, Robert Sandilands, George Jaques.
London, Printed by J. Bradford, in New Street, without
Bishopsgate, near Hand-Ally. --- - - - 4to. 1696. 1

— A LETTER to Thomas Curtis, Benjamin Coals, William
Soundy, and other Friends, (commonly called Quakers) who
meet in Sun-Lane, Reading. From William Pain, Robert
Sandilands, George Jaques, and some other Friends, who
meet in Gutter Lane there. Containing a Friendly Answer
to what is most Material in a Paper, lately Published by the
former, Entituled, The Reading Quakers Windicated, &c.
Signed Wm. Pain, Robert Sandilands, George Jaques.

London : Printed for the Author. - - - ... 4to. [1696 P] 1

JECKELL, Robert, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

A Lively Testimony to the LIVING TRUTH, Given forth by
Robert Jeckell upon his Death-bed. In the presence of many
eye and ear Witnesses whose names are subscribed.

Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord, doc.
4to. London, Printed in the year, 1676. 1
Note.—Published by BRIDGET PINDER and ELIZABETH Hopper.
He died at Swarthmore, the 11th of the 5th month, 1676.

JEFFRYS, John, of Dublin, in Ireland.

A Serious ADDREss to the People of the Church of England, , in some observations upon their own Catechism. Tenderly recommended to their consideration. . . By John Jeffrys. To which are prefixed, Some Passages of his Life, written by

himself. Dublin: Printed by Isaac Jackson, at the Globe, in Meathstreet. ... . . . . . . . --- --- ... 12mo. 1739. 24 — The same.

Dublin Printed: London Reprinted and sold by T. Sowle
Raylton and Luke Hinde, at the Bible, in George-yard,
Lombard-street. --- --- --- --- 8vo. 1742. 3.}

Reprinted.—The 3rd edition.
London : Printed and sold by T. Sowle Raylton and Luke
Hinde, at the Bible, in George-yard, Lombard-street. 12mo. 1746. 23

Reprinted.—The 4th edition. --- --- --- No date.

Reprinted.—The 5th edition.
London : Printed by Mary Hinde, at No. 2, in George-yard,

Lombard-street. --- 12mo. No date. 24 The same. London : Printed. Philadelphia: Reprinted and sold by - * James Chattin, in Church-alley. --- Small 8vo. 1753. 3 Reprinted.

Dublin : Printed and sold by R. Jackson, at the Globe, No.
20, Meath-street. - --- --- 12mo. 1784. 24

JEFFERYS, John, of Melksham 2

— Fragments and Remarks collected out of the Old and New

Testament. 1777. By John Jefferys. With Some occa

sional Remarks of Thos. Story—in a Dispute with a Papist

concerning Transubstantiation, or the Bread and Wine being

immediately changed into the Real Body and Blood of Christ,

as appears by his Journal. Page the 8th, 9th, 42, 43, and 44.
In Manuscript. 8vo. 497 pages.

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