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J. Date. Sheets. •, J. 33rittle 33rattit, or a Familiar Discourse on the Persons I, THou, HE, or SHE, WE, YE, or You, and THEY. (See ANoN.) 8vo. London, 1752. 2

JACKSON, Anne, (Not a Friend, who lived about 1660.)

An Account of Anne Jackson, with some particulars concernin
the Great Plague and Fire in London, written by herself.
Edited by Mary de Gleva, [i.e. MARY Roberts.] Author of
Select Female Biography, Annals of my Willage, &c.
London: J. Hatchard and Son, Piccadilly. ... 12mo, 1832, 4}

JACKSON, Halliday, of Darby, North America.

—- Civilization of the Indian Natives; or, 3 33rief oitín of the Friendly conduct of William Penn towards them in the early settlement of Pennsylvania; The subsequent care of the Society of Friends in endeavouring to promote peace and friendship with them by pacific measures; and A concise narrative of the proceedings of the Yearly Meeting of Friends of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and parts adjacent, since the year 1795, in promoting their improvement and gradual civilization. By Halliday Jackson. Philadelphia ; Marcus T. C. Gould, No. 6, North eighth street. New-York : Isaac T. Hopper, No. 420, Pearl Street. ... --- - --- --- 8vo. 1830. 74

— Sketch of the sisammtrs, Customs, 13tligion and 60%trument of the Seneca Indians in 1800. By Halliday Jackson. Philadelphia ; Marcus T. C. Gould, &c. --- 8vo. 1830. 23 Note.—Originally published in The Friend, or Advocate of Truth.

JACKSON, Jane, his Wife.

— Obituary account of her. See Comly's Miscellany, vol. 3. p. 77.

She died the 28th of 12th month, 1830, aged about 54 years.
Vol. II. B

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Note.—This piece is addressed “To all Friends of truth in the East
and West parts of Yorkshire,” and is dated “From the Lodge in
Essex this 4th day of the 9th Month, 1662.”—It is printed in italics.

A VISITATION of Love to the tender Plants of God's

WINEYARD. Given forth by HENRY JAckson. Also two

Generall Epistles given forth by WILLIAM CAton.

Small 12mo. 1698. 44

Note.-At the end of this piece is a Postscript, containing “A Copy

tjACKSON, James, continued.

of the Paper sent to Nottingham, the 21st of the 7th Month,
1697. To all tender and upright-hearted Friends in Nottingham
and Nottinghamshire, James Jackson sendeth greeting, in the Love
and Fear of God which abideth unchangeable for ever."—A Recan-

— An appeal to Country Friends at this General Meeting, &c., against the City Quakers unchristian Carriage towards him. 8vo. 1708. JACKSON, John, of Darby, Co. of Delaware, state of Pennsylvania, in North America. [Hicksite, so called.] An address to the members of Quarterly Meeting on the subject of “Divine Spiritual Worship.” --- --- 1837. Considerations on the impropriety of Friends participating in the administration of political government. . --- 1840. — Peace and War. — Essays on the Death Penalty, in “Friends' Intelligencer” of 7th mo. 2nd and 9th, 1853. — The Christian Ministry, a free Ministry.—Objections to a theological education for the ministry, &c. And GEORGE TRUMAN, and THOMAs B. Longst RETH. An Address to the Inhabitants of St. Croix-‘‘St. Croix, 12th Month, 7th, 1840. Reprinted in “The Memoir,” page 187. A Brief account of their Travels in the West India Islands. Privately printed. A memoir of John Jackson. By James Andrews. Read before the Delaware County Institute of Science, 1856. Reprinted in the following, page 199. — Brief memoir of John Jackson, in “Friends' Intelligencer.” Reprinted, (with Preface by R. T. Jackson.) [Portrait.] Philadelphia ; Merrihew & Thompson, Printers, Lodge St. North side, Pennsylvania Bank. --- 12mo. 1856.

He died the 14th of 4th month, 1855, and was interred in Friends'
Burial-ground, Darby, North America.

JACKSON, Margaret, of Edenderry, in the King's County, Ireland.

— Extracts from Letters and other pieces written by Margaret Jackson, during her last illness.

Dublin : Printed by Bentham and Gardiner, 40, Westmore

land Street; sold by Harvey and Darton, Gracechurch

St., and William Phillips, George yard, Lombard St.,

London; and by William Alexander and Son, York.

- 8vo. 1824.

She died at Moate, in the County of Westmeath, the 16th of 2nd
month, 1822.

JACKSON, Rachel Maria, of Dublin.
— Memoranda of Rachel Maria Jackson: with extracts from some
of her letters. Compiled by Martha Wright.
Dublin : Printed by Robert Chapman, 105, Great Bruns-
wick-street. - --- ---

She died the 10th of 4th mo. 1836, in the 81st year of her age, and
her remains were interred in the burial-ground in Cork St., Dublin,
on the 14th of the same. A Minister about 27 years.

JACKSON, Samuel Pim, of Bristol.

Every man his own Parson (dated March 28th, 1851.) [ANoN.]
C. T. Jefferies, Printer, Redcliff St., Bristol. 12mo. [1851.]

JACOB, Elizabeth, Wife of Rich.D. Jacob, of Limerick, and Daughter of Thos. and AGNES HEAD, was born at Ardee.

— An EpistLE in TRUE Love, containing a Farewell exhortation,
to Friends' Families, &c. (written from Worcester, 9th
month, 1712.)
London : Printed and sold by the Assigns of J. Sowle, in
White-Hart-Court, in Gracious Street. ... 8vo. 1712.

Dublin: By and for Isaac Jackson, at the Globe, in Meath-
street. - - - - - - - - - Small 8vo. 1756.

Stockport: Printed at the office of J. Lomar. 18mo. 1812.

She died at Waterford, in the year 1739, in the 65th year of her age,
and about the 42nd of her ministry.

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— No Title, begins,—On the 18th of the 3rd month, 1842, on the
way from Kildare to Mountmelick, the word of the Lord
came to his Servant, Joshua Jacob, saying—the gods of
Mountmelick are idols, but the Lord made the heavens.
Folio. [1842.]
— The Beast, False Prophet, and the Whore, My God will take
alive. God against MAN.

CHURCH against WHoRE.
Folio. [1843.]

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