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JEFFREY, Russell, of London, last of Cheltenham. A Minister.

Extracts from the Letters of Russell Jeffrey, Henry Hipsley, and William Brewin—being an account of their proceedin in a religious visit to India in the years 1862 and 1863 and 1864, being a continuation of the narrative given in the Extracts from the Minutes and Proceedings of the Yearly Meeting 1863 and 1864. Edward Newman, Printer, 9, Devonshire Street, Bishopsgate Street. --- --- --- --- 8vo. He died the 12th of the 1st month, 1867, aged about 61 years. JENKINS, Walter, of Monmouthshire, in Wales. Formerly a Justice of the Peace.

— The Law given forth out of SIon, and the Commandments of the Lord of Life, (who is Lord from Heaven) made known unto men. By Walter Jenkins. (With a Postscript by

Edward Bourne.) 4to. London, Printed for R. Wilson, 1663.

He converted two priests, and died the latter end of the 5th month,
1661, in the days of King Charles.

JENKINSON, James, of Yealand.
Samuel Roe's Observations on The Great Case of Tithes con-
sidered. [ANoN.] o
London: Printed for the Author, Sold by J. and J. Jenkin-
son, at Yealand, Westmoreland; and by the Booksellers

of London and Westminster. ... -- --- 8vo. 1762.

JENNINGS, Samuel, of Aylesbury, in Bucks, afterwards of New Jersey.

— A Testimony concerning that Faithful Servant of the Lord, and our dear Friend, Isaac Penington, whom God hath lately removed from us, and fixed in his Eternal Rest. (In “Isaac

Penington's Works.”) --- --- --- ... Folio. 1681.

Reprinted.—See Isaac PENINGTON.

— An Epistle of Samuel Jennings to Friends of Bucks County,
Pennsylvania, anno 1682.-Written from Greenhill, near
Burlington, in New West Jersey, 6th of 10th month, 1682.
Note.—This is inserted, with “some account of the writer,” in The
Yorkshireman, No. 50, Vol. 3, page 24, from an old M.S. in the
possession of the Editor (LUKE. HowARD.)
— The State of the Case Briefly but Impartially given betwixt
the People called QUAKERs, in Pensylvania, &c., in America,
who remain in Unity, and 6torge Hitits). With some few
seduced by him into a Separation from them. As also a Just
Vindication of myself from the Reproaches and Abuses of
those Backsliders. By SAMUEL JENNINgs.
London, Printed and sold by T. Sowle, near the Meeting
House, in White Hart Court in Gracechurch Street, and
at the Crooked Billet in Hollywell-Lane near Shoreditch.

8vo. 1694.

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JENNINGS, Samuel,-continued.

Truth rescued from Forgery and Falshood—in answer to “The
Case put.” . Philadelphia, printed, 1699. 4

— and others.-False News from Gath, rejected, containing some Reasons of the People called Quakers, for their declining to answer John Talbot's Proposall (at the foot of F. Bogg's Bomb) to their last Fearly Meeting at Burlington. Burlington, 18, 7 mo. 1704. Signed in %; of the People called Quakers, by us, SAMUEL JENINGs, GRIFFITH Owes, NichoLAs WALNE, EdwarD SHIPPEN, GEORGE MARIES, ANTHoNY MoRRIs, John Rod MAN, THOMAS STORY, CALEB Pusey.

Folio. [Philadelphia, printed, 1704.] }

JENINGS, William, of Southampton.
His Testimony concerning Humphry Smith.-(In “Humphry

Smith's Collected Works.”) --- --- -- 4to. 1683. # JESUP, Lucy, of Halstead, Esser.

— Extracts from the Papers and Letters of Lucy Jesup.
Sudbury : Published by Wright and Gilbert, Market Hill.
London: A. W. Bennett, Bishopsgate Street. 12mo. 1858. 24
She died the 9th of 3rd month, 1857, aged 50 years.

JESUP, Mary, of Halstead, Essex.

An Epistle to jritmbs of Great Britain and Ireland.
London: Printed by William and Samuel Graves, Sherborne

Lane. 12mo. 1820. #
Reprinted. -
London : Printed by Harvey, Darton, and Co., Gracechurch
Street. ... --- --- --- --- 12mo. 1822. A

Lindfield : Printed by W. Eade, at the Schools of Industry.
12mo. 1837. §

Selections from the Writings of Mary Jesup, with some account
of two of her children.
London: Harvey and Darton, Gracechurch-street. 12mo. 1842. 54

She died the 1st of 8th month, 1835, aged 65 years.

JESUP, Maria, wife of JAMEs Jesup, of Halstead, and daughter of John and HANNAH KING, of Sudbury, Suffolk. Extracts from the Memoranda and Letters of Maria Jesup, late of Halstead, in Essex; with a short account of her last illness and death; also a few extracts from the Papers of her Younger Sister, Marianne King. Not Published. Printed by W. Alexander and Co., Castlegate, York. 12mo. [About 1837.] 4 She died the 11th of 4th month, 1837, aged 38 years.

JEWANS, Evan, alias BEVAN.—See Evan BEVAN.

JEWELL, Joseph, of Stratford, Esser, last of Farringdon, Berkshire, was born at Stanford-in-the-Vale, Berks.

— Serious Thoughts on the Power, Mercy, and Love of the
Almighty. Written by Joseph Jewell, on the Death of his
Brother. (In verse.)
London : Printed by George Cooke, Dunstan's Hill, Tower

Street. --- --- - - - - -

An Address to Christians, particularly those who are united in circulating the Scriptures, By a Layman, who is desirous to see Christianity accompanied with that lively faith which bringeth all deeds to light, that it might be made manifest that they are wrought in God. [ANoN.]

Oxford: Printed for the Author, by T. Bell. ... 8vo. 1821.

— A Contemplative Glance on the 3Lamtntations of 3 tremias):
with Reflections on the 119th Psalm. By Joseph Jewell.
Oxford : Printed by T. Bell. ... --- ... 12mo. 1823.

— 3 (Iributt to the memory of a Christian woman, who resided
at Wooburn, Bucks, and died, and was buried there in the
year 1825. Written by a Stranger, who visited that place in
the Summer of 1826. Addressed and given to the Inhabitants
of that place. [ANoN., but supposed by him.]
London: Printed by W. Clowes, Stamford St. 12mo. 1826.

— Contemplations on Primitive Conversions and Baptisms. By
Joseph Jewell.
London : Published for Joseph Jewell, Junior, by Darton .
and Clark, Holborn Hill. --- --- 18mo. No date.

— Christian advice to Corn-Burners; with counsel to the labouring poor in general, and a few hints to Masters. By Joseph Jewell. - 12mo.

— Reflections on Joseph and his Brethren, and the latter days of
Jacob, with his death and burial. By Joseph Jewell. (In
London : Printed for the Author, by William Darton and
Son, Holborn Hill. ... - - - --- 18mo. No date.
— Short History of a Long life.

Plain Pleading for Peace and good will toward men, with proofs
that all Christians should have it in them. By Joseph Jewell.
Faringdon : Printed by R. Knapp. --- --- 8vo. 1844.
— A Tribute to the siltmory of Elizabeth Jewell. (In verse.)
By Joseph Jewell.
T. Bell, Printer, Oxford. ... Large 4to. [About 1821?]

He died at Farringdon, Berks, the 19th of 9th month, 1846, aged 83

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JOHN, Joseph, and other Welsh Friends.-See Evan BEVAN.

JOHNSON, Catharine, of London, or Surrey?

Letter to Stephen Crisp. No date.—See Collectitia, page 40.
8vo. 1824.

JOHNSON, Jonathan, of Suffolk 2

— His Testimony concerning Giles Barnardiston.—See Testimonies. --- --- --- --- --- 1681.

JOHNSON, Thomas, of London.

The REctoR corrected. Being An Answer to William Taswell, (who is stiled D.D. and Rector of St. Mary, Newington, in Surry.) Wherein his Objections against the Quakers in his Pamphlet, Intituled, The Popish Priest unmask'd, are reduced to four heads, viz. I. The Qualification and Call of a Gospel Minister. II. His maintenance. III. Baptism. IV. The Supper. Which important Subjects are briefly set in a true Light; with some Remarks on several of the Doctor's false, ridiculous and defamatory stories. By THOMAs JoHNson. London : Printed and sold by the Assigns of J. Sowle, at the Bible in George-yard, in Lombard Street. 8vo. 1722. 5 He died about the year 1722-3. JONES, E. LoNDoN's Remembrancer. Wherein the Inhabitants thereof may review the Lord's dealings with them in a few years last ast. Which is a warning to them to repent and not to persist in their wickedness, which brought down the Judgements of God upon them. 4to. London, Printed in the Year, 1670. 1

Note.—In this tract is given an account of the breaking up of the
meetings at Peel and Mile End Green by soldiers.

JONES, Evan, of Wales.
Deceivers made manifest. ... --- - - - Broadside. 1672. 1
JONES, George, of Stockport, in Cheshire, was the son of WILLIAM

and ELIZABETH JONES, and was born at Horsehay, in the
County of Salop.

On the Misapplication of Time and Talents. [ANoN.]

Lomar, Printer, Stockport. ... Large 4to. [About 1812.] ;
Reprinted.—(With alterations.) ... - - - ... 12mo.
To Innkeepers and Publicans. [ANoN.]

Lomar, Printer, Stockport. ... - - - ... 4to. No date. 4

He died the 30th of 12th month, 1841, aged 76 years. For further
particulars respecting him, see The Annual Monitor, for 1843.

JONES, Rebecca, was the daughter of WILLIAM and MARY Jones, and was born in Philadelphia, in the year 1739,

Memorials of Rebecca Jones, compiled by William J. Allinson.
Philadelphia, Printed, 8vo.

JONES, Rebecca,—continued.
Reprinted.—2nd edition, with an appendix,

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Reprinted.—3rd edition.
London: C. Gilpin, 5, Bishopsgate-street without. 8vo. No date.
She died the 15th of 4th month, 1818, aged nearly 80 years, and her
remains were interred on the morning of the day on which the

Yearly Meeting of Ministers and Elders for Pennsylvania, &c., was

*JONES, Rice,—for an account of him and his followers termed
Proud Quakers, and the separate Meeting they gathered at
Nottingham Castle in 1657. See G. W.'s Christian Progress,
p. 121. ... --- -- --- --- 8vo. 1725.

JONES, Robert, of Buckinghamshire.

— A Testimony concerning Isaac Penington, inserted in Isaac Penington's works. --- --- --- --- Folio. 1681.

Reprinted.—See Isa AG PENINGTON.

A Few words by way of Testimony, according to the knowledge
and experience that I had of my dear Friend, and honourable
in the Lord his God, G. F., the 20th of the 5th month, 1691,
In Geo. For’s “Doctrinal Works.” ... - - - Folio. 1706.

JONES, Sarah, of Bristol f

— This is Light's Appearance in the Truth to all the precious
dear Lambs of the Life Dark vanished, Light shines forth :
Set forth by Sarah Jones.
4to. No Printer's name, place, or date.

JONES, Sybil, of Maine, New-England, U.S.

— Recollections of a Prayer and Sermon, by Sybil Jones, at the
Friends' Meeting House, Birmingham, on 1st day morning,
1st of 5th month, 1853. [By CHARLEs BREwin.]
B. Hudson and Son, Printers, Bull Street, Birmingham.
(For Private Circulation.) ... --- Large 4to. 1853.

JORDAN, Anne, of Mountmelick, Ireland. (Not a Friend.)

A Short Account of Anne Jordan.
Carlisle: Scott and Benson; London, Charles Gilpin;
York, John L. Linney. - - - - - - 12mo. 1843.

She died the 26th of 10th month, 1821.

JORDAN, Richard, of Newton, Gloucester County, New Jersey.
— A Biographical Memoir of Richard Jordan.
Philadelphia: Printed by Joseph R. A. Skerrett. 8vo. 1827.
Reprinted.—2nd edition. -
Philadelphia : Benjamin and Thomas Kite, No. 20, North
Third street. ... --- - - - - - - - - - 8vo. 1827.

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