Journal ...: 1st Assembly, 1st Sess., 1820-, Volume 25


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Página 245 - The judicial power of this State, both as to matters of law and equity, shall be vested in a Supreme Court, in Courts of Common Pleas for each county, in justices of the peace, and in such other courts as the Legislature may, from time to time, establish, SEC.
Página 126 - That we highly commend the spirit of magnanimity and forbearance with which men who have served in the rebellion, but who now frankly and honestly co-operate with us in restoring the peace of the country and reconstructing the Southern State governments upon the basis of impartial justice and equal rights...
Página 121 - The State shall not be a stockholder in any bank after the expiration of the present bank charter ; nor shall the credit of the State ever be given, or loaned, in aid of any person, association or corporation ; nor shall the State hereafter become a stockholder in any corporation or association.
Página 334 - All fines collected under this act shall be paid into the county treasury for the benefit of the common school fund of the county in which they are collected.
Página 131 - Grovcr moved to amend the amendment to said resolution by striking out all after the word "resolved...
Página 83 - An act to amend an act entitled 'An act to amend an act entitled 'An act to amend section six of an act entitled 'An act concerning the water-front of the city and county of San Francisco...
Página 410 - The board of directors of the several companies may then proceed to carry out such contract according to its provisions, calling in the certificates of stock then outstanding in the several companies or roads, and issuing certificates of stock in the new consolidated company, under such corporate name as may have been adopted...
Página 306 - States, do hereby proclaim and declare, unconditionally and without reservation, to all and to every person who, directly or indirectly, participated in the late insurrection or rebellion a full pardon and amnesty for the offense of treason against the United States or of adhering to their enemies during the late civil war, with restoration of all rights, privileges, and immunities under the Constitution and the laws which have been made in pursuance thereof.
Página 378 - ... to exceed fifty years, the number of directors and their names, who shall manage the affairs of such company for the first year, and the name of the town...
Página 411 - In case the capital stock of any company formed under this act, is found to be insufficient for constructing and operating its road, such company may, with the concurrence of two-thirds in amount of all its stockholders, increase its capital stock from time to time, to any amount required for the purposes aforesaid.

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