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his men,


Seventy-ninth Regiment of, Doc. Pittsburgh, Pa., war meeting at, D. 47 Potomac River, collision on the D. 59

181, 187 Pittsfield, Mass., war meeting at, D. 53 POTTER, R. B., Col., at Washington,
Eighty-third Regiment of,

68 Plaisted, Col. Eleventh Maine Regi-

N. C.,

Doc. 171
Eighty-fourth Regiment of, Doc. 111 ment,

Doc. 84 See Antietam,

Doc. 457
Ninety-third Regiment of, Doc. 263 ; “Planter," rebel armed steamer, es- notice of,

Doc. 609
77, 86
caped from Charleston, S. C., Doc. POWELL, JAMES, arrest of,

D. 17
Ninety-eighth Regiment of, Doc.

132; D. 9 POWELL, , Senator, of Kentucky,
263, 407
Platt -, Capt. Second Regular Ar-

D. 24
One Hundredth Regiment of, Doc. 216 tillery,

Doc. 31 PRATT, GEORGE W., Col. Twentieth
One Hundred and First Regiment, Pleasant Hill, Mo., skirmish at, D. 88, 76 N.Y.S.V.,


Doc. 80 PLEASANTON ---, Gen., report of the PREBLE, GEORGE HENRY, Com., dis-
One Hundred and Second Regiment
reconnoissance to Martinsburgh, missed,

D. 83
Doc. 263, 429 Va.,

Doc. 622 PRESTISS, B. M., General, paroled at
One Hundred and Fourth Regiment notices of,

D. 83, 89 Montgomery, Ala,

D. 15

Doc. SO, 428 | Plymouth, N. C., fight at, D. 70; Doc. 605 arrives at Nashville, Tenn., with
One Hundred and Fifth Regiment Pocotaligo, S.C., railroad at, de-


Doc. 396

D. 19 Prentiss, Miss., destruction of, D. S4
One Hundred and Ninth Regiment skirmislı at,

D. 20; Doc. 477 PRICE, STERLING, at Corinth, D. 91 ;
Doc. 829 Poindexter, rebel, fight with, D. 59

Doc. 499
One Ilundred and Eleventh Regi- captured,

D. 69 notices of, D. 54, 83; Doc. 119, 481
ment of,

Doc. 159
escape of,

D. 82 PRIM, ---, Gen., of Spain, D. 25
One Hundred and Twenty-second Point Pleasant, Mo., fight at, D.64 PRINCE, HENRY, Gen., at Cedar Moun-
Regiment of,
D. 60 POLK, Ex-Senator,

P. 5 tain,

Doc. 827
One Hundred and Twenty-fifth Regi- Pollocksville, N. C., fight near, D. 15 “ Princeton," schooner, captured, D. 26
ment of,
D. 61 POMEROY, S. O., address to free ne- Princeton, Va., fight at,

D. 13
One Hundred and Twenty-seventh


D. 65 Prisoners, exchange of, D. 9,79; Doe. 184
Regiment of,

D. 61 Ponchatoula, La., occupation of, D. 80 agreement of Gens. Dix and Hill,
One Hundred and Twenty-ninth official reports of the expedition to,

Doc. 341
Regiment of,
D. 61

P. 7
One Ilundred and Thirty-second Poolesville, Md., captured by the Progressive Friends call on President
Regiment of,
Doc. 459 rebels,

D. 72

D. 29
Third Cavalry of,

D. 25
fight near,

D. 74 Providence, R. I., war meeting at, D. 53
Fifth Cavalry of,
Doc. 169 POPE, CURRAN, Col. Fifteenth Regi- meeting of Governors at,

D. 71
Seventh Regiment Cavalry of, Doc.
ment Kentucky Volunteers, Doc. 581 | PRUYN, J. V. L.,

181, 287 Pope, John, Gen., at battle of Far. PUGN, —, Ex-Senator,

Eighth Cavalry of,
Doc. 428 mington, Miss.,

Doc. 117 Pulaski, Tenn., skirmish near, D. 1
Ninth Cavalry of,

D. 51 report of Elliott's expedition, Doc. 147
Bucktails of,

Doc. 109 assigned to the command of the
“ Bucktails" at Ilarrisonburgh, Va.,

Army of Virginia,

D. 32

Doc. 186 address to the Army of Virginia,
" Roundhead Regiment" of, D. 2+

D. 40; Doc. 552 QUANTREL, operations of, near Kan-
Pensacola, Fla., destruction of, D. 6 effect of the orders of,

D. 45
sas, Mo.,

D. 23
evacuation of,
Doc. 48 order for the seizure of rebel pro- notices of,

D, 50, 64, 73, 93
PERHAM, Lieut.-Col., Twentieth Penn-

perty, etc.,

D. 46
sylvania Volunteers, Doc. 189 order of July 25,

D. 47

Perryville, Ky., battle of,

D. 93 order in reference to depredations,
See Chaplin Hills, Kv., Doc. 507

D. 59 Rabbit cloth. See Southern manufac.
Petersburgh, Va., Averill's reconnois- report of the battle of Cedar Moun-


P. 10
sance to,
D. 53

Doc. 316 Ragged Point, Potomac River, Va., D. 59
PETTIGREW, J. J., Gen., rebel, Doc. 78 See North-Anna, Va., Doc. 559 Railroads of United States taken by
PurLPS, JOHN W., Gen., how he treat- report of the fight near Centreville,

the President,

D. 17
ed a slaveholder in New Orleans,


Doc. 603 RAINS, JAMES S., Gen., rebel, Report
P. 41 See Beaver Dam,

Doc. 559

of the battle of Newtonia, Mo.,
outlawed by Jeff Davis,
See Orange C. H., Va., Doc. 569

Doc. 622
See Jetr Davis.
report of his campaign in Virginia, notice of,

Doc. 27
notice of,
P. 88

Doc. 842 RAINSFORD, JAMES, A. A, G., Doc. 145
PHELPS, Tuos, S., Lieut. Com'g, Doc, 120 despatches and orders sent and re- " Ralli, Harriet," bark, seizure D. 63
Philadelphia, City Council of, appro-

ceived during his Virginia cam-


D. 59
priates $500,000 for bounty, D. 46


Doc. 361 " Rallying song of the Sixteenth Iowa
war meeting at,

D. 48
campaign of, account of, by a rebel


P. 19
military excitement in,
D. 79 lieutenant,

Doc. 402 “Rambler," schooner, captured, D. 76
" Philadelphia Zouaves,"
Doc. 243 relieved of command,

D. 74 "Rams," by Francis De Laes Janvier,
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, notices of, D. 19, 20, 23, 50, 52, 62,

P. 37
patriotism of,

D. 47
61, 66, 67, 68, 70; Doc.

4 RAMSEY, ALEXANDER, Gov. of Minne-
Phillips Creek, Miss., battle of, D. 14; Poralto, Texas, battle at,

D. 1

D. 70
Doc. 427 PORTER, Col., guerrilla, D. 52 RANDALL, JAMES R.,

P. 25
Panliips, Piulie, wife of,
D. 34 | Porter, D. D., Corn.,

Doc, 48 RANDOLPH, GEORGE W., rebel Secre-
Piankatank River, Va., captures on PORTER, Fitz-Jonn, Gen., D. 79; Doc.

tary of War,

Doe. 569
D. 7

7, 67, 231, 238, 246 Ransow, G. M., Lieut., Report of battle
Piatt, Don, Capt., at Cross Keys, Va., PORTER, W. D., Com., mortar-tleet of,

of Baton Rouge,

Doe. 892
Doc. 106 arrived at Fortress Monroe, D. 51 RANSOM, T. E. G., Col.,

Doc. 273
notice of,

Doc. 360 report of the battle of Baton Rouge, Rapidan River, Va., skirmishes along
"Picket Duty," the pleasures of, P. 33 La.,

Doc. 302

D, 52; Doc. 551
PICKETT, GEORGE E., Gen., rebel, Doc. 97 report on the operations before Rapidan Station, Va., destruction of
D. 22 Vicksburgh, Miss.,
Doc. 545 the bridge at,

D. 40
PIERPONT, F. H., Gov., proclamation notice of,

D. 54 Rappahannock River, Va., fights on
for troops, July 16,

D. 41 Portland, Me., war meeting at, D. 39 the. See Gen. Pope, D. 63, 64
Message to Virginia Legislature, Portland, Mo., captured by rebels, D. 57 Rappahannock Station, Va., Colonel
May 10,
Doc. 129 Port Republic, Va., Fremont occupied,

Davies's expedition to

D. 94
Piety, South and North,
P. 3

D. 26 Ravenswood, Va., occupied by the
Pig Point, Va., rebel fortification at,

battle of,
Doc. 110; D. 25

D. 22 incidents of the battle of, P. 28 READ, EZRA, Surgeon,

Poe, 611
PIKE, ALBERT, Gen., rebel, resignation Port Royal, S. C., blockade of, ceased, READ, GEORGE C., U.S.N., died, D. 68
D. 89
D. 8 Readyville, Tenn., fight at,

D. 66
Pikeville, Va., captured by the rebels, music of the negroes at,

P. 43 | Rebel army, desertion in the, D. 27
D. 73 Port Royal Ferry, s. C., skirmish at Rebel atrocities, account of,

Pilots, what they are to do, P. 14


D. 36 Rebel barbarities. See J. W. An-
PILSEN, Colonel,
Doc. 161 | Portsmouth, Va., Union meeting at,


D. 84
Pinckney, C. C., rebel schooner, cap.

D. 15; Doc. 310 Rebel clergyman, Rousseau's order
D. 4 martial law in,
D. 31 in reference to,

D. 56
Pinckney Island, S.C., skirmish at, D. 63 Postage stamps as currency,

D. 41 Rebel commissariat,

D. 54
Pittsburgh Landing, incidents of the issue of, authorized by Congress, D. 42 Rebel conscription act passed, D.;
battle of,
P. 11 Postal affairs,

D, 28

Doc. 113



enforced in West-Virginia, D. 93 ROBERTS, THOMAS A., Col. Seventeenth Savage's Station, Ta., bombardment
Jeff Davis's letter to Gov. Brown,
Regiment Maine Volunteers, D. 63 at,

D. 26
Doc. 836 ROBERTS, Col. Second Maine,

battle of,

D. 33 ; Doc. 253
D. 86

Doc. 69 SAXTON, R., Gen., report of the fight
Rebel Congress. See Confederate ROBERTSON, J. B., Lieut.-Col., rebel, re-

at Harper's Ferry, Doc. 159; D. 88

D. 87 port of the battle of Gaines's SAYER, FRANKLIN. See Antietann.
free navigation of the Mississippi


Doc. 259 "Says Private Maguire," by T. B. Al-
River discussed in the,
D. 87 ROBIE, , Col., anecdote of, at Cam-


P. 87
Rebel excuses for exemption, P. 18 den, N. O.,

P. 3 Scatterville, Ark., fight at,

D. 88
Rebel humanity,
P. 27 Robinette, Fort,

Doc. 503 SCAMMON, E. P., Col., report of the bat-
Rebel military exemption act passed, Robinson, Felix G., rebel, Doc. 119 tle of Bull Run,

Doc. 897
D. 91 Robinson, CHARLES, Gov. of Kansas, See Antietam.
Rebel sharp-shooters, how their guns

proclamation of September 7,

SCHIMMELFENNIG, Colonel, Doc. 894
are loaded,

P. 11 Robinson, Gov. JAMES F., proclama- SCHLATER, WM. H., A. A.G., Doc. 600
Rebel treachery, a case of, D. 13;

tion of September 22,

D. 84 SCHENCK, Brig.-General, at McDowell,
Doc. 427 | ROBINSON, John C., Gen., Doc. 860 Va.,

Doc. 85
Rebel lovers" hair falls out," an inci- Rocky Ridge, Utah, fight at, D. 83 SCHENCK, ROBERT O., Major-Gen., re-
P. 5 RODGERS, JONN, Commander, D. 8

port of the battle of Cross Keys,
Rebels arm their slaves,
P. 22 See James River,


Doc. 106
property of, to be seized, Doc. 559 ; RODGERS, JOHN E., Lieut., Doc. 84 report of the battle of Bull Run,
D. 46 RODMAN, Isaac P., Gen., Doc. 435, 455

Doc. 395
compelled to violate their paroles,

death of,

D. 88
notices of,

Doc. 110, 881, 389
D. 54 Roe, F. A., Lieut. Com., report of the SCHOFIELD, JOHN M., Gen., assesses
"Rebellion financed down," P. 15 battle of Baton Rouge, Doc, 802 the citizens of St. Louis, Mo., D. 66
Recruiting renewed in the North, D. ROEBUCK's speech at Sheffield, Eng., notices of,

D. 20, 45, 47, 78
14, 23, 45

D. 66 SCOFIELD, T. D., account of surrender
promoted with zeal,
D. 51, 57 Rogersville, Ala., occupation of, Doc.

of Murfreesboro,

Doc. 288
RECTOR, II. M., proclamation of May 5,

131 ; D. 10 Scott, WINFIELD, Gen., review of his
D. 3; Doc. 11 Rolla, Mo., Government train cap-

course during the rebellion, D. 90
Lieut., rebel, report of the

tured near,

D. 14 Scott, Major, of the Black-Guards, P. 41
destruction of the Arkansas, Doc. 80S ROMER, -, Capt., his battery at Bull Scort, THOS. A.,

Doc. 6
Reedy Creek, Va., fight at,
D. 9 Run,

Doc. 896 Schurz, Carl, Gen., D. 64; Doc. 361, 883
Reelsville, Mo., fight near,

D. 59 Romney Road, Va., National pickets report of Pope's Virginia campaign,
“ Reliance,” steamer, captured, D. 45 attacked at,

D. 61

Doc. 390
RENO, JESSE L., Gen., notices of, D. Rose, A, M., Capt., Fourth Michigan Scranton, Pa., war meeting at, D. 51
63; Doc. 345, 350, 391, 439, 604 Regiinent,

Doc. 144 Seabrook's Point, S. C., skirmish at, D. 22
death of,

D. 80 ROSECRANS, W. S., Major-General, at Searcy, Ark., skirmishes near, D. 12, 13
Burnside's order on the death of,

D. $3 ; Doc. 488 Secession trophies,

P. 27
Doc. 487 report of the battle of Corinth, D. “ Secession Warrior," song of the, P. 13
funeral of,
D. 83

91; Doc. 489 Secessionville, S. s., battle of. See
REYNOLDS, J. G., Gen.,
Doc. 895 notice of,

D. 78 James Island, S. O.
Rhode Island, troops from, D. 37 Ross, Jonx, letter to Col. Weer, D. 87 SEDGEWICK, Col., reconnoissance
provost regulations in,
D. 89 See Cherokee.

near Corinth, Miss., D. 14; Doc. 428
Second Regiment of,
Doc. 407 notice of,

D. 79 SEDGWICK, Joun, Gen., D.79 ; Doc. 29,
Fourth Regiment of,
Doc. 463 Ross, LEONARD F., Brig.-Gen., calls for

88, 233, 213, 248
Fifth Regiment of,
P. 85 slaveg,

D. 45 SEMMES, RAPHAEL, Captain, rebel,
Seventh Regiment of
D. 77 order in reference to slaves, D. 82 daughter of,

P. 32
Eleventh Regiment of,
D. 93 notices of,

Doc. 271, 602 “Seven days' contest," rebel narra-
Third Artillery of,
D. 89 Rost, —, Judge, rebel,

D. 26

Doc. 243
RUND, A. C., Lieut. Com., Doc. 513 ROUSSEAU, LOVELI. II., General, D. 06 Seven Pines, Va., fight near, May 29,
Doc. 69 at Corinth,
Doc. 153

D. 20
“Richard O'Brien,” schooner, cap-

notice of,
Doc, 517 battle of,

Doc. 72
D. 37 See Chaplin Hills.

plan of battle,

Doc. 75
Richardsox, ISRAEL B., Gen., Doc. 87 "Rowena," schooner, captured, D. 24 an incident of,

P. 84
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM P., Lieut.-Col., ROWLAND, WM., shot as a deserter, P. 9 See Fair Oaks, Va.,

D. 21
Twenty-fifth Ohio

Volunteers, Roxbury, Mass., war meeting at, D. 39 SEWARD, WM. II, slave-trade treaty
Doc. 84 RUGER, THOMAS II., Col. Third Regi-

with Lord Lyons,

D. 26
Richmond, Ky., visited by Morgan's

ment Wisconsin,
Doc. 57 See Earl Russell,

D, 49

D. 49 | RUGGLES, DANIEL, Gen., rebel, refused on the rights of British subjects, D. 62
battles of,

D. 67 the petition of the inbabitants of address to the diplomats announc-
official reports of the battles at, Doc. 407 St. Tammany, La.,

D. 39 ing the Emancipation act, D. 85
Indianapolis “ Journal "account of, RUSH, RICHARD II., Col., Scout of, Doc. 153 notice of,

Doc. 51
Doc. 415 RUSSELL, Capt. Second Massachusetts Sewell's Point, Va., bombardment of,
rebel reports of,
Doc. 422 Regiment,

Doc. 189

D. 5; Doc. 121
Richmond, Va., excitement in, on the ROSSELL, Col. Seventh Massa- SEYMOUR, TRUMAN, General, Doc. 245
approach of McClellan, D. 11


Doc. 77 SHACKLEFORD, Col. Eighth Kentucky,
enrolment meeting in,
D. 19 RUSSELL, W. H.,
D. 3

D 70
women and children to be removed

RUSSELL, Earl, his letter on neutrality, Shady Springs, Va., skirmish at, D. 66
D. 19

D. 49 Sharpsburgh, Md., skirmish near, D. 68
fight near,

D. 27 Russell's House, Miss., battle at, Doc. SHEEHAN, T. J., report of the attack
the city “must be defended," Doc. 424

137; D. 12
on Fort Ridgely,

Doc. 589
effect of the draft in,

P. 14 | Russellville, Ky., capture of, D. 50 SHEFFEY, Mr., his speech in the Vir.
the writing on the wall in, P. 21 fight at,

D. SS ginia House of Delegates, D. 13
Richmond ** Dispatch,” account of Rust, ALBERT, Gen., rebel, D. 8 Shel's Mountain, Va., guerrilla fight
the battle of Fair Oaks, Va., Doc. 97 | Rutland, Vt., war meeting at, D. 50 at,

D. 17
Richmond “Examiner" on the duties Sabine Pass, Texas, attack on, D. 86 SHIELDS, JAMES, Brig.-Gen., thanked

of the rebel Congress, D. 60 Salisbury, Tenn., skirmish at, D. 58 by the Legislature of Ohio, P. 14
Richmond “Whig” article on the SALOMON, FREDERICK, Col. Ninth Wis- Shelburne, Mo., fight near,

emancipation proclamation, 89 consin,

D. 42 Shelbyville, Ky., evacuated, D. SI
RICKETTS, JAMES B., Brig.-Gen., Doc. SALOMON, F., Gen., notice of, D. 85 Shelbyville, Tenn., Union meeting at,

822, 345, 483
Report of the battle of Newtonia,

D. 24
Ridgeville, Va., rebel descent on, D. 77


Doc. 620 SHEPLEY, George F., Gen., appointed
Rienzi, Miss., skirmish at, D. 61 SALOMON, EDWARD, Governor of Wis-

Mayor of New Orleans, D. 14
battery of, at Cross Keys,


D. 87 order for prayer at New Orleans, D. 19

Doc. 106 Salt, sale of, and removal prevented Shepherdstown, Va., rebel rifles cap-
Riker, J. LAFAYETTE, Col., D. 26 ; in Virginia,

D. 89
tured at,

D. 85
Doc. 85, S6 SANDERS, J., Captain of Andrews's Union reconnoissance near, D. 59
“Ringold Flying Artillery," of Read-

P. 40 fight near,

Doc. 622
ing, Pa.,

P. 13 SANDERSON, -, of Orleans County, Shepherdsville, N. C., Union meeting
Ripley, Va., occupied by the Union-
N, Y., offers to build steam rams,

Doc. 6
D. 79

Р. 26 Shepherdsville, Ky., raid on, D. 71
RITCHIE, - Col. Third Indlana, D.
81 San Francisco, Cal., liberality of, D. 84 fight at,

D. S4
Rivers, Paince,

D. 51 Sarah,"

" rebel schooner, captured, D. 1 | SHERIDAN, P. II., Brig.-General, D. 81

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See Chaplin Hills, Ky., Doc. 516 SMITH, MORGAN L., Gen., at Russell's STARKWEATHER, JOHN C., Colonel First
SHERMAN, W. T., confirmed, D. 2 House, Miss.,

Doc. 137 Wisconsin,

Loc. 131
assumed command at Memphis, notice of,

Doc. 426 STARR, W. C., Lieut.-Col. Sinth Va.
D. 45 Suitu, W.O., Major, at Cynthiana,


D. 47
takes possession of the rebel resi-

Doc. 294 State Rights, Attorney-Gon. Bates's
dences in Memphis, Tenn., D. 49 SMITH, W. S., General,

Doc. 245 opinion relative to,

D. 28
emploss negroes at Memphis, D. 63 Smithville, Ark., skirmish near, D. 29 STEMBEL, ROGER N., Commander. See
report of the occupation of Corinth, Somerville, Mass., war meeting at, D. 89 Fort Pillow.

Doc. 149 Somerville Heights, Va., battle of, STEARNA, C. A., Capt. A.A.G., Doc, 624
See “Russell's House, Miss.

Doc, 27: D. 4 STEINWEHR, A. Fox, Brig-Gen., D.52;
Shiloh, incident of the battle of, P. 11
- Song for our Soldiers," by Alice

Doe, 364), 301
SUINGLES, Col., rebel,

D. 76

P. 47 | “Stettin,” British steamer, captured,
SHIN-GWACK, Indian chief. See Wis- "Song of the Secession Warrior," P. 18

D. 17
consin Indians,
D. 70 Songs of the rebels,
P. 24, 41 STEVENS, A. F., Colonel,

D. 92
SHIRK, J. W., Lieut., U.S.N., Doc. 207 SOULE, PIERRE, arrested,

D. 19 STEVENS, Isuso l., Gen., at James
Shirley's Foril, Mo., fight at, D.
84 South, privilege of the press in the,


Doc. 2119
SHULTZER, THOMAS, arrested, D. 63

P. 4
death of,

D. 69; Doc, 361
“Short, Paul,"

P. 6
how troops are raised in the, P. 14 STEVENS, THADDEUS, of Pa.,

P. 19
SIBER, Colonel,
D. 74 * cannot be conquered,"

D. 24 Stevenson, Ala., fight at, D. 65, 69
SIBLEY, H. II., Col., report of the bat- difficulty of obtaining substitutes in STEVENSON, Col, reconnoissance to
tle of Yellow Medicine, Doc. 615

D. 51 Swansboro, N. C.,

Dec. 579
Sibley's Landing, Mo., fight near, D. 93 the value of substitutes in the, P. 14 STEVENSON, -, General,

SICKLES, DANIEL E., General, resumed

Union men crucified at the, P. 23 STILES, Col. J. W., Twenty-third Ohio
command of his brigade, D. 18
South-Anna Creek, Va., bridge over,


Dec. 3
notices of,
Doc. 230, 248, 261 burned,

D. 20 STOKES, —, Col. First Tennessee Re-
SICKLES, Lieut.-Colonel Ninth Illinois South-Carolina, First Regiment,


D. 89

D. 19

Doc. 99 Stocks, fluctuations in State street,
SIGEL, FRANZ, Gen., takes command Southfield, Staten Island, N. Y., war


P. 84
at Harper's Ferry, Va., D. 22;

meeting at,

D. 63 STOCKTUN, T. B. W., Col. Sixteenth
Doc. 160 South-Mills, Va., engagement near, D. 71 Michigan,

reports of General Pope's Virginia South- Mountain, Md., battle of, D. So Stockton, Mo., fight at,

D. 57

Doc. 850 official reports of the battle of, Doc. 432 STONE, LINCOLN R., Surgeon, Doc.
report of the battle of Groveton,

* N. Y. Times" account of, Doc. 437" Stonewall Jackson's Way," P.

Doc. 392 South-West Mountain. See Cedar STOREY, MARSHAL, adventures of, P. 33
report of the battle of Bull Run,


STREIGHT, A. D., Colonel,

D. 40
Doc. 383 Southern Commissioners, effect of See Alabama,

Doc. 21
notices of, D. 64, 79; Doc. 316, 313, 366 their reception in France, P. 8 Strasburgh, Va., fight near, D.
a story of,
P. 27 Southern Confederacy, Jeff Davis's occupieri,

SILFONSPARRE, AXEL, Ohio Battery, at

(canard) letter on the stability of, STRICKLAND, SILAS A., Lient. -Col. Fif.
Corinth, Miss.,
Doc. 149

P. 89 tieth Regiment Ohio Volunteers,
Sill, General,
D. 92 Southern ingenuity. See Southern

Doc 503
Simon's Blut, S. C., engagement at, D. 30 manufactures,

P. 10 STRONG, Geo. C., Assistant Adjt.-Gen.,
official reports of the fight at, Doc. $13 Southern ladies and Yankee toes, P. 29
SINGLETARY, Col., rebel,
Doc, 171 Southern manufactures,

P. 10 report of the expedition to Poncia.
Sioux Indians, their depredations in Southern ports, opening of the, Doc. 51 toula, La.,

II . Gi;
D. 62, 70 Spain. See Havana.

Strong, W. K., Brig.-Gen., D. 92
attack on New-Ulm, Minn., D.

65 Sparta, Tenn., battle at, D. 63; Doc. 570 STUART, J. E. B., Gen., rebel, expedi-
See Sibley's despatch, Doc. 615 SPENCER, A. W., Colonel, Doc. 425 tion of June 13-15,

D. 97
Sisters of Charity, D. 30; Doc. 223" Spinola's Empire Brigade," report of the,

Doc. 1.9
"Skeladdle," a poem,

P. 19

D. 64 STURGIS, SAMUEL D., General, Doc. 435
SLACK, J. R., Colonel,
D. 27 Spirit ration of the U.S.N.,

D. 69 See Antietam.
Slaterville, Va., fight at, Doc. 407 SPRAGUE, J. W., Col., report of the Stirzeon, Mo., fight near,

D. $
Doc. 332 battle of Corinth,
Doc, 496 Substitutes,

I. 31
Slaugliter's Mountain, Va. Soe Cedar

Spragre, WILLIAM, Gov. His colored the value of, in the South, P.


Dec. 161
Slaughterville, Ky., skirmish near, effect of his "negro regiment" in Suffolk, Va., occupiel,

D. 9
D. 71
the South,

D. 59 Sugar-Loaf Mount, in, Md, reconncis-
Slares of rebels, bill emancipating the, SPRING, PARKER. See Telegraph, Doc, 5.35 sance to,

D. 77
D. 29 Springfield, Mass., Union meeting at, SULLIVAN, J. C., Brig.-fienesal, Dr. 27
impressment of, in Virginia, D. 36

D. 36 SUMMERS, Dr., rebel, his eclipse, P. 8
See Brig.-Gen. Rose,
D. 45 war meeting at,

D. 89 SUMNER, CHARLES, speech the
Gen. Hunter's proclamation rela- SQUIRE, T. H., Eighty-ninth Regiment

emancipation proclamation, D. 92
Doc. 123 X.Y.S.V.,

P. 12 SUMNER, Edwin V. Scenicpe of
armed by their masters,
P. 22 “St. Croix Herald,” destruction of the

D. 79; Doc. 234, 28, 245, 24, 260)
anecdote of Louisiana planter, P.

office of,
D. 49 “Sumter," rebel steamer,

D. 4
Slavery, “the fundamental doctrine St. John's Bluff, Fla., attack on the

"Sunleum," steamer, cpturu, D
of Southern civilization," D. 11 rebel fortifications at,

D. 91 Susquehanna, P4., Wirmatting at, D.
prohibited in the United States St. John's River, Fla., expedition to, Sutton, V., reel attack an,
D. 25

D. 82 “Swallow," steamer, burned,
Lincoln's proposition to compen- expedition up the,

D. 94 "Swan," steaner, captureil, D.
sate the States, Doc. 052; D. 40 St. Louis, Mo., address of the Union Swansboro, N. C., expedition to,
"a wall of separation between Eu-
Merchants' Exchange of. D. 46

D. :9; Doc. 579
rope anl the South,"

P. 3

exemption of foreigu residents in, SWAYNE, Judge, of Memphis, Tenn., D.
See F. II. Pierpont.

D. 47 | SWEEN EY, Lieut. -C 1. Ei, lty-sec nở
See Gen. Hunter,

P. 8
enrolment excitement at, D. 47, 49


Dre 87
Slave-trade, Seward-Lyons treaty, D. 26

war meeting at,

D. 63 SWEITZER, Col., at the battle of White
P. 3 Gen. Schofield assesses the rebels op,

Oak Swamp,

I c. 246
SLOCUM Colonel,
P. 27

D. 66 SWITZER, -, 1. Sixty-second Peno-
SLOUGH, Joux P., Gen, at Harper's St. Mark's River, Fla., fight on, D. 27 sylvania Ruiment,


Doc. 160 STAHEL, Julius H., Gen., notices of, Swift Creek, N. C., kruch at, D. 83

D. 9

Doc. 109, 360), 395 Sycamore Mills, Tenn., excurion to,
See“ Planter."
at the battle of Bull Run, Va., Doc. 33

D. 27
SMALLEY, GEA, W., account of the bat- Stamford, Ct., war meeting at, D. 47 SYKES, GEORGE, Brig.-Gen., D. 64; Pne.
tle of Antietam hy,
Doc. 466 STANLEY, DAVID S., lien., at the battle

894, 233
SMITII, C. Fourth Kentucky, Doc. 115 of luka, Miss.,

Suith, DLANA, the heroine of the STANLY, EDWARD, Croy. of V. C., D. 6, 13

P. 21 STANTON, EDWIN M., D. 57; Doc. 40, 570
SMITH, E. KIRBY, Gen., rebel, procla. orders the Governors to furnish
mation of, Aug. 20,

D. 62

their quotas of 300.000 men called TALLAFERRO, W, B., Gen., rehel, Dne, 41
retreats from Kentucky,

D. 78 for by President Lincoln, D. 57 TALIAFERRO, CA. Twenty-first Rega
notices, D. 59, 51), 67, 69, 79, 93 ; Doc. 422 his removal suggested,

D. 85 ment Virginia, rebiel,

Doc. 115 See Gen. liunter,
Doc. 69S Tampa, Fla., attack on,

D. 84
Suitu, G. W., Major-Gen., rebel, Doc. 97 STAPLES, R. S.,

D. 15 TatsalL, Josiau, Com., rebel, Doc. 47

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tire to,


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TAYLOR, GEORGE W., Brig.-Gen., Doc. 237 THRALL, E. W., Surgeon Twenty-sev- VAUGHN, C., Major,

D. 65
Tazewell, Tenn., rebel escort tired on

enth Ohio,

Doc. 117 VEATUII, James O., Gen., at Corinth,
D. 46 TILFORD, -, Capt. See Fort Craig.


Doc. 1419
report and narratives of the battle TILGIAN, LLOYD, Brig.-Gen., rebel, Vermont, troops from,

D. 37
D. 55; Doc. 573

D. 65 First Cavalry of,

" Teaser,' capture of the rebel gun- TILTON, THEODORE,

P. 17, 84 Fifth Regiment of,

D. 20
Doc. 518“ To Canaan; a Song of the Six Hun- Seventh Regiment of,

D. 15
Telegraph. See D. B. Lathrop, D. 4 dred Thousand,"

P. 31 Eighth Regiment of,

D. 30, 67
taken possession of by the United * To the Loyal Fair," by Mara, P. 48 Ninth Regiment of,

D. 41
D. 54 "To the Secession Sympathizer, no Tenth Regiment of,

utility of for military purposes, Doc. 595

thanks to you,"
P. 88 Twelfth Regiment of,

D. 93
Gen. Mitchel's operations with, in Top, — Governor of Ohio, procla- Versailles, Ky., occupation op, D. 70
P. 10 mation of July 3,

D. 85 Viele, EGBERT L., Gen., Doc. 42; D. 7,
how the rebel Morgan used it, P. 4 proclamation of Sept. 5,

D. 72

31, 19
Tennessee. See East-Tennessee, D. 50 Todd Creek, Ga., expedition up the, D. 50 Vienna, Va., reconnoissance to, D. 70
regiments from, attempt to desert TOLAND, Joux T., Col., Doc. 612; D. 87 Vicksburgh, Miss., gunboat reconnois-
from the rebels,
D. 8 TOMPKINS, Col., First Vermont Cav-

sance at,

D. 17
First Regiment of, loyal, D. SO alry,

Doc. 53

Union fleet arrive at, D. 31, 32
Eleventh Regiment of, rebel, Doc. 574 Tompkinsville, Ky., fight near, D. 83 Union mortar-fleet commenced the
Twenty-fifth Regiment of, D. 69 TOPPING, Lieut. Col. Seventy-first Regi-

bombardment of,

D. 32
Fifty-fourth Regiment of, P. 9 ment Indiana Volunteers, Doc. 409 canal opposite commenced, D. 32
TERRILL, WILLIAM R., Gen., death of, TORBERT, A. T. A., Col. First New-

bombardment of, renewed, D. 82
D. 93 Jersey Volunteers, Doc. 437, 378, 257 Union fleet passed the city of, D. 33;
“ Terry, Wm. B.," steamer, captured Towanda, Pa., war meeting at, D. 41

Doc. 546
by the rebels,

D. 71 TRABUF, JAMES, arrested at Louisville, bombardment of, continued, D. 83,
Texas County, Mo., skirmishes in,

D. 24

81, 35, 36, 39
Doc. 563 TRACY, ALBERT, Col., A.A.G., Doc. 35 Union forces left,

D. 47
Texas Rangers at Murfreesboro, Ky., TRAIN, GEORGE FRANCIS,

D. 93

Gen. Williams's report on the opera-
Doc. 289 Tranter's Creek, N, C., battle at, Doc. 171

tions at,

Doc. 515
"The Army of the Free," by Frank reconnoissance to,

D. 31 Porter's report on the operations at,
II. Norton,
P. 20 | Travelling, restricted in the North,

Doc, 513
" The Battle of Coosaw,
P. 15
D. 57, 74 siege of,

Doc, 426
"The Captain's Wife," by Theodore Trenton, N. J., war meeting at, D. 46 Village Creek, Ark., battle at, D. 33

P. 17 | Trenton Bridge, N. C., skirmish at, D. 10 official reports of the battle of, Doc. 514
“ The Carte de Visite,"

P. 50 | Trinity, Alit., skirmish at, D. 47 | Virginia, martial law proclaimed in,
" The Confeilerate Primer," P. 11 official report of the fight at, Doc, 561

D. 3
“ The Dead Soldier," by Xaviere, P. 48 | Trumbull, M. M., Col., report of the made an appropriation for the re-
The Double Desertion, an Incident

battle of Corinth,

Doc, 495 moval of women and children, D. 19
of the War,” hy H. D. Atwood, P. 31 TRUKTON, W. T., Lieut. Com., report military department of, extended, D. 22
"The Empty Sleeve," inscribed to on the massacre of negroes in S. C., impressments of slaves in, D.
Gen, Howard, by David Barker, P. 47

Doc. 206 martial law in,

Doc. 332
“ The Irish Boys," by C. M., P. 2 "Tubal Cain," steamer seized, D. 46 slavery in,

Doc. 127
"The Marylander at Manassas --A Tucson, Arizona, occupied by the Na- See West-Virginia,

D. 93
P. 24 tionals,

D. 14 First Regiinent of,

Doc. 111
“ The Massachusetts John Brown Tunstall's Station, Va., fight near, D. 13 Second Regiment of, loyal,
Song," hy L. Holbrook, P. 31 | Turkey Island Bridge, Va., skirmish

D. 66; Doc. 107
“The Men of the West," by Richard

D. 41 Third Regiment of,

Doc. 34
P. 16 | TURXER, L, O.,
D. 74 Fourth Regiment of,

D. 73
" The Negro Sharp-shooter," P. 9 Two-ninety (290) rebel privateer, D. 72 Fifth Regiment of, D. 17; Doc. 390
" The New Ballad of Lord Lovell," P. 6 TWIGGS, DAVID E., Gen., rebel proper- Seventh Regiinent of,

Doc. 4.59
“The North Star," by Wa-wa-wanda,

ty of, sequestered,

D. 31
Eighth Regiment of,

Doc. 105
P. 48 the swords of,

D. 35 Ninth Regiment of, Doc. 100, 622;
"The Picket-Guard,"
P. 29 death of,
D. 40

D. 47
“The Rebel Will,"

P. 27 TYLER, E. B., Brig.-Gen., at Port Re- Twenty-first Regiment of, rebel. D. 43
“ The Rejected Stone," an incident, P. 23 public,

Doc. 110 Twenty-second Regiment of, rebel,
“ The Seven Days' Contest," D. 31; TYLER, Mrs. MARTHA, had eight sons

Doc. 1-3, 404
Doc. 236 in re service,

P. 32 Thirty-third Regiment of, rebel, Doc. 40)
The Sinking of the Cumberland," by United States Army, Fifth Regiment Thirty-seventh Regiment of, rebel,
H. II. B.,
P. 7 of,
D. 86

D. 60
“The Soldier's Mother," by F. H. G., Sixth Regiment of,

D. 86 Fiftieth Regiment of, rebel, Doc. 143
P. 16 Sixth Cavalry of, D. 77; Doc. 439 Cavalry, rebel, First Regiment of,
“ The Stars and Stripes,"
P. 85 United States Congress authorizes the

Doc. 193
“ The Stars and Bars," a rebel song,

issue of postage-stamps as cur- Virginia, Legislature, resolution of, re-
P. 25

D. 42 specting the Emancipation Pro-
" The Turtle," a rebel song, P. 42 adjourned,

D. 42 clamation,

D. 91
“The Unreturning Brave," by Jose- Navy, grog stopped in the, D. Mr. Sheffey's speech in,

D. 13
phine Williamson,

P. 35

public debt of, May 29, 1562, D. 20 “ Virginia," ship, burned by the Ala-
“ The Way to Fight the Yankees," P. 11 à nuisance among nations, D. 82 bama,

D. 82
“ The Writing on the Wall," P. 21 sanitary commission,

D. 81 "Voluntary Emancipation," D. 44
" The Yankee Tars at New Orleans,

tax bill, passed,

D. 21 VON Gilsa, Col. Forty-first N.Y.S. V.,
P. 18 war department, traitors in the, P. 14


Doc. 103
" There's Life in the Old Land Yet,'

war department, orders of, August
by James R. Randall, of Balti-

Doc, 575

more, M.,

P. 25

“Uncle Mose," schooner, captured,
* This Day, Countrymen,” by Robert

D. 39 Waccamaw River, S. O., expedition
P. 1 “Uncle Sam," the death of, P. 83

up the,

D. 14
THOMAS, L., Adjutant-General, D. 1, Union men crucified at the South, P. 23 Waddell Farm, Ark., battle at, Doc.

19; Doc. 171
Union Mills, Mo., fight near, D. 62

190; D. 26
THOMAS, T. W., Judge,

D. 86 Utica, N. Y., war meeting at, D. 40 WADSWORTH, JAMES S., Brig.-General,
THOMPSON, GEO, W., Lieut. First Ma- VAN ALEN, JAMES H., Gen., order in

Doc. 406
ryland Regiment,
Doc. 140 reference to neyroes,

D. 27 WAINWRIGHT, Col. Seventy-sixth Regi-
Tuompson, JEFF M., Brig.-Gen., ad- VAN BENTHIUYSEX, W., Major, rebel, D. 23 ment N.Y.S.V.,

Doc. 433
dress to the planters of Missis. Van Buren, N, Y., patriotism of, D. 45 WAINWRIGHT, RICHARD, U.S.N., death
Doc. 291 VAN DORN, EARL, Gen., rebel, D. 91;

D. 57
proclamation of July 5,
D. 39
Doc. 120, 455 “Waiting," by H. W.,

P. 31
a poein by,

P. 4 assumed command of the depart- WALKE, II., Commander, Doc. 174
notices of,
D. 22, 57 ment of Louisiana,

D. 81 account of the fight with the Arkan-
THoror, Lieut.-Col. Fisty-fifth Regi- VANDERVEER, F., Col. Thirty-fifth Regi-


Doc. 554
ment N.Y.S.V.,
Doc, 261 ment Ohio.

Doc. 152; 572 WALKER, Col. Maine Fourth Re.
THOUVENEL, his reception of the rebel VAN GIESON,

- surgeon of the

Doc. 396
P. 8 " Galena,"

Doc. 183 WALKER, M. B., Col. Thirty-first Ohio
THOBURNE, -- Col. First Virginia, VAN VALKENBURG, Major First New-

Reziment, report of the fight at
Doc. 111
York Artillery,
Doc. 81 Trinity, Ala.,

Doc. 562



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battle of,



WALLACE, LEWIS, Major-General, Doc.
WHITESIDES, S. M., Lieut., captures a See Boston,

D. 7
223, 270 ; D. 1, 28, 69 rebel train,

D. 13 Wood, — Col. Seventy-sixth Onio,
WARD, Col. Fourth Florida Regiment, WHITING, Major Jasper, rebel, Doc. 96

Doc. 71
Doc. 26 Wuiting, WM. II. C., Brig.-General, WOOD, FERNANDO,

D. 84
WARD, J. H. HOBART, Colonel, Doc. 8, 315 rebel,

D. 13; Doc. 97, 101 Wood, ROBERT C., Lieut.-Col., rebel,
WARD, WM. S., Col. Twelfth Regiment “Who's Ready," by Edna Dean Proc-

Doc. 115
D. 23 tor,

P. 7 WOOD, Wx. F., Lieut. Col. First Regi-
WARD, W. T., Gen., at Lexington, "Who first arrived in Washington,

ment Indiana Calvary, D. 53;

D. 40
D. C., in April, 1861 ?"
P. 13

Doc. 276
Wardensville, Va., skirmish at, D. 20 | WAYBANK, Captain,

D. 50 WOODBURY, DWIGHT A., Col., Fourth
War Department of the U. s., orders WICKLIFFE, C. A.,

D. 34 Michigan Regiment,

Doc. 144
issued from, to prevent the evasion Wicks, M. I., Capt, rebel patriotism,


, Col., rebel, D. 61
of military duty.
D. 56

P. 5 Wool, John E., Gen., complimented
order in reference to the appoint- Wilcox, 0. B., Gen, release of, D. 60; by President Lincoln,

D. 11
ment of officers,
D. 61

Doc. 435 confirmed as Major-General, D. 11
WARNER, Col. Eighteenth Regiment See Antietam.

See Norfolk, Va.
Ky. Volunteers,
Doc. 409 Wild, E. A., Col. Thirty-fifth Massa- See Harper's Ferry,

Doc, 443
Warrenton, Va., reconnoissance to,

Doc. 457; D. 64 notices of

D. 7, 79; Doc. 184
D. 35, 87 WILDER, J. T., Col. See Munfordville, WORDEN, JOHN L., Com., anecdote of
Warrenton Junction, Va., skirmishi


Doc. 449, 612 the fight with the Merrimac, P. 4

D. 87 Wilkesbarre, Pa., excitement in at the WORTENBACKER, C. C., his will, P. 27
Waterford, Va., rebel descent upon, D. 66 raid into Maryland,

D. 76 Wrigur, D. C., Chaplain Seventh Ohio
Waterloo, Va,, reconnoissance to, D. 37 WILKESON, SAMUEL,

Doc. 315 Regiment,

Doc. 112
WATER, William, adventures of, P. 23 WILKINS, Jonn 1., Capt., Report of the WRIGUT, H. G., Gen.,

D. 62, 69
WATSON, JOHANNES. D. 15; Doc. 3-10 battle of Bull Run,

Doc. 400 order in reference to business in

-, Dr., Hymn by, P. 43 | “William,” schooner, captured, D. 42 Cincinnati and vicinity, D. 85
WA-WA-WANDA, the North Star by, P. 48 Williams, A. S., Brig.-Gen.,

Doc. 55

report of the battle of James Island,
WASHBURN, C. c., Gen. at Helena, Gen, at Cedar Mountain, Doc. 827

Doc. 209

D. 39 WILLIAMS, THOMAS, Brig.-Gen., re- WRIGHT, Jxo. J., Capt., at Cynthiana,
Washington, D. O., excitement at rel-
ports on the operations at Vicks.

Doc. 293
ative to fugitive slaves, D. 15

burgh, Miss.,

Doc. 545 WYMAN, P. T., Col., reconnoissance
war meeting at, Doc, 574; D. 55 killed at Baton Rouge, Doc, 304 or,

D. 29
who were the first troops at? P. 13 notice of,

D. 54

notices of, Doc. 43, 245, 261, 410
Washington "Star" account of the WilliaMS, ROBERT,

Doc. 217 WYNDHAM, Col. First New-Jersey Cav.
battle of Cedar Mountain, Doc. 322 Williams, SETH, Brig.-General, Doc. 73 alry,

Doc. 185
Washington, N. C., fight at, D. 5 WILLIAMS, Sol, Col., rebel, D. 42 WYNKOOP, Col. Seventh Penn-
fight near,
D. 21, 22, 73 Williamsburgh, Va., McClellan's de-


Doc. 115, 169, 570
account of the battle at, Doc. 609 spatch from,

P. 8 WYNKOOP, Major,

Doc. 169
“Washington Light Artillery" of

D. 8; Doc. 13
Pottsville, Pa.,
P. 13 evacuation of,

D. 4
“Wave," bark destroyed by the Ala- occupation of, McClellan's de-


D. 93

Doc. 334
WEAVER, JAS. B., Major, Report of the skirmish at,

D. 88 Xaviere, poem by,

P. 48
battle of Corinth,

Doc. 494
rebel attack on,

WEBER, MAX., General,

Doc. 41 Gen. McClellan's speeches at, P. 26
WEER, WILLIAM, Col., D. 42; Doc. 549 Williamsport, Md., rebels enter, D. 84

WEITZEL, GODFREY, Lieut, at Baton Williamsport, Tenn., skirmishes near,
Doc. 801


P. 8
appointed Brig.-General, D. 67 WILLIAMSON, JOSEPHINE,

P. 35 "Yankee Blade," the first ship from
WELLS, GEORGE D., Colonel, D. 60 WILLIAMSON, T. L., Dr.,

D. 78 New Orleans after the raising the
WELLES, GIDEON, D. 25 ; Doc. 125, 223; Wilmington, Del., Union meeting at,


D. 29
P. 27

D. 67 “Yankee Management." See Brig
WELLS, Lieut.-Col. First Massachu- Wilson, J. WALL, U.S.N.,

D. 23 Bohio,

Doc. 7 Winchester, Va., battle of, D. 17 Yankee millwright, a,

P. 86
WESSELLS, HENRY W., Brig.-Gen., Doc. 74

battle at,

Doc. 60, 64 "Yankee soldiers," energy of, P. 35
West-Cambridge, Mass., war ineeting evacuation of,

D. 70 “Yankee Toes and Southern Ladies,"
D. 89 guerrilla attack at,
D. 61

West-Licking River, Ky., skirmishing WINDER, Joun II., Gen., rebel, D, 51 Yankees, General Magruder's way of
on the,
D. 79 WINFREY, T. C., Major, report of the

fighting the,

West-Point, battle of, D. 4; Doc. 28 battle of Gallatin, Tenn., Doc. 554 YATES, RICHARD, Gov., proclamation
West-Virginia, conscription enforced WINTHROP, Robr. C.,

D. 66 for recruits, May 19,

D. 13
by the rebels in,
D. 98 WINTON, N. O., reconnoissance to, D. 21 letter to the President,

D. 89
Western Flotilla, transferred to the Wisconsin, the troops of,

D. 87 appoints Mrs. Reynolis a major, P.
Navy department,
D. 89 First Regiment of,

Doc. 131 Yazoo River, Miss., Ellet's expedition
Westminister, Md., occupied by reh- Second Regiment of,

Doc. 436
up the,

D. 33

D. 78
Third Regiment of, Doc. 57, 818 reconnoissance up the,

D. 40
Wheeling, Va., war meeting at, D. 48 Fourth Regiment of,

Doc. 305 "Ye ballade of Mans. Lovell," P.
excitement in,

D. 63 Seventh Regiment of, Doc. 436 Yellow Medicine, Minn., destruction
Wupple, W. D., Lieut.-Col., report Ninth Regiment of,

Doc. 622 of the United States Agency at, D. 62. $
on the exchange of prisoners, Doc. 184 Eleventh Regiment of, Doc. 273 reports of the battle near, Doc. 613
Wate, C. B., Col. Twelfth Ohio Regi- Thirteenth Regiment of, Doc. 609 York River, Va., operations on the,
Doc. 398 First Cavalry of,

D. 7, 38

Doc. 120
WHITE, F. B., rebel tug surrendered Second Cavalry of,

D. 40 Yorktown, Va., attack on, commenced,
to Gen. Mansfield,
D. 5 Twelfth Battery of,
Doc. 481

WHITE, Julius, Brig.-Gen., D. 70, 73; See Chaplin Hills.

evacuated by the rebels, D.
Doc. 360, 441 Wisconsin Indians,

D. 70 occupation of,

Doc. 6
White House, Va., occupied by the WISE, FRED.,

Doc. 224 incidents of,


Col. First Kentucky, who raised the flag at,

evacuated by McClellan, D. 83

Doc. 115 | Young's Cross Roads, skirmish at,
Gen. McClellan's letters on the oc- Wolftown, Va., fight at,

D. 56

cupation of,

D. 88 Women, Hammond's appeal to the, D. 63
White Oak Ridge, Mo., fight at, D. 62 of Nashville and Gov. Johnson, P. 13
White Oak Swamp, Va., reconnois- appointed in the army,

P. 25

sance to,

Doc. 84
See Dr. Cutler,

P. 12
battle of,
D. 84; Doc. 246, 239 See Muncie, Ind.,

P. 15 Zaidee, rebel schooner, destroyed, D. 39
White River, Ark., operations of rebel See Diana Smith,

P. 21 ZEIGLER, —-, Colonel Second Virginia
gunboat on the,
Doc. 183 See Southern ladies,

P. 29 volunteers,

Doc. 107
battle on the,

D. 29; Doc. 228 See Capt. Semmes, rebel, P. 82 ZEIGLER, Major, Fifth Regiment Vir.
White River, Mo., battle on the, D. 54

See Belle Boyd,
D. 52 ginia,

Doc, 890

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