Memoirs of the Protectorate-house of Cromwell: Deduced from an Early Period, and Continued Down to the Present Time : Collected Chiefly from Original Papers and Records, with Proofs and Illustrations : Together with an Appendix, and Embellished with Elegant Engravings, Volume 1

Pearson and Rollason, sold by R. Baldwin [and 3 others], 1784 - 544 páginas

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Página 347 - House one morning, well clad, and perceived a gentleman speaking whom I knew not, very ordinarily apparelled ; for it was a plain cloth suit which seemed to have been made by an ill country tailor ; his linen was plain, and not very clean, and I remember a speck or two of blood upon his little band, which was not much larger than his collar ; his hat was without a hatband ; his stature was of a good size ; his sword stuck close to his side ; his countenance swollen and reddish ; his voice sharp and...
Página 407 - Here's the purse of the public faith ; Here's the model of the Sequestration, When the old wives upon their good troth, Lent thimbles to...
Página 433 - Great place and business in the world is not worth the looking after; I should have no comfort in mine but that my hope is in the Lord's presence.
Página 330 - Chancellor o' th' University ? Which nobody can deny. A Brewer may be as bold as Hector When as he drank his cup of nectar, And a Brewer may be a Lord Protector, Which nobody can deny. Now here remains the strangest thing, How this Brewer about his liquor did bring, To be an Emperor, or a King, Which nobody can deny.
Página 223 - The prince received him with great civility and grace, according to his natural cuftom ; and, after a few words, began to difcourfe of the affairs of England, and afked many queftions concerning the king, and whether all men were quiet, and fubmitted obediently to him ; which the other anfwered briefly, according to the truth.
Página 329 - A brewer may be like a fox in a cub, And teach a lecture out of a tub, And give the wicked world a rub ; Which nobody, etc.
Página 322 - Caesar or great Alexander; Licking my feet, and wondering where I got This precious ointment. How my pace is mended! How princely do I speak! how sharp I threaten! Peasants, I'll curb your headstrong impudence, And make you tremble when the lion roars, Ye earth-bred worms. O, for a looking-glass! Poets will write whole volumes of this scorce183; Where's my attendants? Come hither, sirrah, quickly; Or by the wings of Hermes...
Página 222 - ... who well knew him, and was well known by him, the other having always been of his father's and of his party; so that they were glad enough to find themselves together.
Página 364 - ... being vested with royal robes, a sceptre in one hand, a globe in the other, and a crown on the head. After it had been a while thus placed in the middle of the room, when The...
Página 110 - They have a tradition at Huntingdon that when King Charles I., then Duke of York, in his journey from Scotland to London, in 1604, called in his way at...

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