The dispatches and letters of vice admiral ... Nelson, with notes by sir N.H. Nicolas, Volume 1


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To the Reverend William Nelson Portsmouth 8th February
To Captain Locker Cork 20th April
To Captain Locker Albemarle offCape Tiberoon 25th February
To the Reverend William Nelson London 23rd July
To the Reverend William Nelson St Omer 10th November
To the Reverend William Nelson St Omer 28th December
To the Reverend William Nelson Loudon 19th March
To the Reverend William Nelson
To Captain Locker Boreas Spithead 14th May
To Captain Locker Boreas Basseterre 15th January
To the Reverend William Nelson
To Lord Sydney Secretary of State
Representation of the Illegal Trade between the United States
To the Reverend William Nelson
To Lord Sydney Secretary of State
To Mrs Nisbet Boreas English Harbour 25th February
To William Suckling Esq Boreas Carlisle Bay 9th March
To Mrs Nisbet Boreas Carlisle Bay 17th April
To William Suckling Esq Nevis 5th July
To Mrs Nisbet Boreas English Harbour August
To Philip Stephens Esq Admiralty
To Philip Stephens Esq Admiralty
Boreas Antigua 1st December
To H R H Prince William Henry Boreas 83rd January
To Captain Locker Boreas English Harbour 9th February
Boreas Antigua 16th April
To H R H Prince William Henry Boreas Nevis 26th April
To Captain Collingwood Boreas Nevis 3rd May
To Commodore Alan Gardner Boreas Nevis 13th May
To Philip Stephens Esq Admiralty
To the Earl of Cork Portsmouth 22nd July 219
Boreas Nore 29th August
To the Reverend William Nelson Boreas Nore 23rd September

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Página 326 - Lady Hamilton has been wonderfully kind and good to Josiah. She is a young woman of amiable manners and who does honour to the station to which she is raised.
Página 6 - April 2nd, 1777, and in very bad weather. But although my age might have been a sufficient cause for not entrusting me with the charge of a Watch, yet Captain Robinson used to say, 'he felt as easy when I was upon deck, as any Officer in the Ship.
Página 188 - Have you not often heard,' says he, in another letter, 'that salt water and absence always wash away love ? Now I am such a heretic as not to believe that faith ; for, behold, every morning I have had six pails of salt water poured upon my head, and instead of finding what seamen say to be true, it goes on so contrary to the prescription, that you must, perhaps, see me before the fixed time.
Página 72 - My situation in Lord Hood's Fleet must be in the highest degree flattering to any young man. He treats me as if I was his son, and will, I am convinced, give me anything I can ask of him : nor is my situation with Prince William less flattering.
Página 5 - Lutwidge complied with, and has continued the strictest friendship to this moment Lord Mulgrave, whom I then first knew, maintained his kindest friendship and regard to the last moment of his life. When the boats were fitting out to quit the two ships blocked up in the ice, I exerted myself to have the command of a four-oared cutter raised upon, which was given me, with twelve men, and I prided myself that I could navigate her better than any other boat in the ship.
Página 187 - I feel myself, to my Country, his heir ; and it shall, I am bold to say, never lack the want of his counsel; — I feel he gave it to me as a legacy, and had I been near him when he was removed, he would have said, ' My boy, I leave you to my Country. Serve her well, and she'll never desert, but will ultimately reward, you.
Página xxvii - I passed my degree as master of arts on the 9th instant (that is, passed the lieutenant's examination), and received my commission on the following day for a fine frigate of thirty -two guns. So I am now left in the world to shift for myself, which I hope I shall do, so as to bring credit to myself and friends.
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