History and Review of Copper, Iron, Silver, Slate and Other Material Interests of the South Shore of Lake Superior

Mining journal, 1876 - 280 páginas

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Página 84 - All the bones which had not been burned by the fire had kept their original position, standing upright and apparently quite undisturbed in the clay ; whereas those portions which had been exposed above the surface had been partially consumed by the fire, and the surface of the clay was covered, as far as the fire had extended, by a layer of wood ashes, mingled with larger or smaller pieces of charred wood and burnt bones, together with bones belonging to the spine, ribs, and other parts of the body,...
Página 84 - The greater portion of these bones had been more or less burned by fire. The fire had extended but a few feet beyond the space occupied by the animal before its destruction, and there was more than sufficient evidence on the spot that the fire had not been an accidental one, but on the contrary, that it had been kindled by human agency, and according to all appearance, with the design of killing the huge creature which had been found mired in the mud and in an entirely helpless condition.
Página 113 - a few houses, a stumpy road winding along the lake shore, a forge which burnt up after impoverishing its first owners, a trail westward just passable for wagons, leading to another forge (still more unfortunate in that it did not burn up), and to the undeveloped iron hills beyond; and a few hundred people uncertain of the future.
Página 90 - Ives,) began to notice the fluctuation in the variation of .the magnetic needle. We were, of course, using the solar compass, of which Mr. Burt was the inventor, and I shall never forget the excitement of the old gentleman when viewing the changes of the variation — the needle not actually traversing alike in any two places. He kept changing his position to take observations, all the time saying, ' How would they survey this country without my compass? What could be done here without my compass?
Página 14 - Indian village ; and 3 leagues above, a fall, at the foot of which sturgeon, at this season, were obtained so abundant, that a month's subsistence for a regiment could have been taken in a few hours. But I found this river chiefly remarkable for the abundance of virgin copper which is on its banks and in its neighborhood.
Página 14 - I most expressly went, and to which I had the satisfaction of being led, was a mass of copper of the weight, according to my estimate, of no less than five tons.
Página 7 - The savages say it is a floating island, which is sometimes far off and sometimes near, according as the winds move it, driving it sometimes one way and sometimes another. They add that, a long time ago, four Indians accidentally went there, being lost in a fog, with which this island is almost always surrounded. It was long before they had any trade with the French, and they had no kettles or hatchets. Wishing to cook some food, they made use of their usual method, taking stones which they picked...
Página 4 - There are mines of copper which might be made profitable if there were inhabitants and workmen who would labor faithfully.
Página 78 - The preparation of this paper is undertaken at the urgent solicitation of the editor of this work. The limits into which it is necessary to condense the facts, and the deductions therefrom, are unavoidably contracted. To fully elucidate the subject, and to...
Página 90 - As we looked at the instrument, to our astonishment the north end of the needle was traversing a few degrees to the south of west. Mr. Burt called out, ' Boys, look around and see what you can find...

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