The History of King William the Third: In III Parts, Volume 2

A. Roper, 1702

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Página 61 - Michaelmas 1688, to the day of the date hereof; and all persons comprehended in this article shall have, hold, and enjoy all their goods and chattels, real and personal, to them or any of them belonging, and remaining either in their own hands or the hands of any persons whatsoever, in trust for, or...
Página 62 - And no person or persons whatsoever, in the second or third articles comprised., shall be sued, impleaded., or made accountable for the rents or mean rates of any lands, tenements or houses...
Página 70 - Limerick, and other quarters where the said troops shall be; and in case any provision shall remain in the magazines of Limerick when the town shall be given up, it shall be valued, and the price deducted out of what is to be paid for the provisions to be furnished to the troops on ship-board.
Página 64 - Parliament to have the estates secured to Roman Catholics, by articles and capitulation in this kingdom, charged with, and equally liable to the payment of so much of the...
Página 61 - ... also, that no person whatsoever shall have or enjoy the benefit of this article, that shall neglect or refuse to take the oath of allegiance,* made by act of parliament in England, in the first year of the reign of their present majesties, when thereunto required.
Página 87 - By levying money for and to the use of the crown, by pretence of prerogative, for other time and in other manner than the same was granted by Parliament; 5.
Página 126 - Resolved, &c., nemine contradicente, that in all aids given to the king by the Commons the rate or tax ought not to be altered by the Lords. (ii) 3 July 1678 Resolved, &c., that all aids and supplies, and aids to his Majesty in Parliament, are the sole gift of the Commons ; and all bills for the granting of...
Página 60 - Mayo, or any of them ; and all the commissioned officers in their majesties' quarters, that belong to the Irish regiments now in being, that are treated with, and who are not prisoners of war, or have taken protection, and who shall return and submit to their majesties...
Página 60 - II., and shall be put in possession, by order of the government, of such of them as are in the King's hands, or the hands of...
Página 71 - Ginckle, all those that shall be appointed to command the same shall be obliged to observe and execute what is specified in these articles, or cause it to be executed punctually, and shall not act contrary on any account.

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