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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1846, by JAMEs R. Albach, in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the United States for the District of Ohio.

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AN attempt has been made in this volume to present the outlines of Western History in a form easy of reference, and drawn from the best authorities: those authorities are in almost every case referred to, and a list of the works consulted may be found on pages xviii, xix, and xx. Whenever it could be done, with a proper regard to conciseness, the words of eye-witnesses have been used in the accounts given of important events. The limits of this volume have made it necessary to state most matters with great brevity, and, with the exception of the Indian wars in 1790–95, no subject has received a full developement; upon that portion of our history the Compiler dwelt longer than upon any other, because the conduct of the administration of Washington toward the Aborigines is believed to be among the most honorable passages of American Annals. The events of the last war, and those which have occurred since, are given in a few words comparatively,–as many volumes are in circulation which state their details. A Chronological Table, an Index which it is believed will be found sufficiently full, and three Maps, illustrating the early settlements, are added to the Annals, making in all a volume of 612 pages, one hundred more than the Publisher promised in his Prospectus. Notwithstanding great care has been taken in preparing this work, many mistakes have been made, a list of those noticed is on page 592; and it is not supposed that it is free from other important errors and omissions: if any one will point out these, or any of them to the Compiler by letter or otherwise, it will be regarded as a favor, as his wish is to make any future editions, if called for, as full and exact as possible. Hoping that this volume may prove of some service to the Student of Western History, and of some interest to the inhabitants of the Great Valley, it is

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