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Robertson, Dr. Joseph, transcribes the Book

of Deer, clviii. Robertson, Mr. E. W., his History quoted,

lii. lxxv. lxxviii. lxxxi. Roman and Scotic customs, conflict between,

cliv. Roman art, results of contact with, civ. Roman mode of building, its introduction

into various countries, civ.
Rosabard upper, two davochs of, li.
Rosmarkie, Culdees at, cxx.
Ross, Thanes of, lxxxi.
Rothiemay, church of, dedicated to St.

Drostan, v. n.
Royal lands, lxxvi.
Ruadhri, mormaer of Moray, li. n.
Ruadri, mormaer of Marr, liv.

Samson, Bishop of Brechin, Ix.

Scale-Merlech (Skillymarno) granted to Deer, lvi.

Scolocs, notices of, cxxxvii. cxxxviii. cxxxix.

Scone, monastery at, founded or restored by Alexander I., lxxiii.

Scotic customs tenaciously held, cliv.

Scotland, early divisions of, lxxiv.

Services from land, xc.

Sheriff, introduction of, in Scotland, lxxxi.

Shilvodan, parish of, its origin, cxxxiii.

Shires, change into, from the Celtic " countries," cxiii.

Simpson, Sir J. Y., his reading of inscription on cross at St . Vigeans referred to, xxiii.

Skene, Mr. W. F., note by, xlix.; his works quoted, cxxvii.

Skir-durstan, church at, dedicated to St.

. Drostan, v. n.

Slavery of churches and monasteries, xcviii.; of the Scottish church, xcix.

St. Boniface, a missionary to Pictlaud, xxii.; transcribes many copies of the Gospels, xxii.

St. Columba, a skilful scribe, xxi.

St . Columba, importance of his missionary lubours in Scotland, i.; nature of Iris system, u.; his monastic foundations, i.; that of Deer, ii.

St. Columba, instances of continued reverence for, ex. n.; his crozier and banner, ib.

St. Congan, account of, exxxv.

St. Cuthbert, his missionary work at Mailros, ii.

St. Cuthbert, the bearers of his body acquire hereditary rights in churches, cvi. cxiv. n.; degeneracy of his "familia," cvi. n.

St. Drostan, legend of, iv. n.

St. Felan, exxxv.

St . Fergus, his ■ mission, iii.; churches dedicated to him, iii.; his well and hermitage at Glammis, iv. ; his head taken from his shrine at Glammis to Scone, iv.; offering of James IV. to, iv.

St. Fursey, exxxv.

St. Grellan, a contemporary of St. Patrick, lxvi.

St. Kentigerna, exxxv.

St. Moloc, or Mo-luag, probable founder of Mortlach, ix. ; patron of Lismore, ix.; pupil of St. Brandon, ib. ; Cloveth dedicated to him, ix.; buried at Rosmarkie,ix.

St. Regulus, procession by, lxvi.

St. Serf,s Inch, Culdee House of, their library, exxii.

St . Ternan, "Archbishop" of the Picts, xxii.; his copy of the Gospels, xxii.; its metal case, xxii.

St. Ultan, exxxv.

St. Vigeans, church of, x.

St. Vigeans, cross at, its Pictish inscription, xxiii.

Spiritual benefices, lay usurpations of, cviii.

Stokes, Mr. Whitley, translates the Gaelic memoranda of the Book of Deer, clx.

Stone buildings, their introduction, civ.; in place of wooden buildings, cliv. n.

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Victor de Buck, Father, his writings quoted, cxxvii. Visitation of the sick, office of, lviii.

WATTLED houses in Scotland, cli. ; in Ireland, clii. Westcott, Rev. B. F., quoted, xxvii. Westwood, Professor J. O., his notices of the Book of Deer, xviii. xix. Westwood, Professor J. O., his quoted, xviii. xix. xx. Whalley, lay deans of, cik. White kirks, notices of, clii. n. Wick, church of, dedicated to St. Fergus, iv. Wooden buildings in Scotland, cylix. Wooden materials used by the Scots in buildings in Scotland and Ireland, cl. ; by the Britons, clii.; by the Saxons in England, cliii.; by the Franks, clvi.


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