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Victor de Buck, Father, his writings quoted, cxxvii. Visitation of the sick, office of, lviii.

WATTLED houses in Scotland, cli. ; in Ireland, clii. Westcott, Rev. B. F., quoted, xxvii. Westwood, Professor J. O., his notices of the Book of Deer, xviii. xix. Westwood, Professor J. O., his quoted, xviii. xix. xx. Whalley, lay deans of, cik. White kirks, notices of, clii. n. Wick, church of, dedicated to St. Fergus, iv. Wooden buildings in Scotland, cylix. Wooden materials used by the Scots in buildings in Scotland and Ireland, cl. ; by the Britons, clii.; by the Saxons in England, cliii.; by the Franks, clvi.


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