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naglérech (“the clerics' field”) to Drostán. Domnall son of Ruadri and Maelcoluim son of Culéon, gave Bidbin to God and to Drostán. Maelcoluim son of Cinaed, gave (the) king's share in Bidbin and in Pett meic Gobroig and two davochs of Upper Rosabard'Maelcoluim, son of Maelbrigte, gave the Delerc. Maelsnechte, son of Lūlóg, gave Pett Maelduib to DrostānDomnall, son of Mac Dubbacín, immolated all the offering to Drostān, giving the whole of it to him "Cathal immolated in (the) same way his toisech's share, and gave a dinner of a hundred every Christmas and every Easter to God and to Drostán-Cainnech son of Mac Dobarcon (otter's son) gave Alterin alla bhethe (birch-cliff) na camone as far as the birch-tree between (the) two Alterins. Domnall and Cathal gave Etdanin to God and to Drostán-Cainnech and Domnall and Cathal immolated all these offerings to God and to Drostán from beginning * to end in freedom from mormaer and from toisech to (the) day of judgment.” "

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“Gartnait son of Cainnech and Ete daughter of Gille Michel gave Pet-mec-Cobrig for (the) consecration of a Church of Christ and Peter (the) apostle both to Columcille and to Drostán free from all the exactions (?) With the gift (?) of them to Cormac Bishop of Dunkeld in the eighth year of David's reign. Testibus istis Nectan Bishop of Aberdeen, and Leot Abbot of Brechin, and Maledoun son of Mac Besth]ad, and

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Algune son of Arcell, and Ruadri mormaer of Mar and Matadin (the
Brehon and Gille Christ son of Cormac, and Mael-petir son of Domnall,
and Domongart ferleginn (reader) of Turbruad and Gillecolaim son of
Muredach, and Dubni son of Maelcolaim:
• Gartnait and the daughter of Gillemichel gave Ball Domin in Pet
Ipuir to Christ and to Columcille and to Drostan.

Teste Gillecalline, Priest, and Feradach son of Maelbhricin, and Maelgirc son of Tralin.”



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Donchad son of Mac Bethad son of Ided gave Achad Madchor to Christ and to Drostán and to Columcille in freedom for ever: Malechi and Comgell and Gille-Christ son of Fingune in witness whereof in testimony, and Maelcoluim son of Moline-Cormac son of Cennedig gave as far as Scale Merlech: Comgell son of Caennech, chief of Clan Canan, gave to Christ and to Drostán and to Columcille as far as the Gort-lie-Mór at (the) hither (?) End which is nearest to Aldin Alenn from Dobaci to Lurchari both mountain and field in freedom from chief for ever; and his blessing on every one who shall fulfil (this) and his curse on every one who shall go against it.” "

Robaid colbain mormaer buchan acuseua ingen gartnait abenphüsta Fol. 5.

acusdonnachac mac sithig toesech clenni morgainn nahuli edbarta ri dia acusridrostán acus riacolumcilli acusripetar apstal onahulib dolaidib archuit cetri dabach do nithíssad ardmandaidib alban cucotchenn acusarhardchellaib'Testibus his brocein acuscormac abb turbruaid acusmorgunn mac donnchid acusgilli petair mac donnchaid acusmalaechin acusda mac matni acusmathe buchan huli naiaidnaisse in helain ;

Colbain mormaer of Buchan, and Eva daughter of Garnait, his wedded wife, and Donnachae, son of Sithech, chief of Clann Morgainn, immolated all the offerings to God and to Drostán and to Columcille and to Peter the apostle from all the burthens for a share of four davochs of what would come on the chief residences of Scotland generally and on chief churches, Testibus his Broccín and Cormac Abbot of Turbrúaid and Morgunn, son of Donchad, and Gille-Petair son of Donnchad, and Malaechin, and Matne's two sons, and (the) nobles of Buchan, all in witness hereof in Elan.

Dauid’rex scottorum omnibus probis hominibus suis'salutes'

Sciatis quod clerici-dedér'sunt quieti etimmunes abomni laicorum officio-etexactione indebita sicut inlibro eorum scribtum est'etdirationauerunt apud bánb etiurauerunt apud abberdeon quapropter firmiter precipio utnullus eis' aut eorum catellis' aliquam iniuriam inferre presumat-Teste'gregorio episcopo’deduncallden-Teste’ andrea episcopo’decat'. Teste'samsone episcopo debrechin-Testerdoncado comite' defibretmalmori' dathótla etggillebrite comite déngus' etghgillcomded mac aed' etbrocin etcormac-deturbrud’etadam"mac'ferdomnac'etgillendrias'mac'mátni'apud." abberdeon'

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