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Laudate dominum omnes geutcs alleluia alleluia
Gloria ••reffecti christi *alleluia alleluia
et nuncEt semper*Reffecti
Sacrificate sacrificium iustitias etsperate indomino

Deus tibi gratias agimus perquem misteria sancta celebrauimus et ate sanctitatis dona deposcimus miserere nobis domine saluator mundi*Qui regnas insecula seculorum amen,finit

Columcille acusdrostan mac c6sgreg adalta tangator ahi marroalseg Fol. 3dia doib gonic abbordob6ir acusWde cruthnec robomornuer b1ichan araginn acusesse■ rotbidnaig d6ib ingathraig sain insaere gobraith omormaer acusotkosee * tangator asaathle sen incathraig ele acusdoraten ricolumcille si iarfallan d6rath de■ acusdorodloeg arinmorma^r*i,bede■ gondas tabrad d6 acusnitharat acusrogab mac do galar iarn^r^ naglerdc acusrobomareb act madbec iarsen dochuid inmSr dattac naglerec g6ndendaes ernacde les inmac Fol 3 b. gondisdd slante 66 acusdorat inedbairt doib uacloic intiprat gonice chl6ic pette mic garnait doronsat innernacde acustanic slante d6; Iarsdn dorat collumcille dodrostan inchadraig s<5n acusrosbenact acusforacaib imbrether gebe tisad ris nabad blienec buadacc tangator deara drostan arscarthain fri collumcille rolaboir columcille bededr anim 6hunn imdc6;

Columcille and Drostan son of Cosgrach his pupil came from I as God had shown to them unto Abbordoboir and Bede the Pict was mormaer of Buchan before them, and it was he that gave them that town in freedom for ever from mormaer and tosech. They came after that to the other town, and it was pleasing to Columcille, because it was full of God's grace, and he asked of the mormaer to wit Bede that he should give it to him; and he did not give it; and a son of his took an illness after [or in consequence of] refusing the clerics, and he was nearly dead [lit. he was dead but if it were a little]. After this the mormaer went to intreat the clerics that they should make prayer for the son that health should come to him, and he gave in offering to them from Cloch in tiprat to Cloch pette mic Garnait. They made the prayer, and health came to him. After that Columcille gave to Drostan that town and blessed it and left as (his) word "Whosoever should come against it, let him not be many-yeared [or] victorious." Drostan's tears (deara) came on parting with Columcille*Said Columcille "Let Dear be its name henceforward."—

C6mgeall mac ^da d6rat uaorti nice furene* docolumcille acusdodrostdn . Moridac mac morcunn dorat pett mic garnait acusachad toche temni • acusbahe■ robomormair acusrobothosec • Matain mac caerill dorat cuit monnoir indlteri acusculii mac batin dorat cuit toisdg*Domnall mac giric acusmalbrigte mac chathail dorat pett inmulenn*dodrostdn*Cathal mac morcunt dorat dchad naglerec dodrostdn* Domnall mac ruadri acusmalcolum mac cule6n doratsat bidbin d6 did acusdodrostdn*Malcoloum mac cinatha dorat cuit riig ibbidbin acusinpett mic gobroig acusdadab^g uactair rosdbard*Malcolum mac moilbrigte dorat indelerc,Mdlsnecte mac Fol. 4. lul<5ig dorat pett malduib d6 drostdn ; Domnall mac meic dubbacin robaith nahule cdbarta rodrostdn arthabdrt dhule d6 • Robaith cathdl drach6ir chetna acuitid thoisig acusdorat pniinn ch6t cecnolloce acusceccasc d6 dia acusd6 drostan,Cainnech mac meic dobarcon acuscathal doratsat alterin alla uetW na camone gonice in With edarda alterin ; Dorat domnall acuscathal <5tdanin d6 dia acusd6 drostdn,Robaith cainnec acusdomnall acus cathdl nahule edbarta ri dia acusri drostan oth^sach » goderad issdere omor* acus othosech culaithi bratha • • 1

"Comgeall son of Ed gave from Orti to Furene to Columcille and to Drostdn. Moridach son of Morcunn gave Pett meic Garnait and Achad toche temni; and it was he that was mormaer and was tosech* Matain son of Caerell gave the mormaer's share in Altere and Culi son of Baten gave (the) toisech's share*Domnall son of Girec and Maelbrigte son of Cathal, gave Pett in Mulenn to Drostdn,Cathal son of Morcunt gave Achad

1 The words between asterisks are written in ink of a different colour from the others. See Preface, pp. xxiv. xxvi.

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