Camden's Britannia epitomized and continued, Volume 7

H.G. Bohn, 1842

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Página 146 - Here thou, great ANNA ! whom three realms obey, Dost sometimes counsel take — and sometimes tea.
Página 34 - For physic and farces his equal there scarce is— His farces are physic, his physic a farce is.
Página 43 - ON AN OLD GATE Erected in Chiswick Gardens. O GATE, how eamest thou here ? Gate. I was brought from Chelsea last year, Batter'd with wind and weather ; Inigo Jones put me together ; Sir Hans Sloane Let me alone : Burlington brought me hither.
Página 90 - In August, 1786, an attempt was made on the life of his Majesty by an insane woman, named Margaret Nicholson, who, under the pretence of presenting a petition, struck at him with a concealed knife, as he was alighting from his carriage at St. James's. The blow was warded off by a page, and the woman seized : she was afterwards sent to a mad-house, where she continued till her death.
Página 76 - While vain Sages think they know Secrets Thou Alone canst show, Time alone will tell what hour Thou 'It appear to ' Greater
Página 154 - Volante, an Italian, descended head foremost by a rope, with his legs and arms extended, from the top of the steeple of St. Martin's church, over the houses in St. Martin's Lane, to the farthest side of the Mews, a distance of about 300 yards in half a minute.
Página 33 - The basso-relievo of the centre, executed by Mr. Bubb, is of lithargolite, or artificial stone, and represents the progress of music, from the earliest attention to sound, through the stages of examination and improvement, to its ultimate perfection in the present day, into the groups, dancing is interwoven, as associated with its advancement from the rudest ages to the extraordinary accomplishments of the Ballet. Apollo and the Muses occupy the middle of the subject.
Página 8 - The diameter of the ball . , - - 6 From the ball to the top of the cross - - - 30 The...
Página 133 - It may be described as-consisting of four divisions, called the Upper, Middle, and Lower Pools, and the space between Limehouse and Deptford ; the upper pool extends from London bridge to Union hole, about...

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