The Poems of Richard Watson Gilder

Houghton Mifflin, 1908 - 485 páginas
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Página 53 - IF Jesus Christ is a man, — And only a man, — I say That of all mankind I cleave to him, And to him will I cleave alway. If Jesus Christ is a God, — And the only God, — I swear I will follow Him through heaven and hell, The earth, the sea, and the air...
Página 98 - WOMAN'S THOUGHT I AM a woman — therefore I may not Call to him, cry to him, Fly to him, Bid him delay not! Then when he comes to me, I must sit quiet: Still as a stone — All silent and cold. If my heart riot — Crush and defy it! Should I grow bold, Say one dear thing to him, All my life fling to him, Cling to him — What to atone Is enough for my sinning! This were the cost to me, This were my winning — • That he were lost to me.
Página 3 - The night was long and like an iron bar Lay heavy on the land : till o'er the sea Slowly, within the East, there grew a light Which half was starlight, and half seemed to be The herald of a greater. The pale white . Turned slowly to pale rose, and up the height Of heaven slowly climbed. The gray sea grew Rose-colored like the sky.
Página 160 - GLORY and honor and fame and everlasting laudation For our captains who loved not war, but fought for the life of the nation ; Who knew that, in all the land, one slave meant strife, not peace ; Who fought for freedom, not glory ; made war that war might cease.
Página 50 - Who are these that follow across the hills of night A star that westward hurries along the fields of light? Three wise men from the east who myrrh and treasure bring To lay them at the feet of Him their Lord and Christ and King.
Página 60 - They gathered round, a ghostly company, Like beasts who seek to know what men may be. Then to our hemlock beds, but not to sleep — For listening to the stealthy steps that creep About the tent, or falling branch, but most A noise was like the rustling of a host, Or like the sea that breaks upon the shore — It was the pine-tree's murmur. More and more It took a human sound. These words I felt Into the skyey darkness float and melt : " Heardst thou these wanderers reasoning of a time When men more...
Página 65 - Be golden ; let the cold, clear blue of night Whiten with stars as now ! then shall I fade From life to life — pass on the year's full tide Into the swell and vast of the outer sea Beyond this narrow world. For Autumn days To me not melancholy are, but full Of joy and hope, mysterious and high ; And with strange promise rife. Then it meseems Not failing is the year, but gathering fire Even as the cold increases. Grows a weed More richly here beside our mellow seas That is the Autumn's harbinger...
Página 178 - ... through shame and sin At the sanctity within ; Whose memory, since he died, The earth hath sanctified — Hath been the stay and the hold Of millions of lives untold, And the world on its upward path Hath led from crime and wrath ; — You say that this Christ hath passed And we cannot hold him fast ? II Ah no ! If the Christ you mean Shall pass from this time, this scene...
Página 3 - The gray sea grew Rose-colored like the sky. A white gull flew Straight toward the utmost boundary of the East, Where slowly the rose gathered and increased. It was as on the opening of a door By one...
Página 164 - What though the living bless or blame, For him the long success of fame. JRL ON HIS BIRTHDAY NAVIES nor armies can exalt the state,— Millions of men, nor coined wealth untold: Down to the pit may sink a land of gold; But one great name can make a country great.

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