Laura; or, An anthology of sonnets ... and elegiac quatorzains, English, Italian [&c.] original and translated. With a preface, notes


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Página 1785 - O yet a nobler task awaits thy hand, (For what can war, but endless war still breed ?) Till truth and right from violence be freed, And public faith clear'd from the shameful brand Of public fraud. In vain doth valour bleed, While avarice and rapine share the land.
Página 11 - I love to rise ere gleams the tardy light, Winter's pale dawn ; and as warm fires illume, And cheerful tapers shine around the room, Through misty windows bend my musing sight Where, round the dusky lawn, the mansions white, With shutters closed, peer faintly through the gloom, That slow recedes; while yon gray spires assume, Rising from their dark pile, an added height By indistinctness given.
Página 1803 - Out-stript, than they did all that went before : And present worth in all dost so contract, As others speak, but only thou dost act. Wear this renown. Tis just, that who did give So many poets life, by one should live.
Página 8 - Tis poor MATILDA ! — To the cloister'd scene, A mourner, beauteous and unknown, she came, To shed her tears unmark'd, and quench the flame Of fruitless love : yet was her look serene As the pale moonlight in the midnight aisle; — Her voice was soft, which yet a charm could lend, Like that which spoke of a departed friend, And a meek sadness sat upon her smile ! — Now, far remov'd from every earthly ill, Her woes are bury'd, and her heart is still.

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