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Of whom any or all of the preceding volumes may be had. Also of him may be hdd

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It Is generally the design of a preface to make the reader acquainted with something, which it will be useful for him to know, before he commences the perusal of the work itself. But this cannot be the design of a preface to a volume, yyhich has been published and read before the preface was written. The Editors of periodical publications naturally fall into the habit of writing postcripts, though they are placed at the beginning of volumes, and usurp the name "ofprefaces. It will not beunprecedented, therefore, if we cast our eyes back for a moment, on the volume which is now closed, and which, as we are willing to believe, lias been read with candor by our patrons generally.

Though we could wish our pages had been more worthy of perusal, and though we are by no means blind to their imperfections, yet it is a consoling thought, that the tendency and the effect of the Pauophst, are, as our friends encourage us to hope, decidedly beneficial. There is the moie reason for expressing this opinion of our work, as we could not be justified in publishing it, were its utility doubtful in our own view, and as a large proportion of.the original matter is furnished by men, whose deliberate reflections are certainly entitled to an attentive consideration. On looking over the numbers, which compose this volume, as we have been obliged to do in compiling an index, the vast importance of a religious magazine, conducted with even tolerable propriety, has been very deeply impressed on our mind.

One most cheering characteristic of the present times, is an enlarged and still increasing benevolence. Efforts to meliorate the condition of man are now made bv a greater number of enlightened individuals, and on a grander scale, than ever before. It is of infinite importance to the world, that these efforts should not be slackened; that the zeal, which is now so happily excited, should not languish; and that the number of persons, who labor and pray for the prosperity of Zion, should be multiplied. Though these desirable results can only be secured by the divine blessing, yet it is to be received as an undoubted maxim, that this blessing is not to be expected, unless in the use of the means which God has kindly furnished, and which have often been honored with sure tokens of his approbation. Let the friends of the Redeemer see to it, then, that no vantage ground be abandoned; and that no temporary inconvenience b» suffered to impede the progress of that cause, the success of which is infinitely more valuable than any temporal interests.

These considerations shquld induce all publishers of religious works, and all writers in them, to look forward with a steady eye, and an unwavering faith, to that blessed consummation, when truth and virtue shall become triumphant on earth, and when the Lord Jesus shall be universally received as the Savior of sinners' That we may act under the influence of these high and commanding motives, and that our readers may be interested in the blessings of that covenant, which is ordered in alt things and sure, is our earnest supplication to God.

Boston, December, 1814.




Harlow, Joel, the barbarous diction
of his Coiumbiad accounted for, 24
—his bombast, 27—the obscurity
of his language, 28—some poetical
passages of his work, 29—his the-
ology, 31—the indignity offered by
him to the cross, 32—his theory of
the origin of the world, 67—the
origin ofreligion, 69—Lis metaphys-
ical abstraction,. 71—his opinion of
Chinese history 72—his comparison
of Moses, Lycurgus, ccc. ib.—his
views of the solar religion, 73—his
hostility to Revelation, ib.—his ex-
clusion of all religion from his sys-
tem, 77—his notion of a pacific Iliad,
79—his creed containing an infidel
cosmogony, 81—his method uf prov-
ing what cannot be proved, 86—his
version of David's psalms, notice of,
ib.—correction of an error respect-
ing this version,
Beecher, Rev. Lyman, review of his


Abstract of religious intelligence, 523
Address of tie Editor to the public, 1
•Admonition, thoughts on, - 125

•Advice of a father, - - - 4(13
———and reproof, inefficacy of, 164
■Africa, South, state of missions in, 563
Agra, mission at, ... 41

Allen, Rev. William, correction of a
trilling error in his biographical
dictionary, • 255

Alumni of Yale College, notice to, 392
Amertcanumie, remarks concerning, 25
American Board of Commissioners
for Foreign Missions, fifth animal
meeting of, 456—officers of, ib.—
report of the Prudential Committee
of, 458—pecuniary accounts of, 477
American Missionaries, letters from, 181

— — intelligence from, - 390

— — memorial of, to Sir Evan
■Nepean, dated Feb. 12,1813, 470—
second memorial of, dated Feb. 18,
1813,471—third memorial of, dated
Dec. 4, 1813, 504—fourth memo-
rial of, dated Dec. 13, 1813, 464—
filth memorial of, dated Dec. 20,
1813, .... . . '5U

— — memorials of, to Lord Min-
to, Governor General of Bengal,
dated Aug. 21, Oct. 17, and Nov.
18,1812. - ... 476

Ames, Hon. Fisher, his opinion of the
book of Deuteronomy, :- ■ ■ 84

Ancient Ecclesiastical documents, 320

Anderson, Rev. Rufus, his life and
character, - - - 308

Anecdote, ... 453

Antigua, missions of the United
Brethren at, - * - 389

Appleton, Rev Jesse, D. D. review
of his election sermon, - 373

Ardent spirits, estimate of quantities
consumed, - - . - 22

Association, General, of Massachu-
setts Proper, minutes of the pro-
ceedings of, - - - 316

Atonement, inquiry respecting the
word, ,. . . 114

Baptist Missions in India, state of, at
the close of 1811, 38—at the close
of 1812, - - - 425

Barbadoes, missions of the United
Brethren at, - - 389

sermon, ■ - - -'

Belcher, Governor, original letters

from to President Edwards, 407,454
Belhary, mission at, - - 569

Bible Ssciety, British and Foreign,
pecuniary accounts of, at the
ninth annual meeting, May,
1813,129—extracts from the
corresspondence of,

— — Connecticut, abstract of the

fourth annual report of,

— — Philadelphia, abstract of the

fifth annual report of,

— — New Hampshire, abstract of

the secoud annual report of,
—■ — Vermont, abstract of ihe first
annual report of,

— — New YOik, abstract of the

fourth annual report of,

— — in the county of Middlesex,

Mass. formation and constitu-
tion of, 127—address of a
committee of, - - 234

— — Norfolk, Vir. address and

constitution of, - 131

— ■— Auxiliary, of Newark and the

Vicinity, (N.J.) formation of, 430

— — of Fredericksburg, (Vir.) for-

mation of, 431

— -— of Dublin, .Ireland, Ladies'

Auxiliary, - - 523


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