The Monthly Review

R. Griffiths., 1790
Editors: May 1749-Sept. 1803, Ralph Griffiths; Oct. 1803-Apr. 1825, G. E. Griffiths.

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Seite 48 - eye. I opened the map of Africa before him, and tracing a line from Cairo to Sennar, and from thence weftward in the latitude and fuppofed direction of the Niger, I told him, that was his route, by which I was anxious that
Seite 179 - who, a little while ago, were fo bufy, or fo gay; who can avoid being touched with fenfations at once awful and tender? What heart but then warms with the glow of humanity ? In whofe eye does not the tear gather, on revolving the fate of
Seite 176 - countenance never deceives you ; whofe profeffions of kindnefs are the effufions of his heart: one, in fine, whom independent of any views of advantage, you would chufe for a fuperior, could trull in as a friend, and could love as a brother :— This is the
Seite 175 - and which become highly valuable, when employed in advancing the good of mankind. Hence, they frequently give rife to fame. But a dillinclion is to be made between fame and true honour. The former is a loud and noify
Seite 175 - talents: the other looks up to the whole character. Hence the ftatefman, the orator, or the poet, may be famous; while yet the man himfelf is far from being honoured. We envy his abilities. We
Seite 407 - of the Nile ; there is no other; look at that hillock of green fod in the middle of that watery fpot, it is in that the two fountains of the Nile are to be found: Geeih is on the face of the
Seite 48 - for difcovering the Inland countries of Africa. « Mr. Ledyard replied, that he had always determined to traVerfe the continent of Africa as foon as he had explored the interior of North America ; and, as Sir Jofeph had offered him a letter of introduction, he came
Seite 176 - true to the God whom he worships, and true to the faith in which he profefles to believe ; full of affection to his brethren of mankind; faithful to his friends, generous to his enemies, warm with
Seite 48 - Banks, who told him, knowing his temper, that he believed he could recommend him to an adventure almoft as perilous as the one from which he had returned; and then communicated to him the wifhes of the Aflbciation for difcovering the Inland countries of Africa.
Seite 407 - of green fods, which was about two hundred yards diftant; the whole fide of the hill was thick grown over with flowers, the large bulbous roots of which appearing above the furface of the ground, and their

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