Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1820 - 66 páginas

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Página 35 - At once too proud, too humble to deplore, She bow'd her head in quietness : — she knew Her blighted prospects could revive no more ; Yet was she calm, for she had heaven in view.
Página 34 - All undisguis'd in its young tenderness ; And, smiling, saw that he and only he, Had power at once to wound it, or to bless. ' She gave to him her innocent affection, And the warm feelings of her guileless breast; And from the storms of life she sought protection, In his dear love, her home of earthly rest...
Página 41 - I liv'd Amid my own creations ; and a world Of many hopes and raptures was within me, Such as I could not tell of; for I knew Such feelings could not bear a sympathy ; They were too sacred to admit communion, Too blest to need it — to the fields and woods Did my heart's fulness pour them ; solitude Was the expansion of my secret visions, When I could ask my soul to tell me all, And many a bright and blessed reverie Hath...
Página 34 - You would have deem'd that he had been forgot,, Or thought her bosom callous to the stroke : But on her cheek there was one hectic spot, 'Twas little, —but it told her heart was broke.
Página 19 - WEEP not, tho' lonely and wild be thy path, And the storms may be gathering round ; There is one who can shield from the hurricane's wrath, And that one may for ever be found. He is with thee, around thee,- He lists to thy cry, And thy tears are recorded by Him — A pillar of fire He will be to thine eye, Whose brightness no shadow can dim.
Página 26 - Is fleeting fast—and merrily chime The morning bells ; and the beautiful view Thy touch should, arrest, is fading too! The glow of the cloud is darkening fast. And the sunny mist is almost past; And thy lyre is lying all unstrung ; And thy matin hymn is still unsung; And thy lip is mute, and thy knee unbending, Nor is yet the sweet prayer to heaven ascending. What 1 slumbering still!
Página 41 - Tho' bound with sweet ties to a happy home, With all life's sacred charities around me ; I have been lonely — for my soul had thirst The waters of this world could not assuage : I found them bitter, and I had high dreams, And strange imaginations — yea...
Página 54 - Would seek a refuge in its parent breast ! O Father! in thy mercy shelter me, For I am worn with mortal miseries ; My dark and earth-entangled spirit free, And plume it to ascend its native skies ; With loosen'd wing to thy high rest to soar, And never to desert its mansion more ! Ntu Series — vol.
Página 20 - And weep not that none arc around thce to love, For a Father is with thee to bless; And if griefs have exalted thy spirit above, Oh say, wouldst thou wish for one less ? He is with thee, whose favour for ever is life, Could a mortal heart guard thee so well ? Oh! hush the vain wish, calm thy bosom's wild strife, And forbid but a thought to rebel.
Página 35 - She bow'd her head in quietness : — she knew Her blighted prospects could revive no more ; Yet was she calm, for she had heaven in view. • ' She lov'd and she forgave him — and in dying She ask'da blessing on his future years ; And so she went to sleep ; meekly relying Upon that power which shall efface all tears. Her simple turf the young spring...

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