The Learned Societies and Printing Clubs of the United Kingdom: Being an Account of Their Respective Origin, History, Objects, and Constitution: with Full Details Respecting Membership, Fees, Their Published Works and Transactions, Notices of Their Periods and Places of Meeting, &c. and a General Introduction and a Classified Index

G. Willis, 1853 - 379 páginas

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Página 264 - Ireland, vol. i. containing: 1. The Circuit of Ireland; by Muircheartach Mac Neill, Prince of Aileach; a Poem written in the year 942 by Cormacan Eigeas, Chief Poet of the North of Ireland. Edited, with a Translation and Notes, and a Map of the Circuit, by JOHN O'DoNOVAN, Esq. 2. " A Brife Description of Ireland, made in this year 1589, by Robert Payne, vnto xxv. of his partners, for whom he is vndertaker there.
Página 256 - SOCIETY is instituted to perpetuate, and render accessible, whatever is valuable, but hitherto little known, amongst the materials for the Civil, Ecclesiastical, or Literary History of the United Kingdom; and it accomplishes that object by the publication of Historical Documents, Letters, Ancient Poems, and whatever else lies within the compass of its design, in the most convenient form, and at the least possible expense consistent with the production of useful volumes.
Página 242 - THE TRAVELS OF IBN BATUTA, Translated from the abridged Arabic Manuscript Copies preserved in the Public Library of Cambridge, with NOTES illustrative of the History, Geography, Botany, Antiquities. &c. occurring throughout the Work.
Página 245 - History of the early Kings of Persia. From Kaiomars, the first of the Peshdadian Dynasty to the conquest of Iran by Alexander the Great. Translated from the original Persian of Mirkhond, entitled the Rauzatus-safa, with notes and illustrations, by D.
Página 266 - Edited from the Book of Lecan in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy ; in the original Irish, with a Translation and Notes, and a Map of Hy-Many, by JOHN O'DONOVAN.
Página 251 - Durham, and in accordance with his pursuits and plans ; having for its object the publication of inedited Manuscripts, illustrative of the intellectual, the moral, the religious, and the social condition of those parts of England and Scotland included on the east between the Humber and the Frith of Forth, and on the west between the Mersey and the Clyde, a region which constituted the ancient Kingdom of Northumbria.
Página 244 - The Catechism of the Shamans ; or, the Laws and Regulations of the Priesthood of Buddha, in China.
Página 222 - Newes from Scotland : Declaring the damnable Life of Doctor Fian a notable Sorcerer...
Página 267 - Of these, the first had for its main object 'the reprinting, without abridgment, alteration, and omission, of the best works of the Fathers and early Writers of the Reformed English Church, published in the period between the accession of king Edward VI.
Página 265 - The Book of Obits and Martyrology of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, commonly called Christ Church, Dublin. Edited from the original MS. in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, by the REV. JOHN CLARKE CROSTHWAITE, AM, Rector of St.

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