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SIR LEWIS MORRIS writes : “ It makes a beautiful Antho. logy, and I congratulate you on your very excellent selection."

MR THEODORE WATTS-DUNTON writes: “The idea of the Anthology is so happy, and the selection of the poems so good, that the book is pretty sure, I should say, to be a great success.

MR SIDNEY LEE writes : “ It seems to me a very attractive Anthology - very catholic in its range, and for the most part very literary in its style. I like the arrangement under the days."

PROFESSOR SAINTSBURY writes : Not only does it seem to me a good Anthology, and good reading as such, but I think it may be very useful in dispelling the curious delusion (shared by some great ones) that religious feeling is a bad motive for poetry.

..... The result (of course allowing for differences of individual taste) seems to me very happy.'

MORNING POST says: “There is certainly none in the list of such publications that can compare, either for catholicity or for charm, with the admirable Anthology that Mr Magnus and Mr Headlam, with infinite care in research and in selection, and with excellent scholarship in the translation of many classical or modern examples in foreign languages, have produced in happy collaboration....... This is a book altogether to be desired by those who possess at once the sense of religion and the love of noble verse.”


DAILY NEWS says : "Prayers from the Poets' contains some of the most glorious lines ever written, and yet in all cases the poems may fairly be called religious....... We cannot too highly praise this little volume."

LITERATURE says: “The compilers have thrown their net as widely as possible, and their spoils include specimens of devout verse from poets as far removed from each other in point of time as Homer and Mr Rudyard Kipling, and as widely different in character as George Herbert and Jean Baptiste Rousseau.”


ACADEMY says: skill and care.”

'Happily inspired, and worked out with

DAILY MAIL says: "A glance at his pages should remove for ever the reproach that poets are deficient in piety."

SCOTSMAN says: “What is unusual in books of this kind, the quality of the poetry is high; and the book should please both those devout persons for whom it would appear to have been more particularly compiled, and those who are fond of poetry for its own sake."

MANCHESTER GUARDIAN says: “We are grateful for the taste, at once catholic and refined, which has enabled the editors to assemble so many voices, representing all religions—and also that which in the name of religion rejects them all-in what is, nevertheless, not a clash of discords but a throng of blended notes."

BIRMINGHAM POST says: “We commend this admirable little volume to the earnest attention of those responsible for our hymn-books."

OUTLOOK says: “An admirable idea carried out with considerable success.


CHURCH REVIEW says: “No question can arise as to the purity of taste and the breadth of culture governing the choice of the compilers."

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