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Game between Napier, the Boy Expert, and Ruth.

Sicilian Delus... Napier.

Ruth. White

Black. 1N-K 4

P-Q B4 2 Kt-K B 3

Kt-Q B 3 3 Kt-B 3

P-K Kt 3 4 P-Q 4

P x P 5 Kt x P

B-Kt 2 6 B-K 3

P-K 4 7 Kt (Q 4)-Kt 5 B-K B sa Slit-(! 5

B-Kt 5 ch U1'-!! B3

B-R 4 91-Q Kt 4

K Kt-K 2 11 Ki-B :; cl:

Where did Black make his bounder?


OF HUMANITY Depend upon what you eat. Scientifically prepared foods are made for those who think about these things—those who wish to Be Well Stay Well

Feel Well GRANOLA, GRANOSE, CARAMEL CEREAL, GLUTEN and NUT FOODS are some of the scientific specialties manufactured by the Portland Sanitarium Health Food Co.

These foods are the result of over a quarter of a century of patient experiments, and have proved by years of use at the Sanitariums and other large medical institutions to be the most needed by the human system. Send for our booklet (free) telling all about them.


Portland, Oregon.

The "Gambit." The word "gambit" is derived from the Italian dare la gambetta, meaning literally "giving the leg," or tripping one up. It is applied to openings where White sacrifices a Pawn early in the game to get the attack or to bring about a rapid development. In the Evans Gambit, White gives up his Q Kt P on his fourth move. In the Queen's Gambit, he offers his Q B P on the second move. The Evans is usually accepted. The Queen's Gambit is almost always declined.

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"A Coruscaling Brilliant." “We have read a good many games with exciting coups and startling situations, but very, very few with so many coruscations of Chess brilliancy crowded into a small a place."- New York Clipper.

Petroff's Defense.

Dr. A. G. Mayer

Steiner. 1 P-Kt 4

P-K 4 2 K Kt-B 3

K Kt-B 3 3 P-Q 4

Крх р 4 P-K 5

K Kt-K 5 5 Q-K 2

K B-Kt 5 ch 6 K-sc

P-04 7 P x P e. p.

P-K B 4 8 Kt-Kti

B P x Kt 9 Kt y Kt

K-R s 10 Q-B 4

G. Mayer. 11 x KB

Dr. A. Steiner 12 0 PX P

Q Kt-B 3 13 KB-K 2

QB-Kt 5 ch 14 K x Q B

Q BI Bch 15 K home

KRX Pch 16 P-K Kt 3

O-K R 5! 17 K R-Kt sa

RX R P!: 18 Q-Q B4

Q-Kt 5 19 Q Kt-B, 3

P-Q 6 Add Black mates in two. Bravo!



Chamber of Commerce Bldg.

Portland, Or.

Sam'ı Rosenblatt & Co.

Cor. Third and Morrison Sts.



See our new lines of Suits and Overcoats made by Stein-Block Co.; Hart, Schoffner & Marx; Alfred Benjamin & Co. *.* These goods are the highest grade ready made clothing manu. factured. Ses Samples sent on request.

Steinitz and Tschigorin.

Queen's Gambit. Steinitz.

Tșchigorin. White.

Black 1 P-Q 4

P-Q. 4 2 P-Q B 4

PxP 3 Kt-K B 3

P-K 3 4 P-K 3 (a)

B-Kt 5 ch 5 B-Q 2

B x B ch 6 Q Kt x B

Kt-K B 3 7 By P

Castles. 8 Castles

Q Kt-Q 2 9 Kt-Kt 3

Q-K 2 10 R-B sq

R-Q sq (b) 11 B-Q 3

P-B 3 12 Q--Q 2

Kt-B sq 13 Kt-R 5

Kt-Kt 3 14 KR-0 SC

R-Kt sa 15 Kt-B 4

B-Q 2 (c) 16 P-K 4

B-K sc 17 P-K 5

Kt-04 18 B x Kt

RP x P 19 Kt-Q6

P-B 3 20 P-KR 4 (d)

Kt-Kt 3 21 (1-B 4

B-B 2 (e) 22 K-Q 2

R-K BSC 23 Q-Kt 3

QR-Q są 24 Kt (Q2)-K 4 K-4 25 R-O 3

B-K se 26 R-Q Kt 3

P-Kt 3 27 R-0 R 3

рх г 28 Q x K P

Kt-B 5 29 R-K są

( x Р 30 P-K Kt 3

Kt-R 6 ch 31 K-Kt 2

Q-K 2 32 K x Kt

P-K Kt 4 33 Kt x B

R-Q 4 34 Q x Kt P





25 Cents per Month # JONES' BOOK STORB * 901 Aldor Street, Portland, Orogon

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Notes by Steinitz and Pillsbury. (a) If Kt-B 3, then B x Kt ch; 6

х в P-Q Kt 4; 7 P-Q R 4, P-Q B 3; 8 Px P, P x P; 9 Kt-Kt 5 threaten.ngly Q-B 3) Kt-kB 3; 10 B-R 3. B-Kt 2; 11 P-B 3, Kr. 3; 12 kt Kt B x Kt; 13 P-K 4, P-Q R 4, with a safe position and a Pawn more.

(b) Black should not have neglected the opportunity for 10 P-K 4, which would fully equalize matters.

(c) If now 15 P-B 4; 16 P x P, Q x P; 17 Kt (B 4)-K 5, Q-K 2; 1-R 5, with a strong attack, for if P-Kt 3, 19 Q-R 4 with advantage.

(d) To prevent Black from bringing his Bishop into play by P-K Kt 4 and B-Kt 3.

(e) The position of the Knight appears fatal to Black's game. He cannot dislodge it by 21 Kt-B sq, for then would follow 22 Kt x B, Rx Kt; 23 P x P, Q-Q 3; 24 P-B 7 ch and win.

A case of bad health that R.I.P.A:N S will not bene fit. R.I.P A:N:S, 10 for 5 cents. or 12 packets for 48 centa may be had of all druggists who are willing to sells. low-priced medicine at a modern profit.

They banish pain and prolong lite.
One gives relief Accept no substitute
Note the word RT PANS on the packet.

Send 5 cents to Rinans Chemical Co., No. 10 Spruce
St, New York. for 10 samples and 1000 testimonials.


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Orator—"No, gentlemen, I tell you that if you want a thing done well, you must always do it yourseli.”

Voice from the Orowu-"How about getting your hair cut?"

Reliable persons of a mechanical or inventive mind desiring a trip to the Paris Exposition, with good salary and expenses paid, should write

The PATENT RECORD, Baltimore, Md.


Women have the reputation of placing friendship below love, depreciating it in misunderstanding it. Alphonse Karr relates that a lady being compelled to refuse au offer of marriage, offered her friendship instead.

"Oh no, madame," the lover replied. “I love you. I want to marry you. It is enough. But to be my friend I must know you, I must respect you, we must have congepial tastes. One does not take a friend hastily. Oh no,

madame, Friendship is another thing."-Harper's Bazar.

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Two Receipts for Happiness. I believe happiness comes from the harmony of a man's faculties with each other, and their activity. There is no happines for a man unless he is active, energetic and aspiring in support of some good cause. Supreme bliss is never to be reached by aiming at it, but comes as the reflex of a diffi, cult duty done with delight. I should say the soul's fireside is duty well done.-Joseph Cook,

It j« simple: When you rise in the morn, ing tu.:) the resolution to make the day a happy one to a fellow-creature. It is easily done. A left off garment to the man who needs it; a kind word to the sorrowful; an encouraging expression to the strivingtrifles in themselves as light as air-will do it, at least for the twenty-four hours. And if you are young, depend upon it, it will tell when you are old; and if you are old rest assured it will send you gently and happily down the stream of time to eternity. Look at the result. You send one person, only one, happily through the day; that is three hundred and sixty-five in the course of the year; and suppose you live forty years only, after you commence this course, you have made fourteen thousand six hundred human beings happy, at all events for a time. Now, worthy reader, is it not simple, and is it not worth accomplishing?-The London Atlas.

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During the winter months the littl» colony of sixty

seventy English people at Teheren organize concerts for one anothers amusement. When the weather is cold, of cours, there is skating. Skating is the greatest marvel of all to Persians. A few years ago the Shah, Nasr-i-Din, saw twenty skaters twirling and curling and spinning gracefully on the ice. He was amused; he thought it wonderful. The next day he sent to the legation and borrowed a dozen pair of skates. These he made his

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ministers put on and attempt to skate on the lake in the palace grounds. The poor ministers were terribly discomued, but it was twice as much as their heads were worth to refuse. His majesty was more amused than ever, and he nearly had a fit from laughing.

It has been said that

one-fourth of a man's life is spent in dining

Cutting down thistles no more relieves the land of thistles than does scouring the scalp cure dandruff. In each case permanent re lief can only come from eradicating permanently the cause. A germ that plows up the scalp in searching for the hair root where it saps the vitality, causes dandruff, falling hair, and baldness. If you kill that germ, you'll have no dandruff but a luxuriant suit of hair. Newbro's Herpicide is the only hair preparation in the world that cures dandruff, falling hair and baldness by killing the germ. “Destroy the cause, you remove the effect.”

HOW IMPORTANT, then, that our surroundings and food should be such as to induce appetite, and produce that delightful feeling that a satisfactory meal gives.

Casster-"Doctor, a year ago you predicted that I wouldn't live three montas. You see you were wrong."

Doctor-“Never mind, better luck next time."-Puck.

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and listen to delightful music by the celebrated Ladies' Venetian

Orchestra, go to the

In a recent issue of an English periodical ten well-known literary men discuss the programme for a perfect-day. Leslie V. Shairp thinks in is a question of moods. F. W. Saunderson says the programme would spoil the day. The perfect day must be flawless, while Conrad Veguelin declare; with marked emphasis that "to make a programme for a perfect day would be a piece of presumption bordering on luna y." deed he goes further and denies that there is such a thing as a “perfect day, and at if there were, a programme would mar it. “Happy days,” he admits, sometimes come co us, but to pre-arrange happiness is to invite disaster. For instance, according to this pessimist, “you arrange to go boating; the day arrives. The sky is blue, the sun shines, the water gleams, everything is in perfect working order-bar your liver. The seats in the boat are hard, and there is

room for your legs, and you bark your shins against the luncheon basket. The sun glares from above and below. Your joints hurt you, and the chatter of your companions drives you mad. You are angry and bore--angry because you ecognize the absurdity of your conduct, and bored because you wish to be alone. You know full well that if you had sat in the orchard and talked to the pigs you might have spent an almost perfect day."

But this is the point of view of a dyspeptic,and not to be too seriously sidered. I must confess that Percy Kent's reminiscence pleases me better.

One must be young," he remarks meditatively, "to plan a perfect day with any hope of its realization." He was young and,



Cor. Third and Morrison Sts.

Portland, Or.

The high-class Cafe and Grill Room of the Northwest. Charges reasonable. Our 50c Table d'hote

Dinners are famous.


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"on the principle that forbidden pleasures are sweetest,” he admits that every item on his programme was stricuy prohibited.

On the morning of that perfect day" which he recalls, he started, satchel in hand, fo school, ostensibly, that is, for at a spot previously appointed he met two other pleasure-seekers, similarly equipped. Their satchels were deposited in a convenient shed, and they turned their faces toward a neighboring town where there was a fair in progress. Their combined pecuniary resources, of which he became treasurer, amounted to five shillings and three pence. "I should hesitate now," he says on reflection, “before undertaking to provide any Criends with a perfect day at nine pence per head." But it sufficed on this occasion, even to refreshments and the circus, and a balance of two pence remaining was invested in cigarettes which they enjoyed (?) on the way home. The day after-but that was not a perfect day. “ The day after never is."

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The Manufacture of Leather Goods. The manufacture of fine leather goods, belts, ladies hand bags, purses, etc., has received quite an impetus during the last few years.

The demand for such goods seems to be steadily increasing, and it may not be generally known that there is a place in Portland where fine hand-made embossed leather goods are manufactured in the most approved and up-to-date style. W. H. MCMoines & Co., located on the corner of Front and Oak streets, have lately been making a specialty of such goods, anu their work is attracting attention wherever shown. The samples on exhibition at their store beautiful specimens of handiwork, and are well worth seeing. Though the establishment carries a large supply of various goods on hand, the manager says that most of their work is made up on special orders, as this gives the buyer a chance to show his individual taste, and to have something a little different from anybody else. McMonjes & Co. employ about forty men in their establishment, which also deals extensively in harness, saddles and all other kinds of leather goods.

The Blumauer - Frank Drug Co.



Fourth and Morrison Streets


W.C. Noon Bag Co.


The coming Portland Street Fair and Carnival, which opens September 4th and closes September 15th, promises to surpass all previous efforts along the same lines that have been made by different cities of the West. Those who have seen other street fairs, and who know of the plans and scope of the Portland enterprise, say that Portland will give what will prove a “hummer.” The Fair will occupy the entire street for nearly twelve full blocks. Some very attractive buildings have been erected, and the whole enterprise promises to be a grand success. Thousands of people from over the entire Northwest are planning to come, and it is predicterl that Portland will have

Manufacturers and Importers of Bags, Twines, Tents and Awnings,

Flags and Mining Hose.



32-34 First St. North and 210-212-214-216 Couch St.


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