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“Rubaiyat,” W. L. Alden says in a recent there reached its third edition. letter: “For my own part I am of the opinion that the “Rubaiyat” was written Egerton Castle has sold the serial by Lord Bacon in the intervals between rights of his last novel, “The Secret his other literary labors. He may have .Orchard," to The Delineator, and the written a Shakespeare play in the morn first chapter will appear in November. ing, a philosophical treatise in the after- The Frederick A. Stokes Company are to noon, a play of Ben Jonson's or Mar- publish it in book form. lowe's in the early evening, and a few dozen quatrains of the "Rubaiyat" at Col. E. Hofer, of the Salem Capital night. Lord Bacon was, of course, a Journal, continues to tell "The Truth," busy and hard-working man, or he never though he frankly acknowledges in his could have accomplished so much, but, May number that he is willing to call it 'then again, a man who was capable of something else if any one will suggest a writing all the plays attributed to name. There are so many people in this Shakespeare, Johnson and Marlowe, be world who are afraid of The Truth, and sides his, would surely have Col. Hofer has evidently heard from been able to knock off such a little thing some of them. as the “Rubaiyat” at odd moments.

Hamlin Garland's last book is considThe following interesting items were ered by those of his friends who have kindly furnished by Eva Emery Dve, the read it, his best and strongest. It is a author of "McLaughlin and Old Ore story of life upon the plains, and has

been long in the writing. D. Appleton The father of Harriet Prescott-Spof & Company will publish it sometime ord, the noted writer, was the first mayor of Oregon City.

Dr. W. (). Nixon, for twenty-two Harper and Brothers will bring out a years literary editor of the Chicago Inter book this month which will complete the Ocean,

once an Oregon school trilology of war history which it has been teacher.

the ambition of this house to produce. Prof. Washburn, of the State Univer The “War of the Rebellion,” was folsity, is the author of the most valuable lowed by “The Spanish War,” and this, work on Oregon birds extant.

the third and last, is entitled “War in the Prof. Thomas Condon, the veteran Philippines." geologist, has in preparation a most valuable work on Northwest geology.

The address of Francis W. Bakeman, D. D.,

on the “Over-Valuation of the Critical EleProf. Thomas McClelland, of Pacific

ment-Its Danger in Ministerial Education," University, at Forest Grove, who is aptly

appears in a neat little booklet by the Amertermed "one of the most able and popu ican Baptist Publication Society. This adlar college presidents in the United dress is clearly the product of earnest States," has been called to the presidency

thought on the part of an earnest thinker.

His arguments in favor of his position are of the Knox College, at Galesburg, Ill.,

all that they could be, and his diction is to succeed President Finley, who has ac both simple and elegant. However much the cepted the newly-created chair of politics

reader's view may differ from the author's, in Princeton University.

he cannot lay this little book aside without being benefitted by its perusai.




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“Things Chinese," a book treating Scribner's was the first of the magazines of all subiects connected with Chi to publish a special Summer Number devotna, is heing brought 0114 by Chas.

ed particularly to short fiction, and in it

have appeared some of the most notable and Scribner's Sons, and is

designed best-remembered short stories of recent to greet the increasing demand for infor years. The August Fiction Number 'for this mation concerning the Celestial King

year will be found especially attractive, both phim. The book appeared originally in

in its stories and the unusual number of il-';'

lustrations, as well as in the high character Hong Kong two months ago, and has

of its other features.


In the Passion Play, which took place —but it is next to impossible to picture this year at Oberammergau, young Lang her journeying across the dull, grey level acted the part of the Christ, so long imper- of middle-age, or being nipped by the sonated with grace and dignity by Josef frosts of Time. There is Ellen Terry, Mayer. The new Christus is said to be the sweetest woman who ever walked less satisfactory in action, but looks the the boards, a grandmother twice over, part to a truly wonderful degree. He is yet perennially young-and Langtrydescribed as being

more beautiful than ever with the pass“Very tall, lithe and upright, with regu

ing years.
But actors!

There are, lar features of a refined cast, a fair beard

alas, many of them who are unhappily and long, glossy brown locks, he looked in his pale lilac robe and crimson mantle, the

wandering about in the waste places of personification of the pictures we see of

life. Christ in all the famous galleries of the world. He is a blending of Lucas Cranach's and Leonardo da Vinci's version of the Lily Hall Caine, daughter of the novelIdeal Character."

ist, recently played “Glory Quayle in

Charles Frohman's “Christian” Company Speaking of new actors, though, it is in Newcastle, England, with such effect a far cry from Oberammergau and the that the audience was moved to tender Passion play to America and the pop her a banquet immediately after the perular drama. It is predicted that Richard formance. Buhler is a rising star of the first magnitude. And the public is considerately

Mary Mannering is to make her debut warned to watch for his photographs,

as a star under the management of Frank which will certainly be seen in the shop

McKee in “Janice Meredith,” in the early windows next season.


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Maude Adams may not appear in the “Little Minister" after this season, but she will always be "Babbie" to the public. I do not like Barrie. I am not far, I must confess, from detesting the man and all his works—but for the sake of the exquisite woman who has impersonated his heroine, for the sake of "Babbie." I am almost ready to forgive him for having created “Sentimental Tommy.”

Sousa—“Le Grand Sousa !" as the French have named him, is delighting all Paris with his music and his marches. But the Berlin critics refuse to admit his band plays better than the German bands.

* * Edward Strauss, with his orchestra, will be heard in New York and Boston early in November. Everybody is familiar with the Strauss waltzes—and who that hath a heart has not felt it thrill to the entrancing measures of the “Beautiful Blue Danube?" But the "Frifolien" is something new to us all, and will be given here for the first time by Edward Strauss, one of the composers. It was written twenty years ago by the three brothers, Johann, Josef and Edward, but a bitter quarrel prevented its public performance.

Have you ever reflected that actresses never experience middle age? Whether you have or not, it is true. There are no middle-aged women on the stage. There is Bernhart, forever young, wise with the wisdom of all the ages. Will Bernhart ever grow old, think you? One is reminded of Rider Haggard's "She," and it is not difficult to imagine the “divine Sara" going up in a glowing white flame

The Month

In Politics—

The Chinese situation has clarified con

siderably by the entrance of the allies The presidential campaign, which is

into Pekin, and the consequent relief of now well under way, presents an unusual and diverting spectacle. The Republicans China has done the wise thing in suing

the imprisoned ministers and legations. claim that the money question is the "par

for peace, although her overtures in this amount issue," while the Democrats are

respect were unsatisfactory to the powers. positive that it is “Imperialism.”

alism." They The situation is still very complicated, urge, furthermore, that the campaign of

and a disagreement among the allies be*96 was fought out upon “free silver;"

comes more probable as time goes on. that Congress subsequently settled the

Pekin having been taken, the present question for some years to come by the

course seems to be the capture of the Empassage of the gold standard bill, and,

press and her army, and to pacify the while the money question is still an im

Empire. If this is the idea, the insignifiportant one, it is greatly overshadowed by

cant force of the allies has a herculean the imperialistic tendencies of the admin

task upon its shoulders. istration, which threaten to change the Republic into an Empire. The Republicans take issue with all this; claim that The approaching elections in England

and the failure to end the Boer war, tothe money question is not settled; that a President elected upon the Kansas City gether with the Chinese imbroglio, have platform would be in a position to do un

unsettled conditions in that small island. told harm; that consequently “free silver” England has troubles of her own, and is still the leading issue, and imperialism she is not to be envied. a bugaboo. The Democratic party is avoid

In Scienceing the money question, and the republican party is avoiding Imperialism as an

A very peculiar case of skin-shedding issue. Both evidently have a very dis

of a man in Clark county, Missouri, is

noticed in a recent issue of the Scientific tasteful load to carry. This difference of

American, which says: opinion as to the real issue will doubtless

"Mr. Buskirk has shed his skin annually disappear, in the minds of the public, at

since his birth, which occurred in 1830. least, before the campaign progresses Physicians have tried to prevent this much further. Which can do more harm

exfoliation, but they nave been unsuccess.

ful. * * * The operation requires several is the paramount question to decide.

days * * * This remarkable case tends to

disprove the entire theory of palmistry beIt does not seem likely at this writing ing evidence that the lines of the bands that there will be a third ticket in the change with time, and are not unalterably

preserved, as has been supposed. A piece field. The Anti-Imperialism Convention

of skin taken from his right hand when endorsed Bryan, and the Nationalist party he was ten years old shows that the gendoes not seem to be able to get any man eral conformation of the lines correspond

with of prominence to accept its nomination,

nose of the hand today. Still, the

lines are stronger now than then, the overtures to Grover Cleveland having

making allowance for the growth of the been declined by him. Gold Democrats, member as a whole. Fully a third has been Silver Republicans, Populists, etc., are attached to the famous "life" line. announcing their support of McKinley or Bryan, and it is too late now for any

oth Experiments in automobiles and er nomination that might be made to seri motor cycles are being made with good ously affect the chances of either. results in Europe and America, some




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very novel machines being turned out. house. It is claimed that his most sucOne of the latest is the Marsh motor cessful portrait work is of men. cycle, and its inventor claims to have produced a practical gasoline engine

Frank Palmer, an American artist now which can be attached to any ordinary

in London, has made a new restoration of bicycle. *This machine," he says, "will

the Venus de Milo. He claimed that the carry any rider of average weight from

statue, which was found in the underthree to thirty miles an hour, and up grounds ruins of a little Greek chapel, ordinary hills, without the use of the

represented the Panagra, or Holy Virgin, feet.”

that it originally wore a halo and carried In Literature

a child. He says:

“I am surprised that the true pose of the “Russia and the Russians" is the title Venus was not discovered at once, because of a book to be brought out shortly by

the muscles of the right arm, the raising of

the left side of the body and the posture of Houghton, Mifflin & Co. It is timely and

the left knee all combine to prove that the is the work of a Boston newspaper editor. Venus must have sustained heavy

weight upon her left arm. The weight Pearson is to issue a new magazine

could have been none other than the holy child. The

shows that without under the title of "The Ladies' Maga

some such weight its centre of gravity must zine,” and Hall Caine's new novel, “The

have fallen outside the base." Eternal City,” is to appear in it serially. It is said that in this novel the author has

Burnt wood and leather designs are followed the footsteps of V. Zola.

growing in favor, and for interior decoraIt is at last known to the world that the tion are very effective. J. William Fosauthor of "Elizabeth's German Garden"

dick is acknowledged to have brought is the Princess Henry of Pless.

the art of etching on wood with hot metal points to a stage that is remarkable, as

well as profitable. “The Banker and the Bear" is the title of a novel by Henry K. Webster, which

In EducationMacmillan's are soon to publish. It is

A prominent Boston paper has this to story of financial life in Chicago. An

say of the Carlisle Indian Band: other piece of fiction, which deals with

"Fifty-five Indian youths, all in charge of A the questions of the day, is by Francis

full blooded Apache Indian, with no white A. Adams, and will be published by the manager or disciplinarian nor any other

white man with them at an, spent a week In Art

in Boston without the smallest incident of

disorder. There was no drinking, nor any The equestrian statute of Washington,

other infraction of the most seemly requirewhich was unveiled in Paris in July, is ments of good conduct. It is almost unthe first bronze cast in the United States imaginable that the same number of stu

dents fom Harvard, Yale, Cornell, or even that has ever been sent to Europe. It is

Amherst, should spend a week in a distant from the

Henry Bonnard

city on a concert or any other sort of tour Foundry, in New York City, and is all

without some of their members indulging in American. The sculptors who modeled a spree." it. Mr. E C. Potter and Daniel C. French, are both American citizens. The

The Peruvian historian, Senor Ricardo pedestal is of marble from Tennessee, and

Palmer, who is also director of the Nait is presented by the women of America

tional Library at Lima, after years of to the women of France.

study, maintains that the name America

was not derived from Amerigo Vespucci, M. Theobald Chartran, the French

but that the explorer was named for the portrait painter, who has been spending newly-discovered continent. Vespucci's his winters in America, has returned to first name was really Alberico. Senor Paris where, with the money earned in Palma is so sure of this that he has this country, he has built a beautiful new

written a book upon the subject.

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and BALDNESS Kill the Germ that is Destroying

the Hair Root.



PARASITIC GERMS. For Sale by Druggists. Price $1.00.

In Religious Thought

The London Spectator holds that the interest of the English Church, both spiritual and political, are safe in the hands of a man like Archbishop Temple, the present incumbent of the See of Canterbury. In his speech in the House of Lords, the Archbishop cautions that body against any policy with regard to ecclesiastical matters that “will narrow the Church of England." The right of private judgment, which requires that men accept her teachings is, he declares, founded upon the supposition that men shall think for themselves. To deny the right of divergence of opinion would be inconsistent and even disastrous. Indeed in divergence of opinion, in liberty of thought, lies the life and safety of the Church.

* * A leading English weekly, in speaking of the Christian Endeavor Convention, in London, makes the most pertinent criticism yet put in print of this organization of young people. The Convention also furnished the great London editor with a text for a sermon upon the growth and vitality of the Christian religion.

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There is in England a noticeable lack of candidates for the priesthood. Young men, the more able and seriously inclined, who feel called to labor for the salvation of the race, are attracted to the University and social settlements rather than to the Church.

TERMS—$2.75 a month for one person, one lesson of one hour a week; $1.50 each a month for two or more persons.

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