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new and spick-and-span cafe. It has become almost an annex to the offices above stairs. I dropped in there yesterday to see Mr. John B. Cauldwell, the head of the art department. He was chatting with some of his friends, so I sat down, ordered a cup of coffee and waited. A half dozen of the college boys came in and took a table near me. One of them wanted ginger-ale. He asked for it calmly: 'Oh, give me a bottle of gingerale.

“The unhappy waiter shook his head.

" "Ginger-ale,' the young man repeated crushingly.

“The waiter waved his hands in helpless agony.

'Why, don't you talk French?' one of the young fellows asked; 'I thought you could talk French.'

“'So I can,' said the other indignantly; and he added, 'Garsong, coffee!'

“It was a compromise."

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25 Cents per Month # JONES' BOOK STORE * 901 Aldor Street, Portland, Orogon

A Careful Business Man. “Talkin' about mean men,” remarked the Cranberry Corners storekeeper during a temporary lull in the evening's discussion, “I don't know as you could call Josh Nubbins (the old chap. you remember, who used to live on the Hankins place) mean exactly, but he was about the closest figgerer I ever had any dealings with. One day Nubbins came into the store and wanted to know if I had any cheese for sale.

“ 'Full cream or skim-milk?' says I. “ 'How much is the full cream?' says he.

“ 'Fourteen cents a pound in slices,' says I, but if you want a hull cheese I'll make it twelve.'

" "That's purty steep, ain't it?' says Nubbins, leanin' over the counter an' helpin' himself to a sample hunk of the cheese. 'I hear the storekeeper over at Buckwheat Ridge is sellin' che best cream cheese sliced for a shillin' a pound.'

“'Well,' says I, 'you can buy cheese jest ez cheap here ez you kin at Buckwheat Ridge is sellin' the best cream cheese sliced have it fer the same. All you've got to do is to say how much you want. Don't want to take a hull one fer eleven cents a pound, do you?'

“ 'Guess not today,' says Nubbins; 'not at that figger. How do you sell your skim-milk cheese?'

"I told him the price was ten cents in slices, or eight cents a pound fer a hull cheese, an' Nubbins said:

“ 'Couldn't make it eight cents a pound ?'

“ 'I might, seein' it's fer you,' says I; but there ain't much profit in it at that figger. About how much of it shall I cut off fer you?

““Waal,' says Nubbins, in his low, easygoin' drawl, ez he fished a two-cent piece out of his pocket and planked it down on the counter, 'I reckon you kin slice off a quarter of a pound an' do it up fer me. All I need


A case of bad health that R.I.P.A.N.S will not benefit. R.I.P.A:N S, 10 for 5 cents, or 12 packets for 48 cents, may be had of all druggists who are willing to sell a low-priced medicine at a modern profit.

They banish pain and prolong life.
One gives relief. Accept no substitute.
Note the word R.I.P.A.N.S on the packet.

Send 5 cents to Ripans Chemical Co., No. 10 Spruce
St., New York, for 10 samples and 1000 testimonials.


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ter-day is enough to bait a couple of mousetraps with, an' if I should happen ter want any more later on I'll call ag'in.'"-Will S. Gidley in the May Woman's Home Companion.


H. G. Wells' Literary Partnership. The other day Mr. H. G. Wells had a transatlantic visitor. The sun was shining outside, but an occasional flying cloud brought a slight furry of snow with it. But there was no fire anywhere, and the long French windows were flung open wide to the sea breeze.

Mr. Wells works regularly every morning at his writing. In the afternoon Mrs. Wells transcribes on the typewriter the morning's work, and in the evening both of them go over the day's result. It is often changed tremendously by the night's criticism.

"It's no use my promising to send 'copy' to you by Saturday,” said Mr. Wells to an editor. “I must wait and lay it before my wife. She will know whether I can do it and she will see that I keep my promise."

Mr. Wells' marriage is a literary partnership as well.–From The Saturday Evening Post.




Allays pain, removes the corn, and leaves a natural skin in its place

You can

Progress in Bicycle Construction. Considering the great utility of the bicycle and the pleasure and recreation it afforas to countless thousands, its slow development is a matter of considerable surprise. This fact strikes us as especially strange when we remember that a two-wheeled affair very similar to the bicycle of today was in use over a century ago. This state of affairs may be accounted for through the fact that the development of the picycle was impeded by social and economic conditions. Fifty years ago, or even twenty-five, there was not the rush to get about that has become one of the characteristics of the present day. Consequently there was no demand for the bicycle. Development in railroads and wagons was being perfected, owing to existent conditions. This development came to a practical end, however, in the 70's, and the real development of the bicycle begins at that time. The pioneer in bicycle construction, in America, at least, was Col. Albert A. Pope, of the Pope Manufacturing Company, the makers of Columbia bicycles. It was he who gave the industry its first impetus, and it has been largely through his efforts that the bicycle has reached the place it occupies and is the perfect machine it is today. The Columbia bicycle, whether due to superior facilities for manufacture, or the care in and extent of experiments that the Pope Company has carried on, has always been in the van of bicycle construction. It has been the invariable rule that the Columbia has led, and the others have followed, but no innovation bas been adopted, until it has been found by the severest tests to be an improve

This is guaranteed. Think about it, if you have a corn. get the Willamette Corn Cure from any druggist, for 25 cents a bottle, or from the manufacturers

Boericke & Runyon

303 Washington St.

Portland, Oregon.


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ment of practical value. Through this care in adopting new ideas, and at the same time always being in the field with the newest and the best, the Columbia has become the acknowledged "Standard of the World.” In its 1900 wheels the sobriquet is borne out inthe most pronounced and satisfactory manner. The chainless wheel may aptly be termed “a thing of beauty and a j joy forever.” The weight of the wheel has been perceptibly reduced from that of the preceding chainless model, while the lines have that grace about them that catches the eyes of all lovers of "wheeling.” The bicycle world is justly proud of this triumph in bicycle construction, and looking at it from the present day standpoint it is difficult to see that there is “more beyond," especially when all the resources of a perfect plant have turned out as perfect wheels-chain and chainless-as science, money and brains can produce.

A Boarding and Day School, under present management since 1878.

Primary, Preparatory, and Academic Departments; College preparation, Military Discipline, Manual Traii ing Boys of all ages received. For information, address J. W. HILL, M D.,

P. 0. Drawer 17, Portland,' regon.

We call for, Clean, Press and Deliver one

Suit each week for $1.00 per month.


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Important Questions. Do you realize the meaning of the rapid growth of cities, and the dangers that are gathering about them?

Have you solved the monopoly problem?

Do you know how fast the movement for public ownership of public utilities, as water, gas and electric works, street railways, etc., is growing in this day, and do you understand the reasons for the movement?

Do you know what cities and towns in the United States now own and operate their own electric light plants, gas plants, water works, etc., and how much they save thereby?

Do you know to what extent cities and towns are under bondage to state legislatures? Do you know to what extent the people in cities and towns are under bondage to city councils?

Do you know the results of the use of the initiative and referendum in the United States and in Switzerland?

Do you understand those methods and the reasons of the growing demand for the extension of their use?

Do you know the best remedies for corruption in elections? Do you know England's experience in this respect?

Do you understand proportional representation ?

Do you want the text of the most progressive laws in the various states concerning local government, home-rule charters for cities, direct legislation amendments, public ownership laws, etc.; also ideal forms for such laws?

All these questions are answered and the entire subject of local self-government is' treated as never before, in the book called “The City for the People," prepared by a well-known authority on the principal subjects of the book. Price only 50c (should be double this amount). Bound in cloth, $1. Address “Equity Series,” 1520 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Are wanted in every city and town in the United States, especially in Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho, to canvass for subscribers for The Pacific Monthly During vacation, a bright young man or woman can average $5.00 a day at the least. Some make $15.00. Write for our terms and special induce. ments to Subscription Department The Pacific Monthly, Portland, Oregon. References required.

The Correct Place

To have your clothing cleaned and


X AND DYE WORKS & Pressing and Repair Work Carefully Done.

A. CARTER LINDSAY, Proprietor. Oregon Telephone, 408 Washington St., Brown 482.

Next Cor. Tenth St,

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MOTORS from One-half Horse Power Up
POWER for ELEVATORS and all kinds

of Machinery.
Electric and Bell Wiring a Specialty.



When dealing with our advertisers, kindly mention Tne Pacific Monthly.


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