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MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. 04. Mr. Beckford to serve the offices and he an amazing firmness and patience, is a very also informed them, that the lord mayor was uneasy and painful facuation, aine toza willing to hear any other matter they had to without refreihment. propole. Mr. Lovell then came forward, and At a meeting of the supporters of the bar proposed to the livery the following refolu- of rights this day at the Londoa Tares, tions, which were unanimously agreed to : Samuel Vaughan, Esq; having informe! At the Guildhall of London, 10 o&. 1969. them that an information is inteaded to be At a meeting of the livery of London in moved for againft him, the society resolved, common hall assembled,

that if Mr. Vaughan does not fully juftify Resolved, That the lord mayor be asked himself, either on a trial, or by podlicaties, if his lordship hath received any answer to they will then proceed to an eximinaties of the petition of the livery of London to bio his public conduct, and determise accordmajesty, which prayed for the redress of ingly. various grievances, the removal of evil coun

THURSDAY, 13. fellors, and the diffolution of the present paro This day the heriffe, accompanied by liament.

fourteen other gentlemen of the lirry, Resolved, That the lord mayor be called waited on Mr. Aldermen Beckford, a his upon to produce the letter which his lordship house in Soho-Square, to requeft bis apíce received from Henry Lord Holland, dated whether he would oblige the livery, by x Holland-House, Kenfington, July the gth, cepting of the office of lord-msyor, to which 9769.

they bad lo almost unanimoufly elected bis : Resolved, That

HLH when, after expreffing bis high sense and was the paymafter whom we, the livery of grateful acknowledgments to ibe livery for London, in our late petition to the throne their fingular favours, he told them, “That, for the redress of grievances, &c. affirmed to oblige the livery of London, be would fato be the public defaulter of unaccounted crifice his case, health, fpirits, fortens, millions,

and every thing else ; and accordiogly acResolved, That it is the duty of our re- cep:ed of the office; and hoped bis brethrer presentatives to obtain, if poffible, an honeft the alder men would indulge kim ia the and proper parliamentary enquiry into the manner they did before, that be might bive conduct and accounts of H. - fome cime also to attend bis duty in parlia

ment: That he would go down to Fonthill And, when it fhall appear on such en- for about ten days, and then would come to quiry that H-Ilhas, by town and devote himself wholly to the service unnecessary delays, detained the public money of his fellow.citizens both in parliameat and for years in his hands, and appropriated the in the city." intereft thereof to his own use, and has

FRIDAY, 13. also by various pretences obtained repeated A fire broke out at an orrice weare's impediments to public justice, and by various in Harcourt, in the Butcher-Row, wbice misrepresentations induced our sovereigo 10 consumed near tweary houses in bat ant stay the legal proceedings againft him, the adjoining courts. thereby endeavouring to lessen that respect

SATURDAY, 14. that is due to his majesty, and introduce Early this morning a fire broke out neå a power superior to that of law, the use and Limehouse Hole, which consumed eigh! difuse of which create the distinction between houses before it could be got under: A wan. monarchy and tyranny.

his wife, brother, two children, and three Resolved, Thatchen it will become in the other persons, un'ortunately perihed in thi higheft degree the duty of our representatives Aames, being all in bed in the house when in parliament, to endeavour that H- the fire fist began. LH be impeached, that he may

TUESDAY, 17. be an example to all future ministers, and The ele&ors of the borough of Southwark shew them how dangerous it is to enrich met at the townihall, and agreed to petttiot themselves with the public treasure, and sport his majesty for the redress of grievances with the rights of a free people.

which petition was produced by Mr. Stephenly Resolved, That thefe sesolutions be enter. chairman of the meeting. ed by the town-clerk in the record books of

WEDNESDAY, 18. this city, as part of the proceedings of the li. A very numerous meeting of the fret very at the election of a lord mayor of this holders of Somerset hire was held at Wells city for the year 1770, and that a copy of when a petition to the throne was unanithese resolutions, figned by the seriffs,' be moully agreed on, praying for a d-falarim of delivered to each of our representatives in par. tbe present pa-liament,

FRIDAY, 28. After which the ford mayor adjourned the Mr. Joseph Baretti, an Italian gentlenia common-ball at half an hour pár seven in well known iu literature, ww tried at the Ebe evening, the livery baving waited with Old Bailey, for Aabbing Evan Morgan, who




543 with others, in company with two Atreet 17th of August lat, by which it was almost walkers, had grossly infulced and ill used him reduced to ashes, together with the Customin the freets; when on inquiring into the House and Store-Houses. His majefty has circumstances of the affair, and very respec- giveo orders for the sum of one thousand table teftimony appearing ro Mr. Baretri's pounds to be paid into the hands of Mr. Ale character, he was acquitted of the murder, derman Harley, to be thipped in specie for MONDAY, 23.

the immediate relief of the poor sufferers in A young fellow rao from Fleet- Street to that town, and has directed the diftribution the Golden-gallery of St. Paul's church, of it to be under the care of the governor from wheace he threw a Meet of paper, and cen of the principal merchants there. and returned, for a wager of a crown bowl A strong proof, among many others, of che of punch : the bett wai, tbat he could not goodness of his majesty's heart, and his disa do it in 15 minutes, but he won by three pofition to make all his subjects happy. minutes.

EAST INDIES. Was held at the Mitre-inn at Oxford a Extract of a Letter from Madrass, March 10, meeting of the freemen of thar ciry, pursuant

1769. to an adjournment agreed on last Tuesday “ Hyder Ally, by constantly avoiding comevening. About seven o'clock Sir James ing to a general cagagement with our army, Cotter, Bart. by particular defire, took the and by continually harrassing our troops, and chair, and opened the bufiness of the meeting, intercepting our convoys, has at lax fo fac in a very animated and elegant speech. But succeeded, as to oblige our forces to quit his a debate ensuing, whether the freemen should country; and for these two months patt, he join is a petition to the throne immediately, has been laying waste the Carnatick. By or a request to the mayor to call a common his superiority in horse, and the early intelo' ball for that purpose, Sir James again ad- ligence which he receives, he with ease avoids dressed them with his advice, that they being overtaken by our forces, who have hould inncdiately prepare a petition, and followed him for weeks together, to the great not be guided by a common-hall, which, heob- hardship of the European soldiers, and at daft ferved, would entirely exclude the body of free have been forced to give up the pursuit from men from its debates; that in such an affair as mere fatigue. There is no probability of a this, the freemen thould act for themselves, peace being effected; for the enemy, now and not leave the direction of it to the naturally elated with the great and unex. common-counc:l, whom he knew to be for pected successes which he has met with, the most part biaffed by undue influence, and seem to expect such terms as must appear who would not consult the real good of the very hard to us, colle&ire body of the people, but their own With a greater force of Europeans than emolument. In this ftuation the meeting ever we had in this country before, we have broke up, and adjourned till this evening, cut a moft tabby figure ; our Europeans when, it is expected, Sir James's proposal killed and taken to a very great number, and will be assented to nem. com.

near a third part of the Seapoys deserted and TUESDAY, 24.

taken. The supplies of cash from Beogal, The new nav gacion of the river Stort be. come now all in their bare gold moheers, ing finished, the firt barge come early this upon the exchange of which alone, we learn morning to Bifhop-Sto:tford in Hertfordshire, from that settlement, that the company with colours flying, drums beating, trumpets will lose 40,000l, according to an accurate founding, and other musical instruments computation made for the governor and counplaying. William Plumer, Esq; member cil, at their request, by Mr. William Magee, for the above county, gave an ox on the oc Or this supply from Bengal, the greatest part casion, and Thomas Adderley, of Hockerill, is diverted in defraying the charges of the Era; gave • pipe of wine.

war; and as we receive very little filver from WEDNESDAY, 25.

any other part of India, now that we have Was observed at court as the anniversary no trade to the Philippine inands, it is of his mjerty's acceflion so the throne. highly probable there will be very short rer IRELAND.

mitrances of money to China, while our Dublin, Oa. 17. His excellency Lord investment on this coast is entirely put a stop Viscouar Townshend went in the usual state to, as the manufacturers do not know how to open the Irish parliament; when the soon they may have the enemy at their peers took their seats, and the members of doors, consequently our trade is entirely at a the house of Commons the proper oarbs; af. ftand.'' ter which they proceeded to the ele&tion of a speaker, when the Right Hon. John Pon

MARRIAGES. sonby was proposed for that important office, AMERICA.

Sept. 23. R of Sir Robert Hildyard, Bart.

OBERT D'Arcy Hildyard, ron A dreadful fire happened in the town of $t. John's, in the inand of Antigua, on the to Miss Deering, Gfter of Sir Edward Deeringa

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Oct. Buite-24. Mr. Cbamberlayne, attorney, to with a hoe-26. Capt. James Meredith, for. Miss Robinson-26. Mr. John Page, jewe merly in the Welt India trade-Mr!. Deboeller, to Miss Edmonds.

rah Bayley, of Chalfont Si. Giles, BuckiOctober 1. James Oliver, Elg; to Mrs. Mr. Thomas Benn, attorney, and one of Odell-Mr. Waller, maler gunner and the common-council-men of BillingsgateStorekeeper at Landguard Fort, to Mrs. Lee-- · Joseph Potter, Elai-Robert Webber, Erą; 2. Capt. Macbride of the navy to Miss Har at Chelsea, aged 90-Mr. Henry Tutop sison--3. Mr. Silvanus Bevan, banker, in - William Gore, Esq; representative jo ibe Lombard-Itreet, to Miss Wakefield-4. Mr. Irish parliament for the county of Leitrim William Bode, of the General Poft Ofice, 29. Mrs. Delacruz-Stephen Plank, Era; to Miss Eiser - The Rev. John Haines, rec Anthony Plank, Esq;- At Coreatry, of he for of Yemiafter, in the county of Dorset, Small-pox in the natural way, after baviog to Miss Milles-Ms, Robert Montgomery, been iwice inoculated without effea, Mils to Miss Lee-Rev, Ms. Hearne, one of the Luckman, daughter of Mr. Tho. Luckman, fix preachers in the cathedral of Canterbury, printer of that place --30. James Fordyce, to Miss Adcock, of Alhford -Mr. Forsyth, Esq;-Mrs. Bowles, wise of Oldfield Bowla, to Miss Betsy Neale, James Moody, Esq; Erq; at Biceper, in Oxford lire-Ac Baroto Miss Elizabeth Shielda-Harvey Breton, ney in Yorkshire, Martha Preston, aged 123i Esg; to Milo Martin-8. Mr. Kemp, apo The had been married to fire husbands, and thecary, in Conduit- Street, to Miss Bishop – bas had sweaty-seven children -At LeiebJohn Brookes, warehouseman, in Maiden dale, in Gloucestershire, Mrs, Anne Simoas. lane, to Miss Pemberton-Mr. George Hodg. O&tober 1. Thomas Kendrick, Eig;-2. fon, jun. cheese and buttes factor, to Miss Edward Shelgrove, Esq;-Mrs, Mary LoviDrake.The Right Hon. Lord K ton, bond-Lady Wilmot, wife of Sir Robert to Miss Brooke-John Cirace, Esq; to Miss Wilmot-4. Mr. Foxcroft, formerly mafter Fanny Dodwell Thomas Thompson, Erg; of Arthur's chocolate-boose-Mrs, Povoall of Chelsea, to Miss Pearson-Mr. Thomas - Thomas Brown, Esq;- Peter Brusbell, Elgi Murray, merchant, of Gibraltar, fo Miss Edward Compton, Esq;- Mrs. DelacrueGuichet-11. Mr, Lockhart, organit to William Monckton, E'q;-Mn. Auriel, wife the Lock Chapel, to Miss Penny, of Berry; of - Auriel, Esq; a Dutch merchant-5. Atreet, St. James's--14. Lieutenant Colonel Henry Gilbert, Eig;MI, William Philli. Fraser, of the 24th regiment, to Mrs, browne, maftes of the Bell, in Friday freet Grant-James Hebert, E'q; to Miss Alicia -Mr. Jonathan Percival – William Mus. Vaughan-Mr. Phi'ip Müyfon,' merchant, grave, Efq; of Langley, Herts – The Hon. to Miss Cooper -- Mr. James Peppercorn, to Mrs. Sandys, of_East-Hampstead Park Miss Rutland - In Ireland, Sir William Vi- Rev. Mr. George Bowles, vicar of Weedon. gors Burdet, Bart, to Mrs. O'Logblin, nicce Lewis, in Northamptonshire Henry Daveto the countess of Kildare and Earl of lo nant, Elg;-8. John Elphinston, Élqi - At chiquin, and couon german to the duke of Epsom, Mrs. Mary Price, a widow lady Leinfier- Mr. Beviflock, brewer, at Alton Ai Chiswick, Mrs. Elizabeth Dawner, 2 in Hampshire, to Miss Hinton - Mr. Thon maiden lady-In Queen's Row, Chelsea, the mas Rendasd, of Chilwell-ftreet, merchant, Hon. Mrs. Lloyd-Mr. Robert Daley, Elą; to Mifs Burrell, at Ludlow in Shropshire a surgeon-Coud'y of Roscommon in Ireland, William Bough, Esq; to Miss Bradlaw the Marquis de Viane-9 Mrs, Mary Cooper, John Paxton, Erg; to Miss Sarah Gilby wife of Cooper, Esq; of "Brentwood, Mr. Porter, furgcon. to Miss OrliberMr. in Eflex.-10. Thomas Gift, Efq; aged Edward Baker, to Miss Phipps- Mr. Samuel 92 years - The Rev. Thomas Dawes, chape Juftice, merchant, to Miss Barber- 19.- lain to the British factory of Aleppo-ThoHames, of Brompton, Erg; to Miss Jane mas Richards, Esq;- Thomas Bowen, Ergi G:een--William Hayley, Esq; to Miss Ball, of Thurlufton hall, near Derby.-11. Andaughter of the dean of Chichener-20. John thony Gifford, Esq;. brewer, in Long. Glover, Erq; 10 Miss Sarah Willis—21. - Acre - 12. Henry Jarvis, Esq;- Mrs. Price Egre, nephew to the Right Hon. Welbore cilla Barclay-Mrs. Elizabeth Webb, a Ellis, eiq; to the Hon. Miss Hotham-23. widow Jady - William Hemmings, Elqi Robert Patterson, Esq; to Miss Surangab brewer, at Mile-End Mrs. Mary LuptonVickers - 24. Rob. Węskett, inspector of the William Tutton, Esq; aged 101-Arbor river for the cuftoms in the port o: London, Dunlop, gent.--Mrs. Amelia Kennet, wife to Mils Townshend of Great George-ftreet, of Joh. Kennet, Esq;-William Thompson, Weiminfter.

Elg; - George Ross, Esq;-MrJohn Whi:e, chemist.-13. Mr. Willian Wyatt, for

merly a stationer in. Holborn-Thoms Sep. 244 ENJAMIN SEDGWICK, Erg; Swaide, D. D.-The Hon. James Le

Fevre,. Esq-Mr. Vincent Maddox, fore derable planter in Virginia, murdered by merly a rope-maker in Rotherhithe - Alex. some of his negroes, who fplis bie sku!! ander Davis, Efq; Samuel Wulon, Efq;


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545 Ms. John Fligo, linnen-draper-Captain of Worcester - The Hoo. aed Rev. Shule Charles Weale, in the Wet-India trade - Barrington, LL. D. bishop of Landaff - Joha Mr. Thomas Fladgate, grocer-17. Aged Marshall, M. A. to the vicarage of Braun92, Mr. Leech, taylor in Bedford Street, ton, together with the rectory of Hoanion Covent Garden - John Weatherby, Esq; Punchardon, both in the county of Devonformerly an officer in the horse-guards Thomas Ford, B. A, vicar of Sherringion in blue-Mrs. Ellison, of Wandsworth the county of Somerset- James Harley, B.A. James Holderness, Esq;- The Rev. Mr. vicar of Topley, in Norfolk-John Monk Biggs-Lady Hawley, reliet of the late Ge. Newbolt, M. A. chaplain to the bibop of neral Hawley-18. Mr. Thompson, wool. St. Alaph--Mr. C:oli, chancellor of the cio. len-draper in Bedford-Bury, Covent-Gar- cese of Peterborough-Me. Watson, vicar of den -Walter Exelbee, Esq; fcarlet dyer, in Riponden in Yorkshire, and F. R. S. to the Southwark-Lady Anne Vernon-Mr. Jo rectory of S:ockport in Chephie,' worth upseph Mompellon Salesman-Mr. Rolies, a wards of 1000 l. per annum - Rev. Temple principal clerk in the East-India houre- Henry Coker, A. M. to the living 'of ighJohn Stapleton, Esq;-Mrs. Compton – tham in Keni-Ms. Benjamin Rye of StockMr. Jonas Appleyard, late of the Star in ton, to the r:ctory of Whichburn, in the Carey-Street The earl of Wigton-Mr. coanty and diocese of Durham-John Reeks, Daniel Davenport, cooper in Snow's Fields, D. D. formerly of Corpus Christi college, Şouthwark - William Dorset, Esq:--19. Oxford, to hold the rectory of Stratford ToMr. Ifaac Walker, formerly a packer - ny, in the county of Wilcs and diocese of Mr. Wallace, master of the Crown tavern in Salisbury, together with the rectory of Han. Leadenhall-street-Lady Rous, mother of ny in the county of Berks - Francis Wollat: Sir John Rous, Bart.-?1, Mrs. Grace ton, LL. B. of Dereham in Norfolk, to the Şimpson-Mrs. Barbara Wipcles, of Chel. rectory of Chiselhurit in Kenc, vacane by Ica, a widow lady, aged 96 years

the death of Dr. Moore. The doctor was Palmer, Efq;--23: Peters, Esq; of collared to that living by Bishop Atterbury, Bridgebank, in Herts. -Dermot Obrieng to whom he was chaplain-Walter Easle, Esq;-Ncas Edmonton, aged 93, Mrs. Ma. M. A. chaplain to his grace the archbishop ry Batison, a widow lady-The Rev. Dr. of Canterbury, to bold the sectory of St. alcock, dean of Ferns, in Ireland --At Michael, Crooked-lane, London, together Kildare in Ireland, John Chump, aged 120 with the vicarage of Hendon, in the county -Thomas Rouston - At Dulwich, aged 91, of Middlesex and diocese of London --Rev. Peter Stapleman, Esq;Miss Amelia Bent Mr. Tho. Whitaker, B. A.' sector of HorIcy-Robert Francis, Esq; wholesale iron- lington, in Yorkshire-Mr. Digoy, broiher monger in Shoreditch.

to Lord Digby, dean of Worcester, in the

room of the late Sir Richard Wrottency ECCLESIASTICAL PAXTERMINTS. Mr. Smyth, to hold the rectory of St.

Giles's in the Fields, with che prebendary of Ey. Mr. William Cawthorne Unwin, Norwich-Mr. William Clubbe, sector of

rector of Scock, cum Ramsden Bello Flowcon in Suffolk - Jobn Jefferye, M. A. house anacred-Dr, Gordon, chaplain to the canon of Chrift-church, Oxford-- Jobin bishop of Lincoln, archdeacon of Lincoln Sleech, archdeacon of Cornwall, prebend Mr. Dowbiggin, sub.dean of Lincoln-Hen. of Gloucester-Mr. Taylor, one of his mary Beft, D. D. vicar of Eldington in the jelty's chaplains in ordinary-Mr. Thomas county and diocese of Lincoln, together with Orchard, to the living of Great Maplestead, the re&ory of Mavis Enderby --A1r. Blount, Elex-Dr. Wake, prebend of Wesininter, B.A. vicar of Shirfield in the county of to the rectory of Fonthill-Gifford in WileDurham Mr. Salisbury, rector of Moreton Mire-Dr. Taylor, to the living of S:. Boin Effex, prebendary of Lincoln-Mr. Glass, tolph, Alderigate-Mr. Leighton, rector of M. A. rector of Wanitead 'in Eirex-Mr. çhe second portion of Ponteibury in ShropJehb, vicar of Flixton in SurfulkThomas fire-John Jameson, B. A. vicar of DodrPowley, M. A. vicar of Burling in Stafford wel, Lipcolalaire-Mr. Storey, rector of shire-Mr. Watson, vicar of Rippenden and Welt Poley, Dorsetraire--Theoph. Merc. rector of Scock port in Cheshire --Mr. Sleech, dith, A. M. (brother to Sir William Mereprebendary of Gloucefer C. Wake, LL.D. dilb) vicer of Linton in the county of to the seciory of Knoyle Magna in the coun. Hereford, worth 250l. per annum-John ty of Wilts, with the rectory of Fonthill, in Waller, A. B. to hold the vicarage of Wol. the same county-David Horne, M, A, serlow rad rectory of Upper Sapcy in the re&or of Wanheadin Ellex---James Williamı, county of Hereford - Thomas Watkins, D.D. rector of Longworth in Berks Mr. M. A. vicar of Wellington, in HerefordWhite, vicar of Brašton, in the county of fire-William Morris, M. A. rector of Worcester The Hon. and Rev. Mr. Brown. Kelverlone in Norfolk-Thomas Barnley, low North, canon of, Oxford, M. A. vicar of Farnbrow, Yorkshire to the reflory of Lightborne, in the county Mr. Mathew Raine, master of Hart


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Promotions Civil and Military.

Oa. forth school, to the living of St. John's, Stan- -Ditto, Lieut. John Nichols, to be at wick, Yorkshire-Mr. Hughes, fellow of tant-39th reg. foot, Enhgn Ralph Evans, Trinity college, Cambridge-Dr. Wetherell, to be lieutenant-Walter Paterfon, Efq; car vicechancellor of Oxford for the ensuing tain-general and governor in chief ores ties year-Mr. Inglis Tucting, chaplain to the island of St. Joho, and the terricories depet. 32d regiment of foct - Mr. William Neale, dant thereon, in America Elias Duraford, of Little Berkhamfed in Hertfordfhire-Dr. Efq; lieutenant-governor of the province of Barnadiston, maler of Bennet college, Cam. Well Florida in America, James Percell, bridge, principal librarian of that univerbty Efq; liputenant-governor of the ifiaad of -William Coney beare, M. A. prebend of Tortola, and of the Caribbee idands, corWatchill in York-James Bones, M. to the monly called the Virgin iflands, in America living of Lewis Weedon, Northamptonshire -Lord Viscount Coningham, of the king-Dr. Ogle, dean of Winchester, Mr. Ro. dom of Ireland, vice-admiral of the province bert Hughes, to the rectory of Tremly St. of Ulfter-Richard Peters, Elg; regifter of Mary's, and to the rectory of Wefton St. the vice-admiralty court of the province of Peter in Suffolk --Mr. William Reeve, vicar Pennsylvania-Mr. Alexander Eaton, 2. of Darlingbam in Norfolk-Mr. Tho. Lay- torney at law, of Chefter, and Mr, Thomus ing, fellow of King's college, Cambridge, Belton the younger, malters extraordinary e was elected master of the free grammar the Court of Chancery-The bishop of Daz. school there—Thomas Tringham, M. A. ham bas given the office of regifter of the rector of Layer Breton in Ellex-Mr. Horte, confitory court of his diocese, faid to be rector of Sherborne St. John's in the diocese worth 400l. a year, to Nicholas Halbead, of Winchefter.

Era;-Richard Camplin, Esq; secretary to

che" African committee -Mr. James Earle, PROMOTIONS Civil and Military.

affiftant furgeon of St. Bartholomew's hofpi. Senegambia-Alexander Gordon, Erg; Third reg. dragoon guards, enlign Williaa to be one of his majesty's band of pensioners, Whitby, of the 34th regiment of foot, cero in the room of Willam Hunier, Esq; refigned net-Fourth reg. dragoons, Tho, Beaumont First troop of horse-grenadier guards, Wila gent. cornet - Sixth reg. dragoons, Lieut, liam Nisbert, anjutant and sub-lieutenant. George Bernard, lieutenant-Fifteenth rez Second reg. dragoon guards, Cornet Tho, dragoons, Cornet John Beck with, cornet Holme, to be licutenant-Ditto, James Sixteenth reg. dragoons, Capt. Francis Es Durham, gent. to be cornet-Dirco, Feroe ward Gwynn, from balf-pay, captainAndrews, gent, to be cornet-Third reg. Ditto, Lieut. George Goffip, from half pay, dragcon guards, Cornet John Smith, to be lieutenant-Ditto, Lieut. Thomas Naf, Jicutenant-Ditto, Enfign Henry Strang ways, from half-pay, to be lieutenant-Firft res to be cornet- Second reg. dragoons, Cornet foot guards, Ensign Samuel Hulle, lieutenan George Ramsay to be lieutenant-Ditto, En. -Ditto, Nicholas Nogent, gent, enhonSign James Chriftie, to be cornet- Third Ditto, Jocelyn Deane, gent, enfign-Thin reg. of drag. Capt, Henry Suanley to be major Reg. foot guards, Enlign Alexander Merray

-- Ditto, Licut. Huntingdon Tilden, to be lieutenant-Ditto, Samuel Archer, gens captain-Dirto, Cornet Thomas Clarke, to cnlign- Second battalion royal reg. fool

, be lieutenant-Ditto, Charles Vavalour, Capt. Chapell Norton, of the 19th regimet gent. to be cornet-Ditto, Lieutenant Jo- of foot, major-Ditto, Capt. Lieut. Willian celyn Price, to be captain. lieutenant-Dicto, Gordon, from half-pay, to be captaia-S: Cornet Joseph Vernon, to be lieutenant venteeath reg. foot, Lieut. John Mac Phes Ditto, James Lovibond, gent. to be cornet- fon from hallo pay, lieutenant-Ditto, Es Seventh reg. of drag. Joho Vavalour, gent. fizn Thomas Yeamans Eliot, liestenantto be cornet-Eleventh reg. of drag. Lieut. Nineteenth reg. foot, Lieut. John M'Git, Thomas Warburton to b: captain-Ditto caprain--Ditto, Eoggn George Mackenzs Cornet John Campbell, to be lieutenant lieutenant-Ditto, Lieut. Willian Gils Di:ro, Peter Boiffier, gent, to be cornet adjutant-Twenty-second reg. foot, L'et. Sccond reg, foot, Adjutant William Augus. Arthur French, from balf-pay, lieutenanttus Cane, to be enlign-Sixth reg. foot, Twenty-ninth reg. foot, Lieut. Archiba Richard “Tayler, gent. to be enlign-Thirty- Campbell, captain-Vitro, Ennigo Jeremiah second reg. foot, Wetwang March, of the Mears, lieutenant-Thirieth seg. foot, Esfirst tsoop of borse-grenadier guards, to be fign James He ry Craig, lieutenant- Thirtycaptain-Thiry.third reg. foot, Lieut. Sack- second reg. foot, Capt. Mark Napier, majer ville Turner, to be adjutant-Thiry-ninth -Ditto, Litur. Abdy Mawe, capraja- Ditte, rig. foot, Captain-Lieutenant DanielVaughan, Enlign Andrew Robinson, licucenant-Ditte, to be captain--- Ditto, Lieut. James Horf. Enlign John Wolfe, lieutenant-Thirty burgh, to be caprain-lieutenant-Ditto, En• fourth reg, foot, Enfign Wainwright, figo Edward Norcot Fowke, to be lieutenant lieutenant-Sixieth seg, foot, Licut. George


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