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1769. DEATH S.

397 Ela; at Hampdead-James Miller, Efq; in Maydwell, Esq;-At Windser, the Rev. Harley-ftreet - John Hannam, Eig; of Great Mr. Walker, Rector of Tilehurft in BerkRuffel-ftreet - Rey. Sir Anthony Chefter, fire-At Newington Green, Joshua Grain. Bart, at Eat Haddon, Northamptonshire-- ger, Elqz-In Prir.ce's-street, Cavendish Henry Harrington, Esq; at Kellon, near Square, Robert Boulton, Esq;- At WoodBach-Themas Owen, Efq; of the King's bridge, Mrs. Fox, reli&t of Joseph Fox, Efq; Bench-Samuel Beezley, of Wandsworth, of Stadbrock, Suffolk-Mr. John Yeamans, immensely rich-Ja. Newman, Esq;, in fono: S. S. Yeamans, Eiq; of Richmond Stanhope-free:-Thomas Smith, Esq; of At Camberwell, Joseph Manning. Efq; the Inner Temple-Edward Freeman, Esq; Miss Teware, daughter of Capt. Tewart, of is Wimple-ftreet-Mr. Amcott, school-mal- Mook wearmouth--Miss Moore, daughter of ter, near the Seven Dials. In catching his the Rev. Mr. Moore, rector of Barningham pen-kaife between his chizbs, it pierced so -The Rev, Mr. Lamb, rector of Gateshead deep, that it killed him-26. Rev. Mr. Mrs. Beliamy, mother of the Rev. Mr. George Heath, le&turer of St. Augustin and Bellamy, mia fter of the chapel at Kew. St. Faith Robert Yates, Esq; of the Trea- Green--- At Hackney, aged 75, George Hanfury - 28. Rob. Spencer, Esq; of Great buły, Esq; folk merchant, in BishopsgateRullel-freet, Bloomsbury James Singleton, ftreet, worth_70.000l.–At his house in Efq; in Clifton-street-Mrs. Altom, wife of John-Breet, Bedford-Row, James Nellon, the Rev. Mir. Altom, of Harlow in Edex Efq;—At Tooting, aged near 90, Jere. Ado -- At lllington, Mr. Joseph Worthington, dington, Esq;- At Bath, Dr. Newcomb, tobacconist, on Bread-itreet Hill—29. La bishop of si. Ala h-Al Edinburgh, Mr. dy of Sir John Hinde Cotton, Bart. --The David Erskine, son to the Hon. Mr. William Rev. Mr. Lowe, Canon of Windsor - Miss Erskine-- James Serjeant, Esq; formerly a Lucy. Sells, at Richmond-Mr. William fupercargo in the East-India company's ferSkyrin, merchant at Whitehaven-In Pet- vice-Mr. Hervey, aged 84, the oldet butty France, Westminster, William Ross, ton-maker in Birmingham-The Rev. Ms. Esq; agent of the marines-At Norwich, Samuel Beldam, a difsenting minifter at Dun. age: 75, Louis Hubner, a native of Berlin mow in Efex-Drowned at Oxford, Mr. -Suddenly, in Queen Square, Bloomsbury, Townsend Pitman, innkeeper and commonJosiah marchant, Esq;-William Wright, councilman-- At Knightsbridge, James NewEsq; of Witham in Efer-Mrs. Thumas, combe, Efq;— The Rev. Dr. George Reywife of Morgan Thomas, Esq; of James nolds, at Paxtop in HuntingdomhireAt Street, Weftminfier-At Hackney, Mrs. Carthalton, William Ewer, E1q;--Mrs. Anna Roberts, many years governess of the Brocas, wife of Bernard Brocas, of Woke. boarding-school near the church

fieid, in the county of Berks, Esq;--Mr. Coxe, Esq; of Stone-Easton, Somersethire, John D yfial, master of the London Hotel in Father of Richard Hippisey Coxe, one of Leicester-Fields-Thomas Jams, Esq; of the members of that county-At the Bull. Brecon in Wales~ At Staines, in Middlesex, and-Mouth, in Aldersgate-itreet, Mr. Elijah William Edgill, Esq;-In Staples-Inn, Geo. Barries, a giats-man ae Stourbridge-Robert Saville, Elg; -At Paddington, Thomas Hollingsworth, jun. Efq; of King-Areet, Smith, Esq; - In Stanhope-street, James Ero' Blomsbury-Ac Kingston in Jamaica, on rington, E?q;-In Princess-Atreet, Hanovera ibe 12th of February, David Bean, Ela; Square, Mrs. Judith Sowie, widow, of the merchant-30. Miss Anne Elliot, the actress late Col. Sowie-At Chelsea, John Pierce, - At a village near Patna in the East-Indies, Efq; in Kennington-Lane, Suriye Mr. Rogers, who is said to have left 5o,ocol. Mandeville, Eq;-Stafford Brooks, Esq; late to his father, a coal dealer at Brentford-At a wholesale tobacconist in Barbican-Mr. Erafon-hall, the lady of Sir Gilfıed Lawson, Jacob Medley, late master of the indigo mahigh - Sheriff for Cumberland. June 1. Dufactory in Snow's fields, Southwork--AC

Miss Hewit, of St. John's-freet, Smith. Brompton, aged near ico, William Rivers, field, who was to have been married on that Esq; formerly a captain in the navy-In St. day to a young gentleman of fortune-2. Lady Catharine's, Mr. John Peter Drewett, merPalmerson, wife of Lord Viscount Palmer- chant, aged 101. He fled from France in fon-Mrs. Amelia Bringhurst, wife of James 1633, and died worth 30,000l.- Ac Clifton Bringhurst, Esq; of Queen-street, Bloomsbu Campville in Staffordshire, Mis. Pye, lifter sy-A: Charlton, in Kent, John Pigot, Efq; of the late Sir Robert Pye, bart.--At Wickformerly a commander in the navy-At cliffe in Horkshire, the Rev. Mr. Siapylton Hackney, Joseph Velley, Esq; formerly a Robinson-At Edinburgh, Lady Susan Lindo Hambro' merchant-At Ether, in Surry, Mrs. say, daughter of the late carl of Crauford Ogilvie, wife of Mr. Charles Ogilvie, mere At Windsor, Mrs. Baldwyn, widow-Miss chant in London - At the Hot Wells, Bristol, Barbara Johnston, aged 18, daughter of Col. Miss Carolina Swale, daughter of John Johnstolimat Worcester, Mrs. Berkeley, sale, Esq; of Kentington-Aged near 80, mother of the present Rowland Berkeley, Stephen Raly, Esq; a distiller at Mile-End Esq; of Rosberidge, Worcestershire: Ac Geddingson, Northamptonshire, Cutts In Queen-Square, Bloom bury, Josiah Hicks,





July of Harlingbury, Berks, Efq;—Robert Alhby, Truut, diftilier, in Market-freet, St. E'q; of Brackspeare, in Middlesex.-14. In James's-Near Wandsworth, in the 7şth Haiton Garden, James Penfold, Esq; a:t5r year of his age, Daniel Seeley, Esq; forBey at law- At Barbadoes, Hamlet Faire merly a callico printer--Ile of Wight, card and John Maynard, Elgrs. merchants Joseph Brady, Esq; aged eighty, many -Ac Philadelphia, aged 98, Mr. Philip years a contra&or to serve the navy with Waller, an eminent quaker preacher, and pori, &c.—Sir H. Bavanning-At Highnie oldest inhabitant there-Near Glasgow, gate, Joieph Petty, Elgs-Mrs. Sparks, Colin Douglas-Near Uxbridge, James wife of Mr. Sparks, of St. Paul's Church Pearce, tlg;--At bis seat near Spillb;, in yard - In May-Fair, Mrs.

Mary Pullifton, Lincolnshire, Benget Langton, E'g; -Wed. relict of - -Pullifton-Friday, ac Blackmeiday, aged 71, Robert Greenall, Efq; heath, John Adams, Esq; formerly a wri. matter of the fail-cloth manufactory at Mile. ter in the East-Indies-In Soho-square, Pe. Enl-In Cold-Bath-Bielis, Mr. Timothy ter Du Cloyt Esq; a French merchant-la Mulliga, a bailift, of a wound by a pistul Yorkshire, Henry Barnard, Efq; of Corabot, in endeavouring to arrest a tradeiman in borougb in that county-Captain MiddleOrford Road-Mrs. Jones, wife of Joba ton, of the horse guards blue-Mr. Woodhill, Jones, Esq; at Redland, near Briftold – Hene merchant in Scarborough -Mr. Willian m Moore, Efq; of Kentwell Hall, in Suffolk Cuy, master ropemaker of his majesty's lo Ormoad-street, Queen-square, Benja. yard at Chatbam-In Piccadilly, Philip min Barnley, £!gi-In Piccadilly, Thomas Wyat, Efq;–Mr. Andrew Bremmer, lipen Nsedban, E:9; – Mr. Robert Helder, attore factor - Thomas Dawfon, Efq; juftice of key, is the Temple-Sir Joseph Hankey, the peace for Surry-Thomas Middleton, Kn. alderman of Langbourn Ward, and an Esq; captain of invalide, and brother to eminent banker in Fenchurch-free-fobn Sir William Middleton, Bart.--At his pa. Ernell Stahl, M..D, lately arrived from Ber: lace of Hamilton in Scotland, the moft no. ka--At Mitcham, William Cole, Esq; ble George James duke of Hamilton, &c. Ai Richmond, Joseph Columbine, Esq; for. His grace, though not quite fourteen years dy a timber-merchant-Captain Grant, of and a half old, was about five feet eight the train of artillery-In Spital-square, inches high : his growing fo exceeding faft Jobs Davey, Eig; nk.nan-Mr. James is said to have been the cause of his death. Burpley, coachmaker in Soho-Mr. I voley, He is succeeded in his estate and bonours fatgeon in Henrietta-Street, Covent-Garden by his brother, Lord Douglas Hamilton,

Edwards, Eig; of Bury-street, now duke Hamilton--The hon. and rev. St. Mary Axe, by a fall from his horse at William Harley, A. M. one of the preTottenbad High-Cross

Harris bends of Worcester, aird brother to the son, Esq;— At Chelsea, Mro. Gill, wife of Right Hon. Mr. Alderman Harley-AL Asr. Gill, stationer in Abchurch Lane-Jo Tamworth, in Staffordihire, Ms. Cropland Staple's-inn-Mr. Robert Hart, attorney - clothier, and alderman of that corporationJalis. Judith Geering, seliet of William Peter Godfrey, Elq; at Woodford-At Bar. Ceering, late of Denchworth in Berkt, badoes, Capt. Richard Steele, brother lo L!q;-At Hackney, Theophilus Spenceley, Joshua Steele, Eig; of David-ftreet, Berkeley. E 9; ---- Adam 'Pratinton, gent. senior al Square.- Mr. James Wilde, of Ludlow, reman of the borough of Bendley--Am- bookseller.-Ai Chelsea, lohn Peter Chavofie Hammond, Eig; of Potter's Bar, late mier, Esqi a French merchant.-In Kinga dyfaltes of this city--Mr. Collett, mis. Street, Covent Garden, John Gray, Elgi 4.063 of the glass warehouse in Co:k-spur. F. R. S,-Mrs. Campbell, wife of Capta treet, Charing-crois - Mr, Rice, merchant, Campbell, equerry to the Duke of Cumber. in Caleaton-firpei-Sir Francis Fuft, Bart. land, and daughter of Sidney Medows, Esq; at Hill-court, jo Gloucestershire Edward depury ranger of Richmond Park. -Mr. Freesan, Elg;- Wiikins Brooke, E'q; aged Benjamin Darc, timber-merchant. - In SoEwe -four-Mrs. Smith, for thirty years ho-Square, aged near 90, John Baptist nigress of the Cafile at Tamworth, in Staf. Roucini, an Italian merchant.-is. Peter Endhire Daniel Esyne, Esq;-- James Blyah, Levings, master of the sail cloth manutai-Near St. A ban's, Edward Rennolds, factory in Black's-Fields, Southwark.--Ar 3' 4;--AC Brifol, Mr. Powell, one of the Mary bone, Thomas Weatherby, Esq; puiestees of the theatre-royal in Covent- Mi. Dears, timber-merchant in MercerCoorden-aged 101, at his house at Hamp Street, Long-Acre.- Mrs. Crafta, wife of Cosade lacob Pierson, gent. who was clerk Mr. Craito, head-reader to the Portuguese

die ind. &tments in the King's-Bench, in Jewish fynagogue, in St. Mary Axe.- The before of Lord Chief Juftice Raymond-- Rev. Sir Richard Wrostesley, Bart. one of

2 Camberwell, William Hathway, Ela; bis Maielly's chupiains in ordinary, and bne merchant in Thames-street, worth dean of Worcer r; father of the duchels 400col.-Mr. George Beverley, master of of Grafton, brother-in-law to earl Gower, ne fail-clocb manufactory in Srow's fields: and the ducleis of Bedford. He is loce 8-bisark-James Leighton, Elg;-Mr. ceeded in site and ablake by his only son,


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399 dow Sir Joh. Wrottely, Bart. member for b'tanto, who vie with each other in fubmitshe county of Stafford. - Miss Rich, hiter to ting to France. He has marched (wo regiSir Robert Rich, Bart, and to Lady Lyttel- ments, one of infantry, the other cavaliy. ton-Thomas Woollafton, Elg; -Mr. Ri- in order to traverse the mountains and the chard Webb, one of the affiitant surgeons to woods. These letters add, that the French St. Bartholomew's hospital-The Rev. Dr. had landed at Porto Vecchio, and that their Thomas Moore, re&or of Chinehurst, in whole army was in marcha to poltels itself of Kent-Joshua Cranwell, merchant in Can. the country beyond the mountains, Ron ftreet, ajutice of the peace for Surrey, Acc rding to the letters from the Corfand a deputy lieut. of that county.

cans, a French detachment having marched from Ajaccio, in order to surprize the district

of Mezzana, the inhabiranis repulled them, FOREIGN AFFAIRS. on which the French set fire to the bourgs of ITALY,

Carcopino aid Cascla. General Abatucci

having received advice of this, is marched OME, June 3. Last Saturday the pope toward that fide; and the French are ast

was consecrated bilbop in the church of yet masters of Porto Vecchio, the Vatican, by Cardinal Lante, rub.dean

PO) LAND. of the Sacred College. His holiness has low

Warsaw, June 28. We learn that all the ered the price of bread, oil, and provisions of confederacies formed in Little Poland, arz every kind. His holiacss is said to have diso

now united under one chief, who is the poled of one of the bars, vacant in the Sie

count de Potocki, starost of Kaniew. Sic cred College, in favour of M. Rezzonico,

is a very unfortunato circumstance that di. Rephew of the deceased pope; that he has

vers detachments of the troops of the fupprefled the ceremony of kissing his toe,

crown are actually among the confederates, which honour the generals of the ecclefiafti. It is much feased that disorder will increase dal orders paid him when they felicitated him in Great Poland, as the greatest part of on his election to the pontificate; and that the Ruffian troops which were there have he killed them all except the general of the departed from thence to join their grand es. Jesuits, to whom he gave only his blessing.

my. In the mean time, precautions are Rome, June 10. The ceremony of the taking for the security of this capital. pope's coronation was performed here the 4th of this month, with the usual solemnities. from the frontiers of Moldavia, the Tyre

Warsaw, July 5. According to letters On this occaGon there were public rejoicings kila arowy is divided into three corpss the and illuminations (wo days.

one, waich is the most considerable, is caRome, June 24. Prince Charles Edward

camped near Bender; the second in the Stuart, who occasioned a civil war in Eng

neighbourhood of Jaffy; and ibe third laod, in the year 1745, has lately made his

not far from Chocsim. We hens that appearance in this city. On Thursday last

the confederates are again in poliefion of he was presented, by his brother Cardinal' Czenstochow, and have blockade up Porno York, to his holiness the pope, who gave nia. It is reported a treaty of pacification him a molt cordial reception. His vilt here

between the Oloman and Ruffians is near caused much speculation.

on foot, and likely to be brought about top Leghorn, June 19. General Pac-! Paoli, the good offices of the cuurt of Great Blowho arrived in this port on the 16th inttant, tain. on board an English merchaot ship, came

GERMANY, askore yesterday. He weat immediately to

Vienna, Junc 28. Yesterday being the the house of Sir John Dick, the Englifo con

day fixed for the marriage of the archaful, who had invited him to lodge there.

duchefs Amelia with the infant duke u However, he faid only about an hour, to take

Parma, the court went to the church of the fome refreshment; after which he set out,

Augustines of this city by the gallery, which accompanied by the consul, in a coach and

leads from the palace. Near the grand four for Pisa, followed by another carriage,

alcar a canopy was erected, beneath which in which were Lord Pembroke and Burun

were a chair of state, and an oratory for Grostou. We know not to what country be, her majeh;. At a small distance from will afterwards repair; perhape to England,

this canopy, and upon the same line, wbere, we are inlormed, fume of the princi

were placed two other chairs of state for paleobility bave offered him an honourable

the imperial family, facing the altar ; ani asylum.

upon a raised part of the foor, two other CORSICA,

chairs of fate, and as many oratories, for The advices received from Corfica on the his royal highness the archduke Ferdipart of the French, do not at all agree wiin nand, who stood proxy for the infant ou tbole that come from the natives. Accord. this occasion. The empress queen attend. ing to the former, the Count de Vaux is ed by the captains of ber guards, and creat contiaually receiving hostages from the inha- officers, led has auguh daughour to :



FOREIGN AFFAIRS. altar, drefled in a suit of silver, and having lotais, father and son, are actually recall. her train borne up by the countess of Wil- ed, and are going to resume their former dinftein, as grand-mitress. The arch offices. duchesses immediately followed her majesty, and the ladies of the court and the city finished the procession, which was closed A REPLY 80 our CORRESPONDENTS. by a detachment of foot guards. After the nuptial ceremony the court returned to MR, Devonshire's letter is so long, and the

object of bis resentment (Lowever deserving the palace in the same order as they went, of the lajt) jo unimportant, ibat we bepe be will duchess of Parma. In the evening a fplen- cxcufe ibe suppression of it, to give jomzetbing

more entertaining to our readers. did entertainment was given at court, with

The anonymous letter, lamenting ebe fate of ibe a grand illumination at the Chancery, gallanı Paoli, and the fall of Corsica, is equally diwhich is opposite to the palace. This illu

Ainguißoed by good sense and bumanity ; nevertbemination consisted of upwards of 200,000 less, as it is only a lamentation, we do FH sbisk lamps or pots de feu, disposed according to j very necessary for ibe perufal of be public. the orders of architecture; and four choirs The Lay Citizen's favorir of the 214 . of mufick, placed at the four corners of the is come to band, and shall be properly regarded court of the palace, made the air resound

The Enigma by N. S. is as calculaed te de with their pleasing himphonies. About ten

credie to our Magazine, or bonour to its autbor. fome salvoes of cannon from the ramparts If the noble Lord, who dates from the reigb. and musquetry were fired, which termi.

bourbood of Grosvenor-Square, will be early in nated the rejoicings of the day.

communicating ibe paper be mentions, we fall Hanover, June 30. His royal highness endeavour to oblige bim witb a place in eus next. the duke of Gloucester arrived here on

The letter never came to band wbicb en eld Tuesday laft, with a splendid equipage: correspondent says be figned A lover of lic The princes of Mecklenburg, and several

berty. other persons of rank, received him at

Tbe poem from Queen's college bas fany, bar the palace of Monbrillant. In passing near

wants verse, and if ibe autbor will be at ibe Haftenbeck, his highness examined, with trouble of making it less exceptionable in this great attention, the field of battle where particular, we fall readily indulge bim witba the French and allied armies fought in the publication. year 1757. Yesterday the prince of Bruns.

A Marine Officer has much reafch to com.. wick arrived. here, to request bis high- plain, but instead of printing bis case, we would ness to stand godfather to the young advice bim to present it to be Admiraly. prince of Brunswick. The duke will go

Sir Jobn L. is very obiging, and sue an from Brunswick to Lubeck, where three ceps bis offer with a proper sense of tbe izcilitz. Danish men of war are to convoy him to

A Journeyman Carpenter is more proper for Copenhagen, at which city great prepara

a news paper than a magazine, ibongo we biai, sions are making to entertain him.

if be advised with a sensible justice of peace, it PRUSS I A.

would be tbe likelie, merbod of redreifing tis Berlin, July 14. Prince Henry of Prus.

complain!. Ga was married, in the cbapel of Charlotten

H. S. if be pleases to favour us bourg, to the Princess Frederica Louisa, thing in favour of ibe Americans, wbich is of Hesse Darmstadt. The ceremony was proper for infertion, fall always find us regtperformed by Mr. Sack, chaplain to the lated by ebe" strietet principles of impartiale,

T. B.'s very Serifible bint foall be immediately D E N M A R K.

attended to. Copenhagen, June 17. His majesty is

Leonora is per "eEily rigbo in :be altersaties going to build an hospital, in the manner she choojes; tbe risque only of bappiness, is of that at Chelsea, near London, for the preferable to eke certain facrifice. Wirberesupport of superannuated soldiers, and also fore wish ber well cut of ber avaricisus gaarto form an establihment for soldiers wi- dian's band; and shall be glad to bear of ber do's and children.

Safe arrival at Edinburgb. The small pox rages here at present in

A Diftreffed Wife bas cur pity, but it is a very fatal manner.

a dangerous pep to separate from ber bastard. July 8th. His royal highness the duke

The Butler's ver les meil 19 much of the of Gloucester arrived here from Hamburg.

pantry, and bis descriprion of a ranow pada FR ANCE.

ding is much too grealy fur cur readers. Paris, July 1o.

The duke de Daras fat A Difenting Clergyman will find ide out yesterday for Britrany, with letters pa. very extract be wishes we would pæblijf istent from the king, authorising him to re- feried in tbe present number. eilablish the parliament of that province Ajpofia, Damocles, Timon, A ferly Citizen, upon the footing that it was before the and many other correspondents, ait under confide year 1765. We here likewise that all the deration, and pall either be inserie, o properig exiled members, except Mell. de la Cha. saken notice of, obe forft opportunity.

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