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Intelligence Extraordinary lighi, in which you consider those penal are. By your doctrine, fir; they bore the Jaws, which, though not repealed, are fallen power, and laws you know are intended tol into disuse, and are now in effect A SNARE guard against wbat men may do, torto tra H TO THE UNWAKY.

to what they will do. You tell us indeed that it was not part of Upon the whole, fr, the charge againt you your plin to specify ang temporary incapacity, is of a plain, fimple saturei it appearsets and that you could not, without a spirit of poa the face of your own pamphlet. Og prophecy, have specified the disability of a the contrary, your justification of yourself private individual, fubliquent to the period full of fubtlety and refinement, and in lae at which you wrote. What your plan wa I places not very intelligible. If I were pe know not ; ut wbat it should have heen, in (onally your enemy, I should dwell, wita to complest the work you bave given malignant pleafure, upon those grex us, is by no meins difficult to determine.' useful qualifications, which you certainly The incapacity, which you call cemporary, pofsefs, and by which you once acquired, may continue feven years; and though you though they could not preserve to you, the might not have foreseen the particular case respect and efteem of your country, I fheid of Mr. Wilkes, you soight and thould have enumerate the honours you have loft, and fireseen the possibility of fcb a case, and the virtues you have difgraced, bør having told us how far the House of Commons were no private resentments to gratify, I think autborised to proceed in it by the law and it fufficient to have given my opinion of culom of parliament. The freeholders of your public conduct, leaving the punimeg Middlefex would then have known what ir deferves to your closet and to yoor elf. they had to truft co, and would never have

JUNIUS returned Mr Wilkes, when Colonel Luttrell

From Ibe. PeBLIC LEDGER. was a candidate ag inst him. They would have chien fome indifferent person, rather INTELLIGENCE EXTRAORDINARY. than fosmit to be represented by the object WE hear a new print is engraving, de of their contempt and deteftation.

titled The City Carriers, representing Your attempt to diftinguish between difabilities, which affect whole classes of min, ing the city grievances, the other the apo

an ass laden with two panoicrs, oge contain those which affect icdividuals only, is really prehenfions of the livery of London.. Tbe! waworthy of your understanding. Your Commentaries had taught me that, although the

ass is to be led by the L, M. abited by Sir

R, L, and Meff. Aldermen B. and T. u. infance, in which a penal law is exerted, be particular, the laws themselves are general. into copert.

afs-drivers. Near them a Fax is scen fiesang. They are made for the benefit and instruction of the public, tho' che penalty falls only upon

To the PUBLIC in GENERAL. an individual. You cannot but know, fir, that ATELY is set up a new carrier, who what was Mr Wilkes's case yesterday may be your's or mine, to-morrow, and that confe to the other. Sets out on Wednefdays, from quently the common right of every subject of the sign of the Marfion-House the realm is invaded by it. Profeffing there. It is humbly requested, that those who fore to rear of the conftitution of the House intend to favour this new undertaking, will of Commons, and of the laws and cuftoms re. please to direct their parcels in the pleine lative to that conftitution, you certainly were maoner, as the carrier is unfortunately apt to guilty of a moft unpardonable omiffion, in tak. fiammer when he appears before his better, ing no notice of a right and privilege of the which renders him incapable of delivering : house, more extraordinary and more arbitrary message with due propriety; notwithtanding than all the others they posiels put together. If this, the public may depend on their buf. the expulfion of a member, not under any ness being done with the utmoft punctuality other legal disability, of itself.creates in him, and dispatch, and may be affured that their an incapacity to be re-elected, I saç a ready parcels will not he examired, as he never way marked out, by which the majority may, concerns himself about their contents, at any time ramove the honeftet and ablert, Performed by S. T. and Orbers, men who happen to be in opposition to them. To say that they will not make this extrava. N. B. The undertakers, will not be es gant use of their power, would be a language countable for treafon, fandil, &c. unless coupfit for a man lo tearned in the laws as yoụ , tered as such, and paid for accordingly,

A very fine print of Mr. Powell, the late celebrated after, (from a painting drason from the lift, wbicb Mrs. Powell favoured us wirb, and of wbose life we bave given a fori bitery in the forefy flexe of tbis montb's Magazine) is now engraving by Mr. Miller, and soil be given in our next ; also obar copper.plares, fucb as never appeared in any Magazine before: like noise will be inserted a deføription of Lord Despencer's feet and gardens Wei-Wicomb, Buckn, of sobieb a plate is given in abis Magasine.




TUESDAY, June 27.

ately did, and the king being near the door, XOPY of a card sent by Lord the lord mayor addressed him to the follow

Weymouth to the lord mayor. iog effect:
vi Arlington-ftreet, June 27,

Most Gracious Sovereign,
1769. Lord Weymouth pre-

“We, the lord mayor, the representatives lents his compliments to the in parliament together with the sherifts of

lord mayor of London, and your majesty's ancient and loyal city of LonEr begs to allure his lordchip, that he should don, presume to approach your roval person, be extremely glad to give him any informa

and beg leave to prelent, with all humility * tion relative to the presenting the pecition of

to your majelty, the dusitul and moft hun : the livery of London to his majesty; but ble petition of your majesty's faithful and

the recretary of tate never takes the king's loyal subjeets the livery of London in compleasure with regard to the time and place of

mon hall affimbled, complaining of grievTeceiving peticions. They are usually pre

ances; and from your majesty's unbounded lented to the king, either on Sunday, as

goodness, and paternal regard and affectina his majesty is going to or returning from the for all your subjects, they humbly presume chapel; or on Thursday, as be goes to or

to hope, that or majetty will go cioully ictures from the"

condescend tv litten to onei: just complaints,

and to grant them fueh relief, as in your SATURDAY, July 1. The right hon. the lord mayor, sheriffs, majesty's known wisdom and justice hall

(eem meet, &c. held a wardmote in Pewterers-ball,

After which his lord hip presented the peo Line-ftreet, for the election of an alderman cition to his majesly, but the king made no for Langbourn Ward, in the soom of Sir Jo- answer, and immediately turned about to seph Hankey, knt. deceased, when john Baron Dieden, the Danish minifter, and deSawbridge, Esq; citizen and framework. Sivered the petition to the lord in waiting, knitter, was unanimoully chosen.

For the petition, see p. 386. His grace the duke of Grafton was this

MONDAY, 10. day inttalted chancellor of the university of Cambridge, with great magnificence, in the common-hall, and a copy of the petition,

The late proceedings of the livery at che senate-house at that place. The chancellor afterwards dined in a very splendid manner

were entered in ihe books of record, at the

town-clerk's cffice. in Trinity college ball, with a splendid com.

WEDNESDAY, 12. pany of sobility and gentry.

At fix o'clock the ball t ended at the WEDNESDAY, 5.

Eaft-India-House, on the to lowing question, The Right Hon. Samuel Turner, E'q; viz. “ That this court do agree with the lord marot, Sir Robert Ladbroke, Ms. As court of directors, that it is necellary at this derman Beckford, and Mr. Alderman Tre- ' time tosend ovt a commiffi r with extraordinacothick, togeiher with the Mesitts, secuma ry powers to regol-te their affave in lodia;" panied by Peter Roberis, Ecg; this city's when scrutineers were a, pointed, who made remembrancer, proceeded in Aate to Sc. their report-For the question 279 ; Against ames's, with the petition of the livery of it 257 ; Majority 20.. Loodan, where, aiter waiving a short time Mr. Vanhetari, Mr. Scrafton, and Col. in the antichainber, his lordihip sent in a Ford, are the gentlemen appointed to go to Defage by the remembrancer to the lord of the East-Jouies on the above commiffion; the bed-chamber. He was defired by M:. and we hear they will embark in about three Pier, groom of the bed-chamber, to deliver weeks. bis mellage. The remembrancer answered,

SUNDAY, 16. his bulinels could only be delivered to the In the afternoon there was a moft vinient lord of the bed-chamber. Soon after Lord form of lightening, thunder, hail, and rain,

came out, and acquainsed the in the neighbourhood of Littleport, in the Jord mujor, that Lord'Orlord was in waite Idle of Ely. Ming of the trail-itones mea. ing, that the leve was begun, and therefore sured 6x inches and a half in circumference ; be cogin not leave the king; but if they had others were larve fquare pieces of ice. The doy thing to present, thev might walk inco damage luftitied is incredible. Numbers of the levee. ir. Beckford answere', ebey Crows, tapwires, and other birds, day chick fiere there ready to obey the king's com on the ground after the storm, and the minds; and Lord Hintingdon jeturned. earth was indented near an inch deep in ice Alter fome time, Lord orfo:d, the said lord veral places. in waiting, came out and told i bem, that if

TUESDAY, 18. they had any thing to de.iver, they might The common - council of FarringdonWalk into the levee, which they immedi. Without attended the coust of aldermen, to July, 176g.



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394 Ibe MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER: July know why Mr. Wilkes had not yet had any Bristol are agreed on. Meetings are appointnotioe sent him respecting the aldermanshiped for Wilto, Worcesterhise, and checky of their wurd; but no answer was given. of Worcester. From Hereford, Cocawall,

The Rev. Ms. Wood, carate of St. Olave, Kent, Backs, Norfolk, Lancashire, DurSouth wark, and of St. Anne, Aldersgaten ham, Leverpoole, York, Norwich, Lyaad was chosen ordinary of Newgate, in the Yarmouth, and other towns in Nortolk, tbes toom of Mr. Moore, deceased,

are said to be preparing. A fine large marble tomb-fone, elegantly finished, is created over the grave - of Mr.

Extract of a Letter from Exetes, July 18, Allen, junior, in the church-yard of St. Ma. “ Laf Tuesday arrived here his grace the ry, Newington. Surry : It had been place D. of B. He was ushered into Guildhall by ewice before, but wken away on account of a gentleman, to receive the freedom of this Some disputed points. On the fides are the city, with hiffing all the way: on his return, following inscriptions,

he was saluted in the same manner, with North Side.

the found of Wilkes and Liberty joined to Sacred to the memory a

it; and, in all probability, would bare WILLIAM ALLEN, been worse created, had not the mayor, with An Englishman of unspotted life and amiable the sword and faff-officers, interposed, ssd disposition,

conducted him safe to Bampfylde-hoase. la Who was inhumanly murdered near St. the afternoon he went to St. Peter's, to r.

George's Fields, the roth day of May, 1768, ceive the compliment of being fung into by the Scottisha detachment from the army church; by the choir, the bifbop, &c. attendHis disconfolate parents, inhabitants of this ing in proceffion. As soon as the couch ftop.

parila, caused this tomb to be erected to ped at the church-door, the mob surrounded an only son, loft to them and to the world, it, and saluted him as in the morning, corin his twentieth year, ut a monument of tinuing their houts of Wilkes and Liberty, his virtues and their affedtion,

all through the body of the church, to the South Side.

gates of the choir. The church was so disembody'd foul! moft rudely driven crowded, and the people fo poily, that it From this low orb (our finful feat) to heaven, was disagrecable, and dangerous to be in it, While filial piety can please the car, The populace expected bis grace's return, Thy name will dill occur, for ever dear ! but were disappointed, be having goae This very spot, now bumaniz'd, Aall crave through the church to the palace. His Irom all a tear of pity on thy grave.

ohief business bere is said to be to promote How'r of flow'ro, which we lball sco no an address; but his grace has declared be

had no such intention, nor did he knop No kind teturning spring can thee rohtore,

that it was the affize week. A paper mu Thy loss thy bapless countrymen deplore. fired up on Hearytree gallows with the fole East Side.

lowing wordos a is expected bere to © Earth ! cover not thou my blood, Jobxvi. 18. day."

Weft Side, Take away the wicked from belore the king, AMERICAN AFFAIRS. and his throne fhall be established in righteousness. Prov. xxiii. 5.

Extra&t of a Letter from Charles-Town, WEDNESDAY 19.

South Carolina, May 15. Both bosses of parliament met at Wette PROM New Providence we learn niofter, pursuant to their las prorogation, aod, by virtue of a commillion from his ma. sels have been taken on the north fide of jefty, were farther prorogued to Wedacsday Cuba, by the Spaniards, who, it is said, the 20th of September.

have likewise taken a schooner belonging to At fix the bellot ended at the East India. this port. House, on the following question, viz. The additional bouoty on bemp raised in " That this court do agree with the court this province ceased on the 13th inftant, of directors in the appointment of the three when the duty formerly laid on daval iteres commiflioners which they have made;" and lumber, imported from other colonies, agaia forutineers were appointed, who reported to took place.' Upwards of 20,000 l, bountythe court the numbers as follow: For the mounty has been paid out of the treasury question 314; Againt it 298; Majority 16. here, on hemp, within the course of a sean FRIDAS, 21.

Williamsburgh (in Virginia) May 17.Yele The right honourable che carl of Bute ar terday the house of burgeffes came to several rived in town from Italy.

resolutions, netk. con. which are in substance SATURDAY, 22.

as follow, viz. That the role right of inThe following is the present Aate of peti. pobing taxes on the inhabitants of this bis soning : Petitions from Middlesex and Lon. majetty's colony is now and ever hath been hon are prelentede Pecisions from furry and legally and constitucionally refled in the


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395 kouse of burgeffes. That it is the ondoubted thould consider the message as cornlng from privilege of the inhabitants of this colony to the house. Whereupon the motion was petition their sovereign for a redress of grieve made, and the house came into several refoances. That all trials for treason, mispri- Jutions, wherein their right by chartu of son of trenson, &c. committed in this co cleding twenty-eight counsellors or affiftants, lony by any persons, ought to be heard be on the laf Wednesday in May annually, is fore his majefy's courts here, and that the asserted; that they will maintain a conftitu. fending such persons beyond the seas to be dional freedom in their cle&tions, ke. and tried, is bighly derogatory to the rights of that they confider an arrived force by sea and British subjects, &c. An address to his ma land in this metropolis

, a4 a breach of prio jefty for redress of these grievances wis chea vilege, &c. tead, agreed to, and entered on the jour. Then the house made choice of Mr. Sanals of the house. Upon this bis excellen- muel Adams for their clerk, and afterwarda oy the governor thought Gt to diffolve the chose the Hon. Thomas Culing, Lfq; their general affembly. After which the late re. fpeaker, wbo was presented to the governos presentatives of the people formed an affo and approved; after which bis excelleacy sent ciation to confider of some measures to be the following answer to the wellago of the taken for preserving the true and efential house : intereft of the colony.

“ Gentlemen, May 18. At a further meeting, accord. I have no authority over bis mattity': ing to adjousament, the committee appoint- dips in this port, or bis troops wichin this ed yefterday made their report, which was town ; por cia i give any ordexo for their read, seriously confidered, approved, and con removal. cains many resolutions against the importa

May 31,

DRA, BERNARD." tion of several forts of goods from Great In the afternoon the general allombly Britain, or any part of Europe, and one for met at the coust-house and elected counsda the preservation of the breed of lacep. lors for the ensuing year; and this day they

New-York, May 25. On Saturday laft bis were presented to the governor, who con, excellency the governor was pleased to pro- sented to the ele&tion of some of them, and rogue the general affembly of this province, excepted againt others; after which bio ex to Tharkday the 7th of July next, baving cellency made a spoech, in wbich be recomfirft giren bis affent to the twenty bills, mended to the house to proceed as the neces. among which was an act for making a for- fary bufiness.

ther provifion of 1800l. for furnilding his Boston, June 12. The general court of 4 majefty's troops quartered in this colony with this province having been convened by Gou neceffaries.

vernor Beraard into this town, in whicha By come late accounts from Hispaniola, there are no less than throc segimants, and the intelligence of an infurrection there is the main guard with cannon placed within a confirmed, with this addition, that the few feat of the court-bouse, and having reFrench general bad taken up some of the monftrated without effe&, have for thirteen principal planters of the inaod, and caused dayo paft made a solemn and expreffive pause them to be immediately executed : and that in public business. the inhabitants bad in return bung several Upon another spirited remonftrance to of the king's troops.

the governor by a committee of the house, Boston, New-England, June 1. Yefterday on che sath his excellency, to prevent being the anniversary of the day appointed a suspension of the public business of the by the royal charter for the election of colony, adjourned the court to Harvard counsellors for this province, the great and college at Cambridge, there to meet on general const or affembly met at the courtthe 76th. house in this town, when the usual oaths Governor Bernard is ordered over to were adminiftered to the gentlemen who were England, to report to his majesty the returned to serve as members of the hon present fate of the province; and was bouse of representatives.

expected to embark the latter end of Immediately after the house of represen. July. tatives bad saken the oaths, &c. they appointed a committee to wait op bis excelleny the governor, with a message, remonftra

BIRTHS. ring againft the proceedings of the assembly being awed by the presence of a military H Bruufwick of a prince, the a6ib ult.

ER serene highness the princess of force both by sea and land ; and bumbly re. questing his excellency to give orders for -Lady Montagu, of a Son. withdrawing the same.

MARRIAGER. The committee reported that his excellen. sage, till the house should make choice of,

June 17. M

R. Chs. Copland, merchalk,

to Miss Fanny Bullwell ja iad prescot their speaker, after which he Nottinghamla.--28. John Atwood, Elg; to





BIRTHS and MARRIAGE S. July Miss Amelia Harris - Mr. Michael Young, Cockburn, bart, to Miss Ay[congb, derete merer, to Miss Mary Dar es-- The Rev. ter of the late dean of Bristol, aed niece Mr. Murfond, jun. of Hertford'hire, to Lord Lyttekon--- Brooks, Efaz Miss Fellerton John Meuch, Erq; of Dor. Nils Ward-Richard M-Pheadris, Ligi sethire, 10 Mils. Elizabeth Wellnan of 'Chaple-ftreet, Bedford-Rov, to Mils PasPoudstond park, in Somerse:Shire-At be Smith, of Mortlake, Surry" Corise in freiand, Miss Theresa Comerford, Charles Ruis, of Dancer's-hill, to li's 'to Lie 1. Hamiton of the j4ih regiment. , Mary Hare, of Hatfield in Hertfordshire She read her recantation previous to the Mr. Nathaniel Cooper, of Warwick-coor ceremony-sur, Alexander Ke Ter, jun. to Warwick-lane, coal merchant, to Deals Miss Norden, of Golden-Square -- Mr. Prentice, Geo: Walker, Esq; of Beptioc. Sho't, driggift, on Brçad-street-Hill, to ítreet, to Miss Henrietta-Maria Keste, Miss Harm.r, of the Cork, Temple-bar Cavendi :-Square, cobeitess of Lumley.ides. 25. Joseph Cartwrighi. Eia; 19 Miss Su- gerfurd Scare, Efq; of Studley, Wils--Tts fannah Clije, at, in Yorkshire - Rev. Mr. English of St. Andrew's, likerhal, Mir j ho Bruce, apot: ccay, aged sixty near Bungay, to Miss Garwood of the laws sipe, to Mira Susannah Saltonitail, aged place. Ar. Geo. Watson, merchant, of Bride fixty one Charles * Turner, Eig; to Mars to Miss Nemes, of Bedminster-Mr. WhcsWatkins, of Wellbeck Aieet, Cavendish- der of St. James's-street, to Miss Price Square-Edward Wine, Esq; 1o. ifs Pickwoad, wine merchant, of Queen-Arecis Nancy Thatcher, o Godalming -At Chat.: Cheapíide, to Miss Williams, of Eghanham, John Coys,' Er; to MS Newell, “ Mr. William Cooke, distiller, of Ludgats of the lame place --Benjamin Shields, Esq; ftreet, to Miss Sarab Backhoute-Thr to Miss Elizaeth Blackburne At Batter mas Zachary, Efq; merchant, in Bale sea, Thomas tacey, Ela; to Miss Mills," lane, Cannon-ftreet, to Mrs. Blackgrzyc both of the same place --- Mr. Petersham, , of Bartlett's buildings, Holborn-The filk mercer of Covent Garden, to Miss Right Hon. John Shelly, Esq; to Mia Margaret Hollingsworth-Mr." Dyson, at Wilehlmina Newnham, of Marsfield, in torney in White Cross-street, to Mss. Sea. Sussex - At Chesham, Bucks, the Res. brocke, widow of Mr, Seabroke, cabinet- Mr. Benjamen Vaughan, a diflenting mi maker in Houndsditch-Mr. William Tra- nifter, to Miss Sally Jones, at Winchestety vis, merchant of Hull, to Miss Fanny Francis Swanton, Éiq; to Miss Elizabeið. Athawes Thomas Rous, Efq; of Berner's. Hind -- The Reverend Mr. John Herrick Street, Oxford-road, to Miss Amelia Hun- 'rector of Mongeham in Kent, and late ter, of the Admiralty - Mr. John Fuller, of tello « of Bennet college, Cambridge, :: Bucklesbury, to !is Stephens, of Prim- , Miss Lynch-Mrs. Lemonnier, fue ele sole-treet Captain Denshirs, of General, ver, of the Old Artillery ground, aged thirty Whitmore's regiment, to Miss Bracken. to Mrs. Lemonnier of Bethnal-green, aged bu:y, of Spillby, 'Line Inthire -- Captain - Gxty-four, Buckridge, of Norwick, to Miss deall, of Brainpten in Northumberland-The Rev.

DEATHS Mr. Morris, of Wooburn in Bedfordshire, May s. to Miss Filkes, of the same place-Mr.


ISS Morris, of Carent-garden:

theatre - Edward Tockst, Lloyd, of Acton, to Mrs. Palmer, late of Efq; of Wefminster-Capt. James Hard Great, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, son of Lord Tyrawley-James Raymdad, At Bath, Sa: uel Eyre, Efq; to Miss Brew-' Esq; of Upper Brook-street-Thomas Trum Més, of that city. --Mr. Cowley, of Long man, a Weft-India merchant-6. Trerar Ditton, in Surry; to Miss Sully Reynolds, Berret, Erg; at Knightfbridge-Edward of Kingston -- William Dick, Esq; page of Blake, Erg; brother to Patrick Blake, Eig his majesty's bed-chamber, to Miss Har Member for Sudbury-Samuel Reed, E:G pur. Mr. Davenport, surgeon, of Elex- of Buih Lane.- Lady Henrietta ChalmonItreet, to Miss Sanxay, daughter of Mr. deley, lister to the Cárd of Cholmondeley Sanxay, surgeon, of the same street-Ed- Right honourable James louchet, Earl of ward "Norbury, Eiğ; of Oxendon-frcet, to. Canlebaven---9. Gearge Roberts, Elq; of Miss Maria Care, of niount-street-Captain Bloomsbury Square - Samuel Bridgerang Lukin; of the sit. regiment of dragoon Eis; bottle-groom to his majefty – Thomas guards, to Miss Runel, of Barningham in Thompfan, Ela; of Stainclit Hill, Samuel Norfolk -- John Carey of the

Middle Tem- Bennet, Eig; late a Banker in Flect-free ple, Efq; counsellor at'law, to Mrs. Bruce, Mirs. Lignifoot of Nackworth, Wiles, & of Arondel-street-Charles Swain Booth. quia in bulk to the famous Mr. BrightEfq; of 'Lincoln's. ina,

10 Miss Gilpin jofeph, Nelthorpe, Eig; in. Panton-freeSharpe, of Horton, near Bradford, York Tolbart, Eld; in Baling Laze. mi e-George Rofa, Esq; of South-Audley. Rob. Musgrave, Efq; in Great Rufic-free street, to Miss Diet, of wham-John --16. Counters Douager of Denbigh, Scub Lumley, Emi of Caringian- ftreet, Kíay- Audley-treet -- Lady, Mary Cha-os, daughici Par to Mrs. Elizabeth Bentley-Sir James to the late Lord Statord - George Ecringtones

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