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331 Chief-Jufice Wilmot, to be charged in exe. bufiness of the day, but an almost general cation on the surrender of his bail on actions uproar ensued, many calling out for them in that court for his debes.

to consider of a petition in the firft place. WEDNESDAY, 14.

On this the lord mayor addressed himself to Both houses of parliament met pursuant the livery, and in a very genteel speech to their last prorogation, and afterwards, by acquainted them, that he had taken a great virtue of a commiffon from his majefty, were deal of pains to inform himself of the duty further prorogued to Wednesday the 19th of of his office on the present occafion, and July.

that he could not find one single instance of As express arrived at Carleton-house with any business being done previous to the choice an account of his royal highness the duke of of officers ; at the same time declaring, that Gloucester's safe arrival in Holland.

he would not break up the court till such The bon, the Eaft-India company conven. time as the opinion of the livery relative to ed a court of directors, when Arthur Vaofit- the matter they wanted to enforce was taken, tart, Elg; was appointed superintendant in if they would first proceed to do the business chief in and over all the British dominions in for which the common hall was called. This Aba; and Colonel Ford commander in chief declaration was received with great applause, of all the company's land forces.

and they immediately proceeded to the eleco THURSDAY, 15.

tion of theriffs; wheo James Townsend, Esq; His royal highness the duke of Cumber- and John Sawbridge, Esq; were almost unaland embarked ac Portsmouth in the Venus nimoully chosen, with prodigious thouts. frigate.

After the choice of chamberiain, bridgeTUESDAY, 20.

master, and other officers, they took into At a court of aldermen held this day, Sir confideration the question concerning a peMatthew Blakifton's refignation was ac. rition, which was at last carried in the af. cepted, by a majority of one. Nineteen 'al- firmative, and the following gentle nen were dermen attended.

appointed to present the same: the right la a nursery of young trees in the middle bon, the lord mayor, the two sheriffi, and of a large common, one mile from Enville, three of the representatives of the city. Mr. in Lancalhire, a large snake was shot laf Alderman Harley was not preseot, week, thought to be fixty years old; it mea. A letter from Dolgelly, in North-Wales, fared twelve feet four inches and three quar- gives an account of an earthquake at that ter in length, and three feet one inch in place on the 15th inftant, which threatened thickacís : it used :o come and drink at a to bury the inhabitants under the projecting poel at the foot of the said nursery, where cliffs which hang over it. Torrenis of wa two men laid wait for him with a gun cach, ter burft forth from the convulled sides of loaded with ball.

Kader Idris, which deluged the little vale THURSDAY, 22.

beneath. The Marian, where the militia Richard Brooke, Esq; paid his fine of are exercised, was covered with a kind of 4001. and 20 marks, to be excused serving lava near three feet deep; but what is chiefly tre office of theriff of London and Middlesex: regretted, in the loss of the admired bridge, this is the fifth gentleman that has paid the called Pont y Bonddigion, which, vpon exaSaid fine fince lax court of common-council. mination, had no foundation, the lowest The other gentlemens names are, Sir Benja- Aone being above the surface of the earth. mia Truman, Barcholomew Price, Efq;

MONDAY, 26. Bogne, Esq; and Richard Bristow, Esq; Was a very numerous meeting of the freeFRIDAY, 23.

bolders of the county of Surry at Epsom, to A wardmote was held at Bishopsgate. consider of a petition to be presented to his church, for the ele&tion of an alderman, in majesty, when one was offered, which was the room of Sir Matthew Blakiston; when not approved of, as being confined to one James Townshend, Esq; member for Weltloo grievance only, the infringement of the in Cornwall, was unanimoully chosen, rights of election; another was then pro• SATURDAY, 24.

duced, which met with general approbation, A coort of aldermen was held at Guildhall,

A M E R I CA. for the choice of theriffs and other officers Boston, May 8. Lad Friday the freehol. for the year ensuing. Previous to the open ders and other inhabitants of this town, le. ing of the court, Samuel Vaughan, Esq; ad- gally waraed, met at Faneuil-hall, and there dressed himself to the livery, and Arongly re made choice of the following gentlemen to commended decency in their behaviour, as represent them in the general assembly at the the most likely means by which they could approaching session, viz. The hon. James accomplisha the end for which they had as Otis, Elg; the hon. Thomas Cushing, Efq; sembled.

Mr. Samuel Adams, and John Hancock, When the lord mayor and court of alder- Esq; men came upon the hustings, the recorder Previous to the above choice, the follow. came forward, and attempted to open the ing vote was passed, nemine contradicente, viz.



BIRTHS and MARRIAGE S. June Voted, That the town, before they proceed ried to Miss Morgan of Chepstow—22. upon the busines of this day, do make, or Rev. Mr. Plumb of Congleton, to Miss order to be entered upon their records, the Kirks, with 10,000 l.—John Dodd, pacfollowing declaration of their rights and free. ker, to Miss Thompson of Jermyn-treetdom of their elections, viz.

24. Rev. Mr. Hippesley, R. of Stowe, to “ The sele&men having acquainted the Miss Coxe-25. Nicholas Dobree, Esq; of town, that they had waited on General Guernsey, to Miss Gilchrift, of SouthampMackay, commander of his majesty's forces ton-30. William Jackson, Efq; to Miss quartered here, to inform him that the Kay of York-Sir Kildare Burrowes, Esq; choice of persons to represent the cown in to Miss Higginson. the General Assembly was coming on, and May 2. Colonel Templer, of the 26th to claim in behalf of the town the full right regiment, to Lady Sinclair-3. Joseph Mal. of British freeholders, and subjects, upon so let, Esq; of Upper Brook-street, to Milu important an occasion, founded in the prin. Bradfield - Sir Charles Halford, bart. to ciples of the British conftitution. The re- Miss Farnham of Leicestershire-6. Robert le&tmen having also acquainted the town, Travis, Esq; to Miss Gunning, fifter to that the general had declared, that it was the dutchess of Hamilton-8. Captain Annot in his power to march the troops out drew Lyon, to Miss Thomas-9. Henry of the town upon this occafion, or any fur. Hunter, Esq; of Beech.hill, to Miss Mary ther to comply with their claim, than by Sloan - Rev. Mr. Hume, V. of St. Lama confining the troops to their barracka, which rence Jury, to Miss Bearsley, of Crutched be engaged to do.

Friars.-11. Samuel Efwick, Esq; Caven. The town, though they receive this reply dih-square, to Miss Grace Langford13. as a conceslion, on the part of the general, in Alexander Cumming, watchmaker to his favour of the juhice of the claim, yet, as the majesty, to Miss Saunders Rev. Mr. Fa: measure of confining the troops to their bar. ber, of Bramley, to Miss Dixon—16. Rt. rack, only, and not removing them out of honourable the earl of Northampton, to town, is by no means adequate to the extent Miss Hougham-18. John Parker, Esq; to of their right, they cannot proceed to the the Hon. Miss Robinson, daughter of election, without declaring their clear and Lord Grantham-Rev. Mr. Higgon, of full sense, that the residence of an armed Iver, Bucks, to Miss Benton-Nicholas force in the town, during an election of fo Poole, a Virginia merchant, to Miss Degreat importance, is a grofs infringement of noe-Ms. Castle, Banker, to Miss Cooktheir conftitutional righis; at the same time fon, of Newcastle-19. James Green, Efq; protesi:ig ihat their proceeding to an elece of Dover-street-to Miss Spooner, of Ari tion, under such circumftances, is wholly gyle Buildings-20. Mr. Villeneuve, of from neceffi:y, and not to be considered as a Newman-street, to Miss Smart of Green. precedent at any time hereafter, or construed wich-21. James Corbet, Esq; of Welbeck. as a voluntary receding from the incontenible freet, to Mifs Fanny Avery, of Mortimerrights of British subjects and freeholders on ftreet-22. George Hudson Jenoise Poreso interesting an affair."

foy, Esq; to Miss Hawes-Rev. Mr. BeaThe above represen:atives have face re. jamin Holloway, of Ardley, Oxfordshire, to ceived from their confituents, vey full in. Miss Sukey Wykham of Sawcliffe--2;. Joha ftructions relative to the present circumstances Henry Southcote, Efq; to Miss Luttrell of of American affairs.

Pall-Mall-27. Miss Scrivener of Fea

church street, to Mr. William Orme, dilB'RTHS.

tiller in the Borough-At Shireborn in April 27. L Adaughter. -"Counters of Win

Gloucestershire, Thomas Master, Esq; of daughter. - Countess of Win. Cirencester, tó Miss Dutton-31. Chrifto. terton, of a ron -- Her Danish majesty, of a son pher Thompson Maling, of Hendon-Lodge, May 19. Lady of Rt. Hon. Mr. Baron

in the county

of Durham, Esq; to Winn, oi a daugh:er - Lady of Lord Kir Miis Sheeles, of Queen-Square - At count Torrington, of a daughter-Lady Pal- Wolverhampton, Mr. John Hodson, a merston, of a fon, fill-born-Lady Mary eminent felt-maker, of that place, to Walter, of a son.

Miss Nancy Cook, of Lincoln - Mr. Daniel June 6. A poor woman at the Middlesex Lambert, merchant, in Muscovy-court, boipital, of three girls, all likely to live Tower-Hill, to Miss Simpson, of Stratford. 14. The lady of Thomas Thoroton, Esg; June 3. Mr. Barber, wholesale linenof a daughter - The lady of the Hon Colonel draper, of Bafinghall-Street, to Miss Pro Hamilton, of a daughter-Mrs. Stuart of mont-Mr. Schemeders, an Hamburgh Marybone, of a boy and two girls, all like merchant, to Miss Puxley of Stratford-A ly to live.

Nottingham, Mr. Charles Copeland, Scotch MARRIAGES.

factor in Red-lion court, Watling-ftrees, ALTER Morgan, Esq; of to Miss Melville, of Nottingham - Al Greenwich, Henry Auitas, Efq; of Great


April 19. W Shepton Mallet, was mar

D E A T H S.


333 Arlington-freet, to Miss Norton, of May- seph Jecumb, Esq; in David-freet-Alderman place, Wilts-10. Mr. James Tyers, broker Nichols, post-mafter of Gloucefter-18. John of Stoke-Newington, to Miss Elizabeth Grove, Esq; near Shaftsbury-19. Lady Reboricz, of the same place --Mr. James Dowager Bateman, ‘mother to the present Strahan, merchant on Tower-Hiid, to viscount-20. Wm Robertson, Flq; at RichMrs. Dick, of Greenwich-In Ireland, mond-Rev. Ms. Patrick Gordon, minifter Lord Viscount Mountcathel, to Lady He- of Belly in Scotland, in Portland-Areet-21. lena Rawdon, second daughter to the earl Geo. Gregory, Esq; in Chefterfield-Atreet of Moira-Anth. Compton, Efq; of Car- John Archer Scirrh, Esq; near Shrewsbury bam-hall, to Miss Hume, hiter to the - Ja. Peacock, Esq; of Berterton, Suriyearl of Hume- Mr. R. Stonehouse, mer Joseph Palmer, on Epping Foreft-22. Wm chant at Yarm, to Miis Appleton-Mr. Mount, Esq; at Clapham, eminent in works R. Underwood, watchmaker of Noble-ftreet, of charity—23. James Hadley, Elq; in Morto Miss Barker, of Hackney - At Wells, timer-freet-Geo. Hughes, Esq; of James'sthe Hon. Captain Knollis, ion of the earl Areet-Coulson Fellowes, Efq; of James-Areet, of Banbury, and brother to Lord Walling- Bedford-row-25. Countess dowager of Litchford, to Miss Sherwood, of the same place field - Mrs. Aaron of Kidderminster. She At Birmingham, the Rev. Mr. Samuel has left 600l. to the Sons of the clergy, and Berdmore, clerk, master of the Charter. 1001. to the new Infirmary at Worceites House Scnool, to Miss Matthews-Mr. Charles Penruddocke, Esq; near Salisbury — Edward Witts, of the parish of Edgworthy, 26. Wm Duncombe, Esq; in Margaret-Atreet, in Gloucesterhire, to Miss Efther Wills, Cavendilhsquare, in the eightieth year of of Bristol-Mr. Williamson, attorney at his age, universally known, respected, and Bedale, to Miss Purelias, of Spenithorn, in admired for his amiable temper, and many Yorkihire-Mr. Holmes, watchmaker in ingenious publications-29. Alder. Everard, the Strand, to Miss Broadbent, of Gar of Lynn in Norfolk-Martin Eyre, Eiq; forforth - 13. At Bath, Captain Oliver, in the merly purveyor to the British army-Rev. Jodia service, to Miis Farquharson, of Ater Mr. Ball, rector of Ingestree, Staffordíhire deen-Fretchvile Dykes, Esq; of Warthole Sam. Dodd, Esq; solicitor to the Bank. ball, in Cumberland, to Miss Brougham, March 1. Lady Ann Dawson, after to the of Cockermouth-14. Samuel Graves, of earl of Pomfrei-3. Wo Throckmorton Hembury-fort, in the county of Devon, Bromley, Erg; member for WarwickshireEsq; rear-admiral of the Blue, to Miss Rev. Dr. King, eldest lecturer at Pinner's Spinckes, of Aldwinckle-15. Giles Pain Hall-S. Sır Andrew Lawder, bart, in Scot. ter, Esq; of South Audley-street, to Miss land-6. Sir Kendrick Mason, in St. James's. Elizabeth Coulson, of Curzon-itreet, May. Square-10. Sir Keprick Clayton, E:q; fair - The Rev. William Pigoti, rector of member tor Bletchingly in Suriy - Sir James Chetwynd, in Shropshire, to Miss Arabella Murray, bart. in Scotland - 12. Hon. MargaMytton, of Halfton-16. Joseph Wynd ret Bellour, at Edinburgh-16. Sir William ham, Esq; of Upper Grosvenor-street, to Richard on, Knt. at Bermondsey--17. Wm Miss De Grey, daughter of the attorney- Lord Craven, high fteward of Newbery, general - The Rev. Mr. Whately, of None Bucks, without issue-18. Mr. David Bar. Such-park, Surry, to Miis Jane Plumer, ciay, in the eighty.eighth year of his age, of Blakesware, in Hertford thire-Mr. only surviving son of Mr. Robert Barclay, Nodes, jun. jeweller, in the Strand, to author of the famous apology for the QuaMiss Stephenson, of New Palace-Yard - kers. He had the fingular honour of receiv. The Rev. Mr. Bourchier, jun. of Hertford, ing at his house in Cheapride three fucceffive to Miss Wollafter, of Hanover-street-Mr. kings, when at their accession they favoured Rapillard, merchant in Red-Lion-court, the city with their presence--21. James Watling-freet, to Miss Roberts-Mr. Paf. Sherrard, Esq; in Panton-street - 22. Right fingham, of Bath, to Miss Eleanor Flet. Hon. Mary Baroness Arundell, relict of the cher, of Hackney.

late Lord Arundell of Wardour, and mother DEATHS.

of the preseni-24. Right Hon. James OfHO. Fletcher, Efq; of Grof. wald, one of his majesty's mott hon piivy

council-Patrick Moran, Esq; a cap'ain un. tess dowager of Pembroke, mother of the der Lord Clive at the battle of Plaissey-John present earl-Morris Jones, Esq; on Ep. St. Leger, a member in the Irish parliament ping Foreft-Lady Anne Paddey, lifter to the -Lady Dowager Wrottelly, mo'her to the duke of Cleveland-14. Mich. Harding, Esq; present Sir Richard-Tho. Gardner, deputy near Battersea-15. John Be'lefton, Efq; in comptroller of the port of Southwold, and Hill-street-Geo. Hindmarth, Esq; at Mary- author of the history of Dunwich-Mr. bone-Mr. Bogg, senior proétor in the Com. Derrick, master of 'the ceremonies

Jonathan Gardiner at Bellsize house, Bath - Lord George Sutton at Versailles Tho. Williams, Era; in Surry-street-Rev. James Miller, Esq; near Stockport, Shropbfs. Davies, archdeacon of Derby-17. Jo- thire -William Bromley, Esq; knight of


Feb. 12.

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June the thire for Warwick - Ernest Francis, tion from a body of Confederases haviag adBaron de Cranfield, in Upper John-ftreet vanced within two leagues of this city, in Sir Thomas Fludyer, knight, member for order to possess themselves of a powder-mill; Chippenham, Wilts-Rev. Ms. Webb, the troops of the Republic were ordered to minister of Newnham, Gloucestershire take to their arms, guards were pofted at all 23. Sir Thomas Gordon, of Earlston the avenues of the city, and cannon properly in Scotland, bart.-Dr. William Read, placed at the caflle, the guard-house, Prisce near Pontypool-31. Captain Elliot Smith, Repnin's palace, and other principal houses. of Greenwich hospital - William Denton, Every inhabitant is ordered to keep two tuss Esq; in Southampton-row, poffelled of of water at least in his possession. Couriers 3000 l. a year.

have been dispatched to haften the march of April 1. Lady of Lord Boston, chamber- the detachments that are expected to reislain to the princess dowager of Wales – force us. It is said that the soldiers of the William Bezand, Esq; in Brook-Street - regiment of Schacht, at Petrikaw, when William Thorpe, Esq; of Epping Forest - ordered to attack the Confederates, fired upon John Villet, at Moulley, famous for rail- their officers, cleven of whom were killed, ing pines—2. Dr. Whalley, physician at and most of them wounded dangerously. Oxford3. John Marih Metam, Esq; near The nobility, &c. of the Grand Duchy of Hammersmith-George Surtees, Esq; late Lithuania have published a manifefto, conone of the six clerks in chancery—7. Reve- plaining of the infringement of the Law of rend Mr. Harpstead, R. of Haverill-8. Nations by the Ruffians, and declaring, that Sir Richard Wolseley, bart.-9. Lady of they are determined to (piil tbe laft drop of Sir Stephen Anderson, knt.-10. William their blood for their religious and civil liberBlunt, Esq; deputy of Cordwainers ward – ties; they bave accordingly formed a confeGeorge Browne, Esq; chief clerk in the desacy under Marthal Siekanowicko. secretary's office, Whitehall-Sir John April 15. An express from General Czar. Ramsden, of Byram in Yorkshire, bart.- torinški brings an account that he had ésRobert Parton, Esq; of Putney, worth feated a large body of Confederates in a fee 50,0001.-11. Thomas Morgan, Esq; judge cond engagement in Great Poland. advocate and member for the county of May 10. All advices contain dreadful acBrecon-Archibald Hamilton, Esq; of Dal counts of the excesses commit:ed by the Cose fort, Scotland. - 12. Edward Bath, Esq; federates. A mercbant of Dantzick, who åt Chelsea_David Debotier, Esq; at Green to avoid falling into the bands of the Centested-hall, Efex - 13. Richard Manby, Efq; at derates, disguised himself like an Ecclebaftic, Walthamstow-John Dawson, Esq; at Brun- says, that at Wilkowa, a little town soms ton-hall, near Durham-14. Anth. Andre, leagues from Bromberg, the Confederates Efq; at Clapham-15. Rich. Harvest, Esg; at hanged op the Burgomafter and four Sedae Kingston - 16. James Brandess, a celebrated tors; and that he found a great way perfose japanner - Hon. Mr. Soodes, son to Lord hanging upon trees, or mordered and throwa Sondes-17. Edward Philips, Esq; pavic into ditches by the road-side. our to the board of works-Rev. Mr. During the last month no less than thirteen Horsemanden, R. of Purleigh – 18. James battles have been fought between the ConfeLindley, Esq; in South Audley-ftreet - derates and the Russians; five of which Geo. Sovey, Esg; ncar Lambeth-Bar- ended to the advantage of the Rebels, and tholomew Bruere, Esq; of Rathbone-place- fix in favour of the Ruffians; in the other 19. Rev. Richard Forrester, R. of Pallen two, the success on both fides was pretty ham, Northum.-20. Hon. Mrs. Lovett of equal. Five bodies of Confederates are en. Chelsea --Captain Charles Western of Ro. camped upon the frontiers on the side of Hastherhith - John Hewit, Esq; of Jamaica – gary, under the Sicurs Pulawiki, Rudiki, Lady Catharine Lindsey of Edinburgh Bierzinski, Dzierzanowski, and Prince Lu• 22. John Bryan, formerly of the king's bomirski, who have all publickly declared, band of music—Thomas Dove, Esq; of that they will adhere to the terms of the Berkeley-square-Relict of Dormer Park. Confederacy of Bar. hurst, Esq; -23. Second son of the duke of A party of the Confederates of Poland Beaufort-Countess of Cromarty-24. La- having made an irruption into the Auftria dy Louisa Spencer, daughter of Earl Spen. dominions, were ac firft advised of their milcer - Captain Cole of Portland-Street - take, and defired to delift from their enter. 25. Sir Charles Egiet n, in prize ; but not paying a proper regard to the ftreet-26. John Gwynn, an eminent de moderation of the Austrian troops, the latter ligner —27. Charles Crokat, Esq.

were obliged to give a little more energy to

their exhortations. A brisk action ensued, FOREIGN

wherein the Poles loft many men, and were AFFAIRS.

obliged to retire. A very severe ordinance POL AND.

has Gince been issued by the Imperial Court AR SAW, April 11. On Tuesday laf against the enterprizes of the Confederates. we were thrown into great consterna.


We were thrown into great confterna


335 RUSSI A.

culated that there were between ten and Petersbourg, April 11. We received twelve thousand persons present the first zdvice a few days ago, that a body of Rufe evening: they pay half a crown admittance, Stan troops, consisting of three battalions, and all the opulent families, both of court

soo Collacks and 200 hussars, have taken the and city, seçm eager to shut up and Arne mportant fortress of Azoff without the least themselves there, instead of going to breathe ofs. The court has ordered 30. o men to the pure air in the public walks. e employed in repairing the fortifications.

S W É DE N. The following is a translation of the letter Norkioping, May 20. The secret commit. *hich Prince Gallitzin, Commander in tee have drawn up twenty-four heads of acChief of the Ruffian army, wrote to the cusation against the senators, who were enEmpress of Rufia, to notify the victory joined to answer them in the space of fortyhich he has gained over the Turks ; eight hours, Three of these articles turn “ Moft gracious Sovereign,

on their opposition to the convocation of the “ I have the honour to inform your Ime ftates ; on the declaration which they made perial Majesty, by this letter, wrote in great

to the different colleges in the month of Debafte, of a fignal vi&ory gained this day cember last, that the kingdom might be go>fer the enemy, through the aftitance of verned by the fenate alone without a king; be mof Higb, and the good fortune attend- and on their upholding the same principle, og the arms of your Imperial Majesty. The in separating this charge. I urkish army commanded by Karaman Pao The secret committee have given their ba, potwithftanding his advantageous fitu- opinion on the affair to the affembly of the utica onder tbe fortress of Choczim, hag Aates. In virtue of a resolution of the reta attacked, defeated, and dispersed, part dyet, all the senators, except two (viz. the xeing driveo into the town, and the reft Ay- barons de Walwick and d'Hierne) have been ag off with the utmost precipitation. The deprived of that dignity, and condemned to shole enemy's camp is taken. As for the pay the extraordinary expences incurred by sest, I fhall not fail to send your Imperial convening, the ftates at any other place Majetty an exact detail of this glorious day. than Stockholm. I am, with the molt profound respect, your

ITALY. Imperial Majesty's

Rome, May 19. Cardinal Ganganelli is Camp of Choczım, Molt devoted subject, proclaimed pope, and has taken the title of 19 April, 1769,0.S. Prince Alex. Gellitzin." Clement XIV. He was born at St. Archangelo,

As the Turks have burat the town of in the diocese of Rimini, the gift of OctoChoczim, and deftroyed all the neighbouring ber 1705, is of the order of Freres Mineurs ceantry, Prince Gallitzin, notwithstanding Conventuals, and was created cardinal in this advantage, was obliged to repass the Niel- 1759. ter, in order to be near his magazines; which Naples, April 7. The emperor, 'accom. he bas aevertheless brought forward. panied by the English envoy, the hon. Wile

According to accounts in the Paris Ga- liam Hamilton, went to view Mount Velu. zette, it appears, that fo far from the Ruflians vius, and the ruins of Pompeia, which was having taken Choczim, they have been very destroyed by the eruption of that volcano, in megbly bandled by the Ottoman army. the time of Pliny the Naturalift ; the British Extra of e Letter from Tranfilvania, envoy, afterwards dined with his imperial May 26.

majesty, and in the evening accompanied him

to the theatre. " The defeat of the Ruffians near Choc

сов s I c А. zim is not the only misfortune they have Luffered. We have just now learned that the the new commander of the French troopa,

Bastia, April 10. The Count de Vaux, Torks, having passed the Nietter, have again is taking every measure to open the cam. attacked the Ruffians; that the action was very bloody, the loss on both sides was very of these troops are already encamped near

paign as soon as possible. Eight thousand considerable, that at length the Turks ob- this city. The principal camp is in the tained the vi&ory; and that the lattered re- plain of St. Nicholas, but many fmall bonaids of Prince Gallitzin's army are blocked dies are sent to different places. The ap is such a manner, that they cannot escape Corsicans have entrenched themselvese this conqueror."

and have called in the men from the ous. FRANCE.

posts, to strengthen those who are in a Paris. On the Festival of Corpus Chrifti condition to make a defence, the Sieur Torte opered his new Vauxhall Leghorn, May 16. There have been seBear St. Martin's Gate, under the denomi- veral actions in Corsica, almost at the same sation of the Feafts of Tempe. He has time. The relations vary; but the fol. taid out upwards of 50,000 crowns to efta- lowing, we are told, may be depended on vbifa abis place of entertainment, which is to as the substance of what has happened : be apen Sundays and Thursdays. It was cale The Corlicans have taken fixty loaded 5


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