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For JANUARY, 1769.


To tbe AUTHOR of the BRITISH ing on the imagination. The au. THEATRE.

thor beheld the whole, as he declares SIR,

in his preface, with an eye of due *OU will not conceive fengbility — it was his bead therefore,

me to be an enemy to not his heart, that failed him in the ex. bobby borses when I con- ecution; for that he honoured, and wishfess to you, that I my, ed to do honour to his favourite Field. self am apt to mounting, is sufficiently proved by his facri. with no small extra- ficing what was his own (on the neceffa

vagance - nor would I ry abridgments) to retain as much as on any confideration interrupt the pofsible of the invaluable original. But, eabling of my friends, provided they if you please, we will proceed to exahad either the good sense, or (ac- mine the piece. cording to my practice) the model DRAMATIS PERSONÆ. ty to chuse a private road yet

MEN. lach is the infirmity of my temper, Allworthy

Mr. Gibson that if my own brother was to vainly Western

Mr. Sbuter parade it, 'in the full face of the pub- Jones

Mr. Mattocks lic, I could not restrain my honest in. Supple

Mr. Barnshaw dignation.

Nightingale Mr. Du Bellamy You will not therefore be surprized, Old Nightingale Mr. Morris that the long-expected opera of Tom Blifil

Mr. Gardne Jones ihould become the object of

W O M E N. my criticism. Not that I have the Mrs. Western Mrs. Green le quarrel with Mr. Reed for his Sophia

Mrs. Pinto kind of constitutional passion for the Nancy

Mrs. Baker mafes, it is his hope of imposing on my Honour

Mrs. Mailocks undertanding that I complain of Landlady

Mrs, White and as I really respect him in every Four country Gentlemen, Servants, other character, except the literary, I

Huntfinen, &c. am doubyly solicitous to convince him, Scene during the first and second acts how possible it is for a very good fort in Somerseillire, in the last at Upton. of man to be a very execrable poet,

THE FAB LE. But that I may not be charged with WESTERN, a strange co:npound of throwing dirt without provocation, I ignorance and oblinacy, from bis own will candidly diffect this notable com- approbation of Tom Jones, a youth position, and appeal to the impartial under the protection of his neighbour reader for judgment between us. Mr. Allworthy, very wisely exposes

I myself, in conjunction with the his daughter to repeated opportunities multitude, from weighing the pretty of conversing with the agreeable young capabilities of the origin, had no doubt fellow--the natural consequence of but the offspring would have borne which is, their mutual tender, though some bappy features the characters secret, attachment to each other. finely marked the plot luckily form But notwithstanding Jones's refulu. ed-and the opportunities for both hu- tions of tilence, he lets tall (ime <xmour and pathos lo perpetually open- presions before Mis. Hunour, the Jan. 1769.

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