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The History of Party, &c. March to clog the wheels of state on every The British Theatre of last Montb conoccasion, and held himlelf up at the

tinued from p. 64. · same time to the people, as a criterion of the most disintereited rectitude and AVENE having besought Rowcondemned Mr. P. in the most vehe- unabated love, Calmar arrives with an ment terms for joining with Lord B. account of Conon's distress amidit the though they themselves bad readily al- enemies of Rownon. The wretched sented to the fame junction, when they Rownon trembles for his friend's were flattered with an equal participa- safety; and Orellon accommodating tion of employments.---But to be out him with his own sword, he ruthes of place in this country, is to be a pa: forth no less to the relief of his friend, triot, and to be in, is enough to incur than to revenge his own wrongs. the universal deteftation of the king. Ravene then retreats with Calmar, dom, Mr. P. was execrated for his whom her brother has sent for, in union with the favourite, and Lord T. coç sequence of Cathol's resolution to was celebrated, because he had the me. deliver her to the Picts, rit of being disappointed in the very Cathoi and his son are lamenting same union, and made that very dis- the distraction of their affairs, and the appointment the source of his oppofition fate of Rownon ; when he appears at a to government,

distance, and they conceive him to be While this administration was fet a fpirit. He soon however joins tling, a few persons condescended, thein, and accounts for his escape much from real motives of public goud, to to the latisfaction of his friend, and form a kind of pro tempore minittry, the chagrin of Cathol, who foresees and, in reality, though their conti no other consequence from his fafety, nuance was but very short, and though than ruin to himself and his family. no great opinion was 'entertained of Rownon and Conon are left toge.' their abilities, the nation has more ther, and seeing Durfon approach, obligations to them, than to any who are each eager to engage him, and have appeared at the head of our af Conon with difficulty prevails on his fairs during the present reign. This friend to let hinr talk with him a few band of real patriots (for while their moments without interruption. office continued, they applied them Durstan however no sooner menselves indefatigably to promote the tions the name of Ravene with direpublic welfare, and levied no contri. spect, than Rownon comes forward butions on their country)--- was chiefly and challenges him. directed by the Marquis of Rocking The surly Piet treats him with scorn, ham, who presided at the Treasury': until he declares himself to be Rowduring their momentary existence the non, and they are on the point of enStamp Act was repealed, and a num: countering, when the attendants of ber of falutary measures pursued to Duston, like to many aflaffins, are for restore the mutual affection which falling on bim and his friend. should fubfilt between the mother Cathol entering with an equal force, country and her colonies. Means the princes brave each other for some were also undertaken to reduce our 'na. time, nor will they be persuaded to tional debts, and to revive our droop. attend the banquet, or submit to the ing commerce. But as this ministry king's propolal, 'of Orellon's deciding was not intended for duration, and between them; and it is settled they disdaired to owe their continuance to hall meet the next morning on the any thing but their services, they were same spot, and decide their quarrel quickly ler aside, and a set of pen. with the sword. Soon after the faithfioners prevailedz.pon to come in, who, less Urian has an interview with Roma as we have already observed, would non; and under the specious colour not deign to receive the most lucrative of friendship, informs him, that the places, till they were first paid for ac- king of the Picts intends that night cepting, and allowed alle a confidera. to leize Ravene, and bear her off tion for their merit, wlienever they pointing out a method of surprising gaye their places up.

and killing him. [To be continued]

In pursuance of this plan, Rownon 3



125 and Conon narrowly ef ape Daughter- ever confidently ascribe it to be Mr, iog each other; and, on comparing Home's, the author of Douglas. It accounts, are properly fenfible of the iş however scarcely necessary to inbase deception that has been practifed form the accurate, that the author is on them by Urian, in order that they unacquainted with the stage, as the may be destroyed. Conon having fuga conduct of the piece is so glaringly im. geted the danger of their continuance perfect, that this circumstance must in that place, left they should be iure' be evident : in the first place, the main rounded by numbers, they retire im- bulinets is defective.... Ravene, though mediately; and Raveve appears with inpofed upon barbaroully by the king her guide. She bids him 'leave her. of the Picts, had nevertheless been An order, which from her accent and married to him, and her duty as a countenance apprehending some fatal wife, her obedience as a daughter, tefolution, he molt reluctantly obeys, and her tenderness as a woman, fliould She then mentions, that three times have obliged her to ratify her own enfbe bas tiready lifted a dagger against gagement, when the violation of that her own life, without the power of engagement must wound her 'ho. execution, and recollecting a river at nour, destroy her father's peace, and fome litrie distance, is hastening to necessarily plunge two nations in blood throw herself in, when the is seized --for the Pict threatens inmediate by her husband.

war, if me is not delivered to him, It is to little purpose that she affures Besides her wandering from wood to tim his tyranny will be bys of short wood, and from cave to cave, wholly doration, as those who have the coy- unatrended, and at midnight, is highly rage to die, whether in a palace or a absurd, at a time too when her hur. prilon, may soon find the means. He band has emiflaries continually in pur, is forcing her away when Rownon fuit of her. Rownon's inlifting also meets them, who draws and prepares on forcing her from her husband is to rescue Ravene. The tyrant on this an error of the first magnitude, and iadulges the utmolt rancour of his such as the Piel's behaviour cannot heart in one hand he holds the justify. Orellan's episode is whollý wretched Ravene, in the other a sword, foreign to the play, for there is no bue threatening, if Rownon dares to ad. finess" whatever to introduce him ; Fance, that moment thall be her last. and even in the first meeting of Rave

In this dreadful lifuation he keeps me and Rownon, where the situation them for some time, aggravating their furnished an opportunity for a pathemutual distress by a thousand insults, tic scene, the incident is tame to in, When beholding Urian's approach sipidity. with a body of soldiers, be acknow

On the Sentiments, ledges, that he had trilled so long Where the conduct of characters with them, only to ensure his victory, are generally absurd, the language for that the fate of a single combat, io of a ulay cannot be very sentimental; which Rowņon su repeatedly challen- this is the cale in the present piece, gei him, was too uncertain a point to where scarcely any body but Cathol te tried.

feems to think with propriety. Rarene, bearing this declaration,

Tbe Dif?1011. hegs her lover to secure himself by Very pretty in fome places, and by fight; and the fame inttant plunges a much the best part of the performance, dagger in her own heart.

The Characters. Rownon and the Pict now fight; Not well drawn.---The Piet is a both are mortally wounded, and all brave man and a coward.-Catbol is have expired before Conon arrives, a kind father and cruel one, Coand is a lad spectator of the scene. non is a good son and a disobedient :

Cathol lame is the milery his ambi. ' loạ– -Ravene is a heroine without tion and breach of faith nas produced ; principle

principle--and Rownon, though a and the piece concludes with a moral man of the strictelt justice, is presor. peech from Conon.

terousy vebement for Duritan's wife, Confiderations or the Conduct of the Fable.

The Manners, This tragedy is said to be the firtt Poorly preserved -Ravene, in dramatic erfay of Mr. Şinith, a young language ill adapted to her rank and gentleman of Cambridge : some how? fcx, upbraids Dürftan with Rownon's



March murder in the face of the whole court, very limited expectations ; the conse. when the has only conjecture for bier quence of which was a mutual though charge; and Duritan drags her after jecret attachment to each other, as him in a manner very little consistent they were sensible of the imposibility with the smoothness of the specious of reconciling the duke to a connecviliain he is intended for. But an tion utterly incompatible with the dig. author's firfattempt, if this play is Mr.' nity of his descent, and haughtinels Smith's, muit not be examined with of soul--for he would frequently boast too much severity:

a nearer claim to the crown of Scot. The Moral.

land, than even its last poffeflors. Good. To point out the dangerous Lady Jane, notwithstanding the was tendency of breaking publick faith, and the only younger issue of her father, forcing the affections of our children. was lett destitute of a provision, or The Representation.

what was equally hard and extraorMrs. Barry, as the ulually is, was dinary, a dependent on the bounty of excellent; Mr. Barry, in Rownon, a brother; he indeed appointed ber did every possible justice to the au the annual stipend of eight hundred thor; and Mr. Reddith was very de- pounds during pleasure, and permitted servedly praised in Orelian. The her to reside in his house ; but such scenery of this play (as well as the was the fingularity of his disposicion, scenery in the School for Rakes) is new as to sender both the one and the and elegant.---The prologne to the other exceedingly precarious and wiFatal Discovery is written by Mr. satisfactory. Home, and the Epilogue, which is Thus situated, and thus circum. extremely entertaining, is the produc lanced, he was, at length, overcome tion of Mr. Garrick. Since the pub. by the importunity of Mr. Stewart, lication of the play, we find that we and the faitering intinuations of her have frequently misconceived names, favourite Hewit; and consented to and that those mitconceptions should amuse her brother, as her health was be thus rectified: Kathul, Ronan, Dur- in but an indifferent state, with the ftan, Rivine.

consequent necellity of her taking a

journey to Aix la Chapelle-by wirich To ile EDITOR of the LONDON pretext the was enabled to meet the MAGAZINE.

man of her choice at Durham, where SIR,

she was married, and froin whence the, S the revival and decision of the together with him and her faithful

Douglas caute has tor fome atiendant, immediately einbarked for time engaged the attention of the pub. Germany. lic, the following particulars may Mr, Siewart's conduct as a husband afford entertainment io many of your was most unexceptionable, but being readers, especially as they may depend naturally of a diffusive turn, upon their authenticity.

finances became very uneasy, more Lady Jane Douglas, sister to the particularly as his lady was loon in a duke of Douglas, having tor a confi. condition that would not admit of derable period, with the approbation of ceconomy. her relations, received the then duke of Lady Jane, anxious for a reconciliaBuccleugh's addresses, every thing was tion with her brother, and alarmned at lettled for their union-wben ber la- her own prospects, wrote him the dyship happening to make some im• whole account of her proceedings and portant discoveries respecting his cha. circumstances, intreating he would racter, abruptly declared her utter forgive and forget the little deception disinclination to fulfil the engage. The had practiles, and bestow some ment-a declaration that was produc: favourable confideration on her hustive of a duel between the two dukes, band; whom me assured him was in and the final disolution of their in no degree unworthy of luch, howetended alliance.

ver_great, indulgence. Having lived single many years, her The same packet, th:

conveyed Izdyship was by means of Mrs. Blewit, this letter to the duke, was fraught her woman, brought acquainted with likewile with epiftles of affectionate Mr. Stewart, an officer of goou family, remenilirance, and acknowledgment but, trup being a younger brother, of of her circumstances, to all ber para



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1769. TÀ E DOUGLAS CAUSE. 127 ticular friends, from the chief of whom to serve his unfortunate relations: the received congratulatory returns, But notwithstanding the malicious though her brother did not condescend indultry of Lady Jane's opponents, to honour ber with the smallest notice. the prepi iterous report gained to little

Hert by this neglect, and conceive credit, that his late majesty bestowed ing a change of lituation would be a pention of three hundred pounds advantageous, her lady ship obtained per annuin upon her, which the en. å palsport (the war then subliftingjoyed cil the year fixty, when she was making it effential) from Maréchal taken off to the universal regret of Saxe and reinoved into France, whére, all her acquaintance. with a privacy that poverty alone The dutchess of Douglas, now les could have imposed, she was láfely de. cretly fupported ber nephew and his livered of two sons, one of which did father, unul on the death of all his not long survive its birth.

brothers, the title of baronet, and an She now a second time addressed estate of fifteen hundred pounds a year, her brother in terms of respect and became the property of this Mr. John solicitation, but so far was 'he from Stewart-who instantly, notwithproving propitious, that he withdrew ftanding he was entered into a second the annuity' which he was conscious marriage, settled the better half on was this unhappy lady's whole support, his son, the honourable Archibald and became deaf to every application Douglas, an indisputable confirmation or remonftrance in her favour. of his being a fraudulent acquisition !

Reduced to the lowest ebb, the, toge Thelaiter end of the ensuing twelvether with her husband, children, and month the duke was seized with a Mrs. Hewit, returned to England, disorder, which foon hurried him to wbere her distress arole to such a his grave, an event that did not fail to height, that the at last fubmitted to render the only surviving ton of Lady implore the interest of tome persons of June an object of general contemplathe first diftin&tion, to obtain ber me tion—who took pollession of the royal protection—nor was the want Douglas eltate ; but the attair of bis of every means of sublistence the only birth began to be alarmingly canvassed, evil fhe had to contend with-an infa. and Itaps actually commenced in ormous charge was brought against der to invalidate his claim. her by some designing persons, of Hs generous aunt, the dotchefs having, in conjunction with her huí dowager, with the utmost spirit stood band and servant, purchased the two forth in his defence, and the matter infants in a remote part of France having been brought with little fatisfor the purpose of injuring the tre faction before the parliament of beirs to the Douglas title and estate. France, was reheard in the judicial

The dutchess of Douglas, a lady of counts of Scotland. birth and accomplishments, however During the dependance of this im. inferior to the ruke in the article of portant determination, both Sir John fortune, fatisfied of the justice and Stewart and Mrs. Hewit very unlucki. propriety of Lady Jane's conduct; ly died, the one by a sudden, the Warmly espoused her caule to the mur other hy a lingering illness, both tal offence of his grace her bmiband, having first declared with their dee who, infuenced by a family whose parting breath, under the most folemn views were diametrically opposite to ianction, the truth of all they had in. the Douglas interest, carried bis re variably continued to maintain, at fentment against his litter, and ali ber least in esentials, respecting Lady abertors 1o far, that the durcheis Jane's iflue. as obliged to leave him for, hier own During this contentious period, fecurity.

Mr. D. was by the interest of the This separation was made the ut plaintifs advanced to the dignity of mof advantage of by Lady Jane's ene ---, a dignity that was iooni mies, but ruch was the benevolenre rendered of unspeakabie consequence of the dutchefs, that she waved all to the leveral claimants by an equal perfonal confiderations, and yiekied division of the twelve judges.-- -The to the very firit overture for a recome caliing voice was his --concience and ciliation re duke was plealed 10 favour inclination were for once in unison-her with, in order the more effectually for the Dunglases were cart, and the


1 28
Distribution of the fanling Army.

March friends of Mr. D. pronounced victo towns, the discipline of the troops rious.

will be better observed, and the miTho many thousands were already litary quarters, being inhabited, will expended, the dutcliefs had nevertbe be at leis expende kepe in' repair : less the courage to lodge an appeal One battalion at Chatham lines. in the English House of Lords.

One battalion at Dover Callle. The hopes and fears of the parties One battalion at Portmouth. and their adherents can high, as the Two battalions at Plymouth. period of determination approached. One battalion at Cheter Castle.

The judge-advocate of Scotland One battalion at Carlife castle. came to London for the sole purpose One battalion at Fort George. of pleading agreeable to his faith and One battalion at Edimburgb castle. principles, repeatedly disclaiming all One batalion at Holl. pecuniary gratification, unless his la One battalion at Landguard Fort. bours should be crowned with success! One battalion at Windsor Castle, His acquaintance with Lady Jane, his One battalion at Sheerness. Invalids. forutiny into the injurious allegations One battalion at Deal, Waliner, and of her adversaries, having long fixed Sandwich. Invalids. him her son's most zealous friend. One battalion at Milford. Haven.

Lord M...feld was uncommonly Invalids. forcible and perspicuous in his argus One battalion, King's House at Winments--but, his spirits proving ina chefter. Invalids: dequate to the

great demand, he fainted One battalion, Block House at Portf. in the midst of his oration. Reviving, mouth. Invalids. however, he soon acquired the same Eight companies of invalids at Tildegree of animation that had so great• bury Fort. Guards. ly marked his idea of Lady Jane's in. Three battalions in the New Quiars juries. He depicted the wretched ters at the Tower circumstances under which she had Two Battalions at the Savoys and fint reached his knowledge-lamento Sonieríet House. ed that she omitted consulting him One battaliosi in the New Citatters at that early point of time with re in Southwark. gard to the security of her child's One battalion in the New Quarters pretensions and illustrated a in Torhill Fields. riety of facts to the universal satisface One regiment of liglit cavalry at tion of his auditors-insomuch that Kenlington Palace. when the question was put, there One regiment of light cavalry at the seemed bat one voice in the whole af. Great Lodge, Ricluinond Park. sembly

Royal regiment of Blues, Hampton I, sir, have no other motive for Court. tronbling you with this little hiltory, One regiment of dragoon's at Cani! than a desire to contribute to the terbury. Detachments: one troop at amusements of your friends and corre. Sandwich, one troop at Deal, one Spondents, though I must

' own your troop at Dover, one troop at Romney: insertion of it will rather fiat:er the One regiment of dragoons at Maidi vanity of the writer, by convincing stone. Detachments: one troop at him it is not utterly, devoid of meris. Sirtinghorn, one troop at Dartford, one I am, Sir,

troop at Tunbridge. Your humble servant. One regiment of dragoons at Lewesi

Derachments: one troop at Brigh. To the PRIN TER; &ri thelmitone, one troop at Shoreham; SIR,

one troop at Arundel, one troop at FH high prices of the necessaries Chichester.

of life, with the small pav of One regiment of dragoons'at Salil. subaliern officers and private soldiers, bury. Detachnients: one troop at have induced government;, that this Southampton; one troop at Winchefs small body of regulars Malt. bence fop ter, one iroop at Brandford; one'troop waru be quartered in the following at Exeter! manner, and be supplied with the One regiment of dragoons at Latnusual garrison allowance of coal, can. celton. Detachments: one croop at dle, and provision. It will remove a Falmouth, one troop'at Truro, one great burthen from many market troop at Fowey, one troop at Biddiford.


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