Annual Report of the Indiana State Board of Agriculture, Volume 3

State Board of Agriculture, 1854
Vols. for 1869- include Annual report of the Geological Survey of Indiana.

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Página 234 - An" each for other's weelfare kindly spiers : The social hours, swift-winged, unnoticed fleet ; Each tells the uncos that he sees or hears : The parents, partial, eye their hopeful years ; Anticipation forward points the view. The mother, wi' her needle an' her shears, Gars auld claes look amaist as weel's the new ; The father mixes a' wi
Página 109 - Coals are by it taught to spin, weave, dye, print, and dress silks, cottons, woolens, and other cloths; to make paper, and print books on it when made ; to convert corn into flour ; to press oil from the olive, and wine from the grape ; to draw up metal from the bowels of the earth ; to pound and smelt it, to melt and mould it ; to forge it; to roll it, and to fashion it into every form that the most wayward caprice can desire.
Página 23 - I faintly realize, though but for a brief and flitting day, the serene joy which shall irradiate the Farmer's vocation, when a fuller and truer Education shall have refined and chastened his animal cravings, and when Science shall have endowed him with her treasures, redeeming Labor from drudgery while quadrupling its efficiency, and crowning with beauty and plenty our bounteous, beneficent Earth.
Página 143 - A TREATISE, INTENDED TO EXPLAIN AND ILLUSTRATE THE PHYSIology of Fruit Trees, the Theory and Practice of all Operations connected with the Propagation, Transplanting, Pruning and Training of Orchard and Garden Trees, as Standards, Dwarfs, Pyramids, Espalier, &c.
Página 23 - And so I, in the sober afternoon of life, when its sun, if not high, is still warm, have bought me a few acres of land in the broad, still country, and bearing thither my household treasures, have resolved to steal from the city's labors and anxieties at least one day in each week, wherein to revive as a farmer, the memories of my childhood's humble home. And already I realize that the experiment cannot cost so much as it is worth.

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