29 Leadership Secrets From Jack Welch

McGraw Hill Professional, 22 de set. de 2002 - 108 páginas

The first concise book of essential Welch-isms, abridged from the bestselling Get Better or Get Beaten

Jack Welch built a career out of fighting waste. 29 Leadership Secrets from Jack Welch follows in Welch's footsteps, boiling the legendary CEO's leadership successes down to 29 strategies that made GE the world's most competitive companyand Welch the world's most successful and admired CEO.

This all-in-one Welch reference updates material from Robert Slater's bestselling Get Better or Get Beaten, and is today's ultimate fast-paced, no-nonsense handbook on the ways of Jack Welch. It taps into the heart of Welch's courage, innovation, and leadership success by examining simple leadership secrets that include:

  • Managing less is managing better
  • Make quality the job of every employee
  • Have global brains and vision


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Página 22 - GE leaders . . . always with unyielding integrity: • Are passionately focused on driving customer success • Live Six Sigma quality, ensure that the customer is always its first beneficiary, and use it to accelerate growth • Insist on excellence and are intolerant of bureaucracy...
Página 35 - Where we are not number one or number two, and don't have or can't see a route to a technological edge we got to ask ourselves Peter Drucker' s very though question: „ If you weren't already in the business, would you enter it today?
Página 52 - At the heart of this culture is an understanding that an organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive business advantage.
Página 17 - My job is to put the best people on the biggest opportunities and the best allocation of dollars in the right places. That's about it. Transfer ideas and allocate resources and get out of the way.
Página 68 - But just as surely as speed flows from simplicity, simplicity is grounded in selfconfidence. Self-confidence does not grow in someone who is just another appendage on the bureaucracy; whose authority rests on little more than a title. People who are freed from the confines of their box on the organization chart, whose status rests on real-world achievement - those are the people who develop the self-confidence to be simple, to share every bit of information...
Página 22 - Stimulate and relish change; do not be frightened or paralyzed by it. See change as opportunity, not just a threat. • Have enormous energy and the ability to energize and invigorate others. Understand speed as a competitive advantage and see the total organizational benefits that can be derived from a focus on speed.
Página 22 - ... intolerant of bureaucracy • Act in a boundaryless fashion; always search for and apply the best ideas regardless of their source • Prize global intellectual capital and the people that provide it; build diverse teams to maximize it • See change for the growth opportunities it brings, eg, e-business • Create a clear, simple, customer-centered vision, and continually renew and refresh its execution • Create an environment of "stretch...
Página 32 - A decade from now I would like General Electric to be perceived as a unique, high-spirited, entrepreneurial enterprise ... a company known around the world for its unmatched level of excellence.

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Robert Slater is the author of a number of bestselling business books, including four books on Jack Welch. A veteran journalist with more than 25 years of experience with Time, Newsweek, and UPI, Slater is widely regarded as one of the world's foremost authorities on General Electric and Jack Welch.

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