Of the Orthographie and Congruitie of the Britan Tongue

Early English text society, 1865 - 40 páginas

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Página 42 - OF GENESIS AND EXODUS, an Early English Song, of about 1250 AD Edited for the first time from the unique MS. in the Library of Corpus Christ!
Página 41 - Dictionaries are a class of books not usually esteemed light reading ; but no intelligent man were to be pitied who should find himself shut up on a rainy day in a lonely house in the dreariest part of Salisbury Plain, with no other means of recreation than that which Mr. Wedgwood's Dictionary of Etymology could afford him.
Página 18 - Ther rease, upon sum accident, qnhither quho, qtihen, qtihat, etc., should be symbolised with q or w, a hoat disputation betuene him and me. After manie conflictes (for we oft encountered), we met be chance, in the citie of Baeth, with a Doctour of divinitie of both our acquentance. He invited us to denner. At table my antagonist...
Página 41 - IN SOUTH AFRICA; or, Hottentot Fables. Translated from the Original Manuscript in Sir George Grey's Library. By Dr. WHI BLEEK, Librarian to the Grey Library, Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope. In one volume, small 8vo., pp. xxxi. and 94, cloth.

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