Conquest of Mind

Nilgiri Press, 10 de out de 2001 - 175 páginas
More fate throws her a bone. While stepping out for a smoke at her AA meeting, Jane meets Katherine "Kit" Clark, who is fighting demons of her own. She lost her granddaughter Ashlee to a brutal rapist and murderer and now, due to new evidence, he has been granted a new trial. Now a new abduction has taken place and Kit is convinced it's the same person who killed Ashlee and wants to hire Jane to find him. Desperate for money, Jane takes the case, not knowing what a strange ride it's going to be. Kit is a New Ager and all her herbs and homeopathic cures almost drive Jane over the edge; Jane's foul language and smoking habit are repulsive to Kit. In the end both women realize that they can help one another find what until now has been desperately out of reach: redemption.

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