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Visitation and Aid Society



Officers :

T. D. HURLEY, President

JAMES F. BOWERS, Treasurer
ESTHER J. MERCER, Financial Secretary

MICHAEL CUDAHY, Men's Auxiliary

Care of Neglected, Dependent or Delinquent Children
To Help Establish Juvenile Courts

Adoption, Transportation and Cases for Hospitals

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The object of The Juvenile Court Record is to dis-

seminate the principles of the Juvenile Court through-
out the United States, and, in fact, the entire world. ALL agents for the Juve-

When the Juvenile Court was first established the nile Court Record carry cresociologists of the entire country stood by watching dentials. anxiously the outcome of this new departure in childsaving methods. It was realized that a medium was needed whereby the results accomplished by the

The agent presenting this Juvenile Court might be set forth in an intelligent paper to you is authorized manner. The Juvenile Court Record stepped into the to sell single copies at 10c, breach and has devoted its pages exclusively to news and to take annual subof the various juvenile courts. As a result of the publicity thus given to the foundation principle and

scriptions at $1.00 per year. routine work of the Cook County Juvenile Court other States have passed juvenile court laws, and bills

This paper is published are being prepared in nearly every State in the Union

only to be presented at the next sessions of the Legislatures


an exponent of the various States providing for similar legislation.

Juvenile Courts.

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Juvenile Court Notes.

Des Moines, Iowa.

Juvenile cases for one month, 71; probationers held Boston, Mass.

over from last month, 24; new probationers, 20; re

opened cases, 2; cases adjusted out of court, 18; cases At the recent meeting of the American Humane Association, held in this city, Secretary Carstens,

in court, 17; children placed in institutions-industrial

school at Eldora, 5; industrial school at Mitchellville, general agent for the Massachusetts P. C. C., present

2; Orphans' home at Davenport, 3; institution for ed various phases of his work, and especially recom

feeble minded at Glenwood, I; Iowa Children's Home mended co-operation with other charitable organizations. “We must recognize," he concluded, "that in society, 1; cases to be closed, needing no further atten

tion, 34; calls made by probation officers, 312.
the sense of providing better home life and encourag-
ing thrift on the part of the parents, we are also pre-
venting cruelty in the broad acceptance of the term."

Louisville, Kentucky.
Chicago, Ill.

The action of the Board of Children's Guardians in The Juvenile Court of Chicago won the silver providing a clinic in conjunction with the work of the medal at the Jamestown exposition for its exhibition Juvenile Court is an advance along right lines. of photographs and statistics.

It is not to be argued that all crime is disease in one

form or another, while the need remains of dealing Brooklyn, N. Y.

with adult criminals with a severity required for the Judge Robert Wilkin of the Brooklyn Juvenile protection of society, but the part played by disease Court, in an address the other night said, “The law in the commission of crime has never been given its now considers the age of the prisoner as well as the full value by courts and juries. crime committed. The punishment to be meted out The basic idea of the Juvenile Court however, to an adult for a petty theft would not be the proper presupposes, except in the most flagrant instances, abone to inflict upon a child of 10 or 12."

sence of criminal intent. Where lack of knowledge Children's Librarians are interesting the little folks

or the influence of environment fails to supply the in various subjects through the books that may be

motive, the presence of disease is frequently to be received at the Brooklyn Public Library.

found. And in the relief of it, the Juvenile Court will

serve not only the child itself, but the city and the Columbus, Ohio.

State whose citizenship is made up of children of a Judge Samuel L. Black of the Columbus Juvenile larger growth. Court states the following truth: “There is little use in maintaining schools for the education of the youth

Duluth, Minn. and then have bad shows upset all the good the schools are doing. Parents need to draw a tight rein The county officials of St. Louis County together over their boys and girls and keep them from such with Judge Ensign of the Juvenile Court are workperformances. If either the boy or the cheap show ing hard to provide a place of detention to the wards must suffer, then protect the boy and let the con- of the Court. demnation fall upon the show." Providence, R. I.

Kansas City, Mo. Providence is already far ahead of most other Judge Henry L. McCune of the Kansas City Juvcities in provision of special schools for defective, de- enile Court is President of the Juvenile Improvement pendent, delinquent children, and is now planning for Club recently organized. They intend to have a Boys' a "fresh-air school ” where children of weak bodies Home in the shape of a hotel for boys who are workmay combine a proper fresh-air treatment with their ing and going to night school but lack the right kind regular school work.

of homes. 239042

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