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Opinions on the supremacy of Parliament, and its right to tax the colo-

nies. Stamp act. Congress assemble at New York. Violence in the
great towns. Change of administration. Stamp act repealed. Op-
position to the mutiny act. Act imposing duties on tea, &c. resisted in
America. The Assembly of Massachussetts address letters to several
members of the administration in England. Petition to the King.
Circular letter to the colonial Assemblies. Letter from the Earl of
Hillsborough. Assembly of Massachussetts dissolved. Seizure of the
sloop Liberty. A Convention assembles at Faneuil Hall, Boston. Mo-
deration of its proceedings. Proceedings of Parliament. Resolutions
of the House of Burgesses of Virginia. The governor dissolves the
Assembly. The members form and sign a non-importation agreement.
Measures generally taken against the importation of British manufac-
tures. General Court again convened in Massachussetts. Its proceed-
ings. Is prorogued. Administration resolve on a repeal of all the
duties, except that on tea. Circular letter of the Earl of Hillsbo-
rough. New York recedes, in part, from the non-importation agree-
ment. Riot in Boston. Trial and acquittal of Captain Preston. In-
surrection in North Carolina. Dissatisfaction of Massachussetts. Cor-
responding committees appointed. Governor Hutchinson's correspond-
ence, with administration, sent over by Dr. Franklin. The Assembly
petition for the removal of the governor and lieutenant governor.
Hutchinson is succeeded by General Gage. - - - - - 80


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