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Washington, June 16, 1880.

No. 53.

The following order is, by direction of the Secretary of War, published

to the Army:

The retirement of Brigadier General E. D. Townsend, Adjutant General of the Army, in accordance with section 1244, Revised Statutes, is announced to the Army.

In the course of forty-three years of active service, General Townsend has discharged the duties of every position that he has held, most zealously, faithfully, and successfully, showing always that he had at heart the best interests of the service. Charged, during the late war, with duties of the highest importance in the War Department, its records wil attest his exemplary fidelity to the trusts confided to him.

The Secretary of War commends to the Army as worthy of study and imitation the example set by General Townsend of zealous and conscientious fidelity to duty, which has always been the ruling principle of his actions, as it is the very breath of the life of all that is most worthy and valuable in the military service. BY COMMAND OF GENERAL SHERMAN :


Adjutant General.


Assistant Adjutant General.



Washington, June 29, 1880.

No. 54.

I.. By direction of the Secretary of War, the appointments in the Army of the United States, with the rank of Second Lieutenant, to date from June 12, 1880, of the following-named Cadets, graduates of the Military Academy, are announced :

Corps of Engineers. 1. Cadet Oberlin M. Carter, vice Black, promoted. 2. Cadet George W. Goethals, vice Fisk, promoted.

First Regiment of Cavalry. 18. Cadet James B. Aleshire, vice Norton, resigned. (Company C.) 26. Cadet William S. Scott, vice Edwards, promoted. (Company A.) 30. Cadet Daniel L. Tate, vice Backus, promoted. (Company M.) 47. Cadet George W. Goode, vice Wainwright, promoted. (Company K.)

Second Regiment of Cavalry. 29. Cadet Frederick D. Holton, vice Kingsbury, promoted. (Company I.)

Third Regiment of Cavalry. 28. Cadet George L. Converse, jr., vice Foster, promoted. (Company I.) 32. Cadet George H. Morgan, vice Dodd, promoted. (Company K.)

Fourth Regiment of Cavalry. 16. Cadet George W. Van Deusen, vice Parker, promoted. (Company E.)

22. Cadet James B. Erwin, vice Murray, promoted. (Company L.) 24. Cadet Hugh J. McGrath, vice Wilder, promoted. (Company G.) 27. Cadet Walter M. Dickinson, vice Patch, promoted. (Company F.)

Sixth Regiment of Cavalry. 40. Cadet John Y. F. Blake, vice Craig, promoted. (Company M.) 45. Cadet George H. Sands, vice Touey, promoted. (Company C.)


Seventh Regiment of Cavalry.

41. Cadet James H. G. Wilcox, vice Baldwin, appointed Regi mental Quartermaster. (Company A.)

Ninth Regiment of Cavalry.

50. Cadet George R. Burnett, vice Merritt, disniissed. (Company I.)

Tenth Regiment of Cavalry. 51. Cadet James W. Watson, vice Gassman, deceased. (Company F.) 52. Cadet Percy E. Trippe, vice Jones, promoted. (Company G.)

First Regiment of Artillery.

3. Cadet Sidney E. Stuart, vice Wisser, promoted. (Battery B.) 4. Cadet William C. Rafferty, vice Oyster, promoted. (Battery A.) 5. Cadet John L. Chamberlin, vice McNeill, resigned. (Battery D.)

8. Cadet Charles J. Bailey, vice Clark, appointed First Lieutenant in the Ordnance Department. (Battery E.)

Second Regiment of Artillery. 10. Cadet Edward H. Catlin, vice Borup, appointed First Lieutenant in the Ordnance Department. (Battery G.)

Third Regiment of Artillery. 12. Cadet Wilbur Loveridge, vice Bruff, appointed First Lieutenant in the Ordnance Department. (Battery H.)

13. Cadet David J. Rumbough, vice Lemly, promoted. (Battery G.)

Fourth Regiment of Artillery. 7. Cadet Henry A. Schroeder, vice Macomb, promoted. (Battery C.) 11. Cadet Frederick S. Strong, vice Wilson, promoted. (Battery K.)

First Regiment of Infantry. 35. Cadet Benjamin S. Wever, vice Maus, promoted. (Company D.)

44. Cadet Charles B. Vogdes, vice Wilhelmi, appointed Regimental Adjutant. (Company E )

Third Regiment of Infantry. 43. Cadet George Bell, vice Gerlach, promoted. (Company K.)

Fourth Regiment of Infantry. 38. Cadet Harris L. Roberts, vice Crittenden, resigned. (Company G.) 46. Cadet Henry G. Sharpe, vice Merriam, promoted. (Company K.)

Fifth Regiment of Infantry. 14. Cadet Millard F. Harmon, vice Bailey, promoted. (Company D.) 20. Cadet Edward S. Avis, vice Bowen, promoted. (Company A.)

Sixth Regiment of Infantry. 48. Cadet Zerah W. Torrey, vice Jacob, promoted. (Company E.)

Eighth Regiment of Infantry. 17. Cadet Edgar Hubert, vice Pa er, resigued. (Company D.)

Eleventh Regiment of Infantry. 31. Cadet Pierce M. B. Travis, vice Ducat, transferred to the Third Cavalry. (Company 1).)

Twelfth Regiment of Infuntry. 42. Cadet Francis J. A. Darr, vice Steele, transferred to the Nineteenth Iufantry. (Company B.)

Thirteenth Regiment of Infantry. 33. Cadet Albert B. Scott, vice Holmes, promoted. (Company C.)

Fifteenth Regiment of Infantry. 34. Cadet J. Walker Benét, vice Finley, transferred to the Tenth Cavalry. (Company A.)

Sixteenth Regiment of Infuntry. 19. Cadet Samuel W. Dunning, vice Bacon, promoted. (Company K.)

21. Cadet Warren H Cowles, vice Woodbury, promoted. (Company I.)

25. Cadet Elias Chandler, vice the Regimental Quarterınaster to be appointed (Company —.)

Nineteenth Regiment of Infantry. 15. Cadet Charles H. Hunter, vice Steele, dropped as a deserter. (Company H.)

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