Proceedings of the Annual Congress of Correction

American Correctional Association, 1915
Proceedings for 1884 and 1885 include report of conference of prison officials, Chicago, 1884, separately paged.

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Página 412 - An act to revise and consolidate the laws relative to the state prison, to the state house of correction, and branch of the state prison in the upper peninsula, and to the house of correction and reformatory at Ionia, and the government and discipline thereof and to repeal all acts inconsistent therewith," being section 800.49 of the Compiled Laws of 1948.
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Página 130 - SEC. 9. That any person who violates or fails to comply with any of the requirements of this Act shall, on conviction, be fined not more than $2,000 or be imprisoned not more than five years, or both, in the discretion of the court.
Página 262 - A crime, or misdemeanor, is an act committed, or omitted, in violation of a public law, either forbidding or commanding it.
Página 398 - Carried. The Chair appointed the following as such committee: James H. Baker, of Denver, Leroy C. Cooley, of Vassar College, WC Stevens, of Brooklyn College and Polytechnic Institute, WF Bradbury, Principal of Cambridge (Mass.) High School, John M. Ordway, Tulane University, Ga. Mr. Morgan, as chairman of the Committee on Resolutions, presented the report of the committee, which was adopted. Mr. Winship thought an additional resolution, thanking the press, should be incorporated. Mr.
Página 87 - It wouldn't be possible not to be kind In the Land of Beginning Again: And the ones we misjudged and the ones whom we grudged Their moments of victory here Would find in the grasp of our loving handclasp More than penitent lips could explain. For what had been hardest we'd know had been best, And what had seemed loss would be gain ; For there isn'ta sting that will not take wing When we've faced it and lairghed it away: And I think that the laughter is most what we're after In the Land of Beginning...
Página 153 - Connecticut, Delaware. District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin.
Página 130 - ... of an act of Congress, approved December 17, 1914, relating to the production, importation, manufacture, compounding, sale, dispensing, or giving away of opium or coca leaves, their salts, derivatives, or preparations, by a wholesale jobber, wholesaler, or manufacturer, permanently located in this State, as provided for in that section.
Página 77 - For the correction and instruction of profligate youth, that they who when idle were injurious, may when taught become useful, to the State.

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