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1. District of Rothiemurchus. 3, Parish of Laggan.

2. Parish of Kilmorack. 4. Pariah of St Kilda,

5. District of Stenscholl.

I regret that in consequence of their silence, the Table is incomplete, but from other sources, the returns from some of them have been given as follows:—Stoer, 2230; Golspie, 709; Tongue, 826*; Cromarty, 310; Killearnan, 543; Lochcarron, 1391 ; Lochs, 6272; St Kilda, 77t; and Stenscholl, 1308; or a total of 14,666 for these eight districts speaking Gaelic. The results in tho 74 Districts from which returns have been made, are that the total population is 134,097. Eeturned as speaking Gaelic 95,916.

Probable number of omissions, say 2184.

Total Gaelic, 98,100.

It will be observed, that with the exception of Edderton, Avoch, Inverallan, and Kingussie, the Gaelic omissions have been inconsiderable, and establish what I had anticipated—

1st, That full justice would, iu the Highland Districts at least, bo done by enumerators and Registrars, and

2d, That Gaelic prevails more widely than is generally supposed.

To these gentlemen who so kindly replied, and for the interesting information in some of their letters, my warmest acknowledgments are tendered.

I trust friends of the Gaelic in the nineteen silent districts (I omit St Kilda) will waken up the sleepers, and also that information will be got as regards Dornoch, Dingwall, Croy and Dalcross, Abernethy and Kincardine, Logic Easter, South Gairloch, Rosehall, and South Snizort before alluded to, in order that a Supplementary and Completing Table may be issued. I think also that friends in other counties should move in their localities, for it is too great an undertaking for one person to deal with all Scotland.—Your obedient servant, C. Fraser-mackintosh.



* The Registrar of Tongue has since written mentioning the figures as, total, 1933; speaking Gaelic, 1826, none being omitted.—ed.

t The Registrar of St Kilil:t, buinj also the worthy minister, wrote as soon as he could, his letter taking about six weeks on the journey, stating that the whole population of 77 spoke Gaelic.—En.

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posed of 595 in Fort-George, and 129 remainder of Parish.

Registrar speaks from memory of the number of 650.

None omitted.

None omitted.

None omitted.

Many who could speak fluently did not return themselves; young children and infants in most cases omitted.

33 who speak fluently did not return themselves.

About 100 children under 2 omitted.

Word " habitually" restricted the numbers by about 300.

This is corrected return, includinginf ants

None omitted.

None omitted.

Corrected return, including children.

18 infants omitted.

A few infants omitted.

None omitted.

None omitted.

None omitted.

About 29 children omitted.

3 omitted.

All Gaelic.

None omitted.


Since the above was in type, Mr Fraser-Mackintosh has sent us the following, dated 8th of August:—

Sir,—With reference to my letter of 8th ult. on this subject, I wish to mention that, having had an interview with the Registrar-General on the subject of the Special Gaelic Return for Scotland generally, which was granted on 25th July, I asked the favour of his giving me unofficially the 28 returns for Inverness, Ross, and Sutherland, not furnished by the Registrars. This he kindly agreed to do, and the information is to be found in the annexed table.

From the returns it would appear that the Gaelic-speaking people of the three counties number 130,783, to which may l>e added 3217 of probable omissions, making the total 134,000—being in all likelihood one-half of the Gaelic-speaking population of Scotland.

These returns, except Tongue, Rosehall, Dornoch, Dingwall, Logie-Easter, South Gairloch, Croy, South Snizort, and St Kilda, do not, of course, show omissions according to the views of the Registrars, and as accuracy is very important, I cannot but regret that the Registrars of Stoer, Bonar, Scourie, Golspie, Alness, Cromarty, Killearnan, Kilmnir-Easter, Coigach, Lochcarron, Rosemarkie, Rosskeen, Lochs, Stornoway, Rothiemurchus, Kilmorack, Laggan, and Steinscholl, and late Registrar of Abernethy and Kincardine, have not been moved to reply; but having done all in my power, I must now leave the matter as it stands.

Sutherland Registration District.'


Stoer .... 2278 2174

Bonar .... 1671 H85

Scourie 680 384

Oolspie .... 1548 755

Tongue .... 1925 1791

Ttosehall- - - - 652 448

Dornoch.... 2525 1857

Ross And Cromarty.

Alness .... 1033 485

Cromarty - - - 1996 801

Killearnan - - - 1049 558

Kilmnir-Easter - ■ 1146 618

Coijtach .... 1167 1129

Lochcarron - - 1456 1313

Rosemarkie • • • 1862 C6

Ross And Cromarty—(Continued).


ropulation. spcakinpr.

Rosskeen - - - 8746 1267

Lochs - - - - 4543 4442

Stornoway - - - 6719 5800

Dinswall - - - 2206 599

Lode-Faster ... 827 4S«

South Gairloch - - 3014 2806


Rothiemurchus 293 221

Kilmorack - - - 2600 2023

Lat'tran .... 917 810

Stenschnll - - - 1314 1306

Ahemethv and Kincardine IKiO 780

Orov and Dalcross - 1709 707

South Snizort - • 1372 1380

St Kilda ... 77 77

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