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review by said circuit court of appeals in all cases where the same would lie from any district court to a circuit court of appeals of the United States, and with the right of appeal and review directly by the Supreme Court of the United States in all cases where a direct appeal would be from such district courts.

SEC. 43. That writs of error and appeals from the final judgments and decrees of the Supreme Court of Porto Rico may be taken and prosecuted to the Circuit Court of Appeals for the First Circuit and to the Supreme Court of the United States, as now provided by law.

SEC. 44. That the qualifications of jurors as fixed by the local laws of Porto Rico shall not apply to jurors selected to serve in the District Court of the United States for Porto Rico; but the qualifications required of jurors in said court shall be that each shall be of the age of not less than twenty-one years and not over sixty-five years, a resident of Porto Rico for not less than one year, and have a sufficient knowledge of the English language to enable hin to serve as a juror; they shall also be citizens of the United States. Juries for the said court shall be selected, drawn and subject to exemption in accordance with the laws of Congress regulating the same in the United States courts in so far as locally applicable.

SEC. 45. That all such fees, fines, costs, and forfeitures as would be deposited to the credit of the United States if collected and paid into a district court of the United States shall become revenues of the United States when collected and paid into the District Court of the United States for Porto Rico: Provided, That $500 a year from such fees, fines, costs, and forfeitures shall be retained by the clerk and expended for law library purposes under the direction of the judge.

SEC. 46. That the Attorney General of the United States shall from time to time determine the salaries of all officials and assistants appointed by the United States district court, including the clerk, his deputies, interpreter, stenographer, and other officials and employees, the same to be paid by the United States as other salaries and expenses of like character in United States courts.

SEC. 47. That jurors and witnesses in the District Court of the United States for Porto Rico shall be entitled to and receive 15 cents for each mile necessarily traveled over any stage line or by private conveyance and 10 cents for each mile over any railway in going to and returning from said courts. But no constructive or double mileage fees shall be allowed by reason of any person being summoned

both as witness and juror or as witness in two or more cases pending in the same court and triable at the same term thereof. Such jurors shall be paid $3 per day and such witnesses $1.50 per day while in attendance upon the court.

Sec. 48. That the supreme and district courts of Porto Rico and the respective judges thereof may grant writs of habeas corpus in all cases in which the same are grantable by the judges of the district courts of the United States, and the district courts may grant writs of mandamus in all proper cases.

SEC. 49. That hereafter all judges, marshals, and secretaries of courts now established or that may hereafter be established in Porto Rico, and whose appointment by the President is not provided for by law, shall be appointed by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate of Porto Rico.

MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS SEC. 50. That, except as in this Act otherwise provided, the salaries of all the officials of Porto Rico not appointed by the President, including deputies, assistants, and other help, shall be such and be so paid out of the revenues of Porto Rico as shall from time to time be determined by the Legislature of Porto Rico and approved by the governor; and if the legislature shall fail to make an appropriation for such salaries, the salaries theretofore fixed shall be paid without the necessity of further appropriations therefor. The salaries of all officers and all expenses of the offices of the various officials of Porto Rico appointed as herein provided by the President shall also be paid out of the revenues of Porto Rico on warrant of the auditor, countersigned by the governor. The annual salaries of the following-named officials appointed by the President and so to be paid shall be: The governor, $10,000; in addition thereto he shall be entitled to the occupancy of the buildings heretofore used by the chief executive of Porto Rico, with the furniture and effects therein, free of rental; heads of executive departments, $5000; chief justice of the supreme court, $6500; associate justices of the supreme court, $5500 each.

Where any officer whose salary is fixed by this act is required to give a bond, the premium thereof shall be paid from the insular treasury.

Sec. 51. That the provisions of the foregoing section shall not apply to municipal officials; their salaries and the compensation of their deputies, assistants, and other help, as well as all other expenses

incurred by the municipalities, shall be paid out of the municipal revenues, in such manner as the legislature shall provide.

SEC. 52. That wherever in this Act offices of the insular government of Porto Rico are provided for under the same names as in the heretofore existing Acts of Congress affecting Porto Rico, the present incumbents of those offices shall continue in office in accordance with the terms and at the salaries prescribed by this Act, excepting the heads of those departments who are to be appointed by the governor and who shall continue in office only until their successors are appointed and have qualified. The offices of secretary of Porto Rico and director of labor, charities, and correction are hereby abolished. Authority is given to the respective appointing authorities to appoint and commission persons to fill the new offices created by this Act.

SEC. 53. That any bureau or office belonging to any of the regular departments of the government, or hereafter created, or not assigned, may be transferred or assigned to any department by the governor with the approval of the Senate of Porto Rico.

SEC. 54. That deeds and other instruments affecting land situate in the District of Columbia, or any other territory or possession of the United States, may be acknowledged in Porto Rico before any notary public appointed therein by proper authority, or any officer therein who has ex officio the powers of a notary public: Provided, That the certificate by such notary shall be accompanied by the certificate of the executive secretary of Porto Rico to the effect that the notary taking such acknowledgment is in fact such notarial officer.

SEC. 55. That nothing in this Act shall be deemed to impair or interrupt the jurisdiction of existing courts over matters pending therein upon the approval of this Act, which jurisdiction is in all respects hereby continued, the purpose of this Act being to preserve the integrity of all of said courts and their jurisdiction until otherwise provided by law, except as in this Act otherwise specifically provided.

SEC. 56. That this Act shall take effect upon approval, but until its provisions shall severally become operative, as hereinbefore provided, the corresponding legislative and executive functions of the government in Porto Rico shall continue to be exercised and in full force and operation as now provided by law; and the Executive Council shall, until the assembly and organization of the Legislature of Porto Rico as herein provided, consist of the attorney general, the treasurer, the commissioner of the interior, the commissioner of education, the

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commissioner of health, and the commissioner of agriculture and labor, and the five additional members as now provided by law. And any functions assigned to the Senate of Porto Rico by the provisions of this Act shall, until this said senate has assembled and organized as herein provided, be exercised by the Executive Council as thus constituted: Provided, however, That all appointments made by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council as thus constituted, in the Executive Council as authorized by section thirteen of this Act or in the office of Executive Secretary of Porto Rico, shall be regarded as temporary and shall expire not later than twenty days from and after the assembly and organization of the legislature hereinbefore provided, unless said appointments shall be ratified and made permanent by the said Senate of Porto Rico.

SEC. 57. That the laws and ordinances of Porto Rico now in force shall continue in force and effect, except as altered, amended, or modified herein, until altered, amended, or repealed by the legislative authority herein provided for Porto Rico or by Act of Congress of the United States; and such legislative authority shall have power, when not inconsistent with this Act, by due enactment to amend, alter, modify, or repeal any law or ordinance, civil or criminal, continued in force by this Act as it may from time to time see fit.

SEC. 58. That all laws or parts of laws applicable to Porto Rico not in conflict with any of the provisions of this Act, including the laws relating to tariffs, customs and duties on importations into Porto Rico prescribed by the Act of Congress entitled "An Act temporarily to provide revenues and a civil government for Porto Rico, and for other purposes," approved April twelfth, nineteen hundred, are hereby continued in effect, and all laws and parts of laws inconsistent with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed.

Approved, March 2, 1917.



November 29, 1916 Whereas, a treaty was concluded between the United States of America and the Republic of Santo Domingo on February 8, 1907, Article III of which reads:

Until the Dominican Republic has paid the whole amount of the bonds of the debt its public debt shall be not increased except by previous agreement between the Dominican Government and the United States. A like agreement shall be necessary to modify the import duties, it being an indispensable condition for the modification of such duties that the Dominican Executive demonstrate and that the President of the United States recognize that, on the basis of exportations and importations of the like amount and the like character during the two years preceding that in which it is desired to make such modification, the total net customs receipts would at such altered rates of duties have been for each of such two years in excess of the sum of $2,000,000 United States gold; and

Whereas, the Government of Santo Domingo has violated the said Article III on more than one occasion; and

Whereas, the Government of Santo Domingo has from time to time explained such violation by the necessity of incurring expenses incident to the repression of revolution; and

Whereas, the United States Government, with great forbearance and with a friendly desire to enable Santo Domingo to maintain domestic tranquillity and observe the terms of the aforesaid treaty, has urged upon the Government of Santo Domingo certain necessary measures which that Government has been unwilling or unable to adopt, and

Whereas, in consequence domestic tranquillity has been disturbed and is not now established, nor is the future observance of the treaty by the Government of Santo Domingo assured; and

Whereas, the Government of the United States is determined that the time has come to take measures to insure the observance of the provisions of the aforesaid treaty by the Republic of Santo Domingo and to maintain the domestic tranquillity in the said Republic of Santo Domingo necessary thereto;

Now, therefore, I, H. S. Knapp, Captain, United States Navy, com

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