The Jews of Lithuania: a history of a remarkable community, 1316-1945

Gefen, 1995 - 405 páginas
The history of Lithuanian Jewry was accompanied throughout by manifestations of antisemitism. Mentions cases of limitation of rights, persecutions and expulsions of Jews in medieval Lithuania, in the early modern Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, in imperial Russia which annexed the Lithuanian territories in the 18th century, and in neighboring countries. Ch. 5 (pp. 207-282), "The Great War and After: Jewish National Autonomy in Reborn Lithuania, " describes the creation of Jewish cultural autonomy in 1919 and its destruction by the authorities after 1926; pp. 276-280 deal with antisemitism in the Lithuanian republic. Ch. 7 (pp. 302-339), "The Bloodbath, " describes the Holocaust in Lithuania, especially in Vilna and Kovno.

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