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Personage onlie, 1637, (except Caberstoune) payable at dyvers termes according to ther severall assedationes.

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Personage and wiccarage, 1637, set togidder. Hadoes landis ...... 146 13 4

Tilligonies landis . . . . . 40 -

Summa of Methlick .... £186 13 4

Wiccarage of Machar, the yeir of God 1637, collected ipsa

corpora, and sett for . . . £466 13 4

Summa totalis of the haill preceidding silver dueties, feu

meallis, tenendries, annuellis, and teind siluer extendis to £2326 8 4


Teynde bear of Greinendis extending to 80 bollis rin met, set

LIB. S. D.

to the maltmen of Aberdeen for yeirlie payment of ten merkis ilk boll, inde pryce of the cropt 1637 . . £533 6 8 Peterstoun maill duetie. Peterstoun, tuo pairt theroff, belonging to the colledge, set to George Andersone and other tennantis for the cropt 1637, paying £140 -


From Glenmucke four stein of Buttar, cropt 1637, estimat to

3 lib. the stein, inde . . . . .12

For the grass of Peterkirkyeard 1637 . . 5

Summa ...... £17 -

Humma of Greenendis teynd beir in silwer, Piterstoun, meale,

and casualties ...... £690 6 8

Summa totalis of all praeceidding silver dueties ex

tendisto ..... £3016 15

Wictuall, cropt 1637,
payable at dyverse termes.
Few wictuall.

South Spittell outfauldis . . . .3 bolles beir.

XTmphrayes croft ..... 6 bolles beir.

Colledge croft ...... 6 bolles 3 fir.

Summa ..... 15 bolles 3 fir.

Propertie wictuall.

Civill croft ...... 1 boll 2 fir. beare.

Scherares croft ..... 1 boll 2 fir. beare.


3 bolles.

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Summa totalis of few, propertie, and teind

beare extendis to ... 207 bol. 2 fir. 1 p.

Meale 1637.

Teind wictuall.

Slaynes meall .... 74 bolles 2 f. 2 p. 1

Cottoun .... 4 bolles meall.

Scottistoun ..... 8 „
Rklaittie haill .... 4 „

Denstoun, Carnefield, Grandam, Persley . 12 „
Schethacksley .... 5 „

Croves haill ..... 4 „
Kingis wallis .... 4 „

Auldgovell ... I

Boddomis ....
Elrick and Manycabok
Clubbisgowell, Lochilles, Perwinnies, and Litill

Gowell .

Barronie of Balgounie
Bischoppis Clintartie .
Wester Inglismaldie

Summa of teind meall

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Summa totalis of the haill victuall, bear and meall
(excepting the Greinendis converted unto silver)
extendis to .... 406 bolles 1 fir.

Gift of the bishop's house to the principal .

* Charles by the grace of God king of Great Britane France and Ireland defender of the faith to all and sundrie our liedges and subjects whom it effeirs to whose knowledge thir our letters shall come greeting: wtt ye us understanding that the late bishop's house of Aberdene in the tyme of these bygone troubles has been ruined and made uninhabitable and that the principall of our college there has as yet no house for the residence of his family within that our citie; therefore that the said house may be inhabited or keeped from farther ruine to have given and granted likeas we be thir our letters give and grant the use of the said house to the said principall together with the yaird and waird belonging thereto: And be thir presents ordaines the entrie thereto to begin at the terme of Martinmas nixt in the instant yeare of God M. vi° fourtie and ane ycirs to be possessed be him thereafter during our pleasure after the forme and tenor of thir our letters

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