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tabellis descriptam reddere, quo illi suorum approbationis et authoritatem ad factonuri confirmationem adiungant . Quarc uniuersis et singulis quorum interest vel interesse poterit stricte precipimus et mandamus quatenus dictis nostris in hac parte commissionariis vel quibuscunque eorum septem pluribusue (dicto episcopo uno eorundem existente) prompte pareant respondeant et intendant sub omni pena quam erga nostram regiam in hac parte incurrere poterit maiestatem . In cuius rei testimonium presentibus magnum sigillum nostrum apponi precepimus apud New Mercat vicesimo primo die mensis Marcii anno Domini millesimo sexcentesimo decimo nono regnorumque nostrorum annis quinquagesimo secundo et decimo sexto . Per signaturam manu S.D.N. regis etc.

At the kingis colledge in Old Aberdene the fourtene fyftene and sextene dayis of September respectiue, the yeir of God M vi° and nyntene yeiris. The quhilk day in presens of the commissioneris underwrittin, they ar to say, ane reuerend father in God Patrick bischope of Aberdene, sir James Skeyne of Curriehill knycht, sir Thomas Menzeis of Cultis knycht provest of Aberdene, Messrs. Robert Howie and Wm. Forbes doctoris of divinitie, Mr. Thomas Nicolsoun commissar of Aberdene, Mr. Patrick Dun doctor of physick, Mr. Jon Carmichaell minister at Kileonquhair, Mr. Jon Reid minister at Logie, Mr. Robert Gordoun of Stratloche, George Currour of Fyngask, Mr. Patrik Maitland of Cairnefechill, and Mr. Wm. Forbes minister at Fraserburgh, appointit for the visitatioun of the colledges and hospitallis of Old and New Aberdene, compeirit Mr. Dauid Rait principall, and behaving himselff as commoun procuratour of the said kingis colledge, Mr. Patrik Guthrie subprincipall, Mr. Wm. Forbes, Wm. Leslie, and Jon Forbes regentis. And his majesties commissioun being red and acceptit be the saidis commissioneris, the summondis callit, and the saidis pairteis compirand and lauchfullie summondit to the saidis dayes, the fundatioun of the college wes red, and accordinglie the saidis memberis being demandit of the warrandis and documentis of thair lauchfull electioun and admissioun to the saidis offices and places bruikit by thame respectiue, the saidis commissioneris findis and declairis that no formall electioun or admissioun had

bene obseruit according to the statutis in any of thame, and that the

principall had no right to the office of commoun procuratorie. Secundo, the saidis commissioneris findis that the grytest pairt of the foundit memberis wer quyte abolischit and out of use, speciallie sic as had speciall vojce in nominatioun and presentatioun of memberis quhairthrow formall and cannonicall electioun had fallen away. Tertio, the saidis commissioneris findis that the principall had not acquytit himselff in teaching as is prescryvit by the fundatioun, as haifing the yeir prcceiding taught nothing but sum few preceptis of the Hebrew grammer, and for practise thairof onlie the first psalme. Quarto, the saidis commissioneris findis that in his proeuratioun of the colledge effairis and rentis thairof he had not onlie bene negligent but also harmefull, by setting of incommodious takis and fewis of the patrimonie of the said colledge, quhairthrow the yeirlie revenewis of the said colledge wes reducit to small importance, and as he alledgit wes presentlie thrie thowsand pundis in his debt. Quinto, the saidis commissioneris findis that the statutis of the fundatioun wer all of thame broken or neglected, as namelie, that burses wes devydit; that promotioun siluer wes invertit to priuat use; that the memberis leivit not collegialiter; that nochtwithstanding ilk burser had payet at his entrie to the colledge a siluer spoone or the pryce thairof, that thair wes in all the colledge but sex siluer spoones, and no moir siluer wark of ony kynd; that no burser keipit the yett, but ane porter hyrit and feit; nathir any plenisching of tyn but twa dossen of plaittis and als many trincheris, no naperie but twa buird-clothes and fyue seruittis, na buird-clothe for the burseris; that the seponing of the sowme of fourtie pundis, and uther casualities appointed for the mantenance of the edifice of the said universitie wes cleaue neglected, quhairthrow the haill place is becum ruinous. And, sextlie, the saidis commissioneris findis and declairis that, nochtwithstanding for the better mantenance of the said universitie that of lait the deanrie of Aberdene wes annexit thairto, as also the subehanterie and personage of Methlik, yit haif thingis bene so corruptlie and . . . gouerned, as the colledge is not the les in miserable estait; and withall, no ministrie of the gospell in the kirkis of the deanrie, but lamentable hethenisme and sic lowsnes as is horrible to record, albeit evin about the cathedrall kirk of the dyocie.

All quhilkis considderit by the commissioneris abonespecifeit, and that by the fundatioun it is expreslie provydit, that gif any thing perische or be losit throgh negligence or prevaricatioun of the principall, to quhais cair and superintendence all the effairis of the houss and steit thairof is cheiflie committed, that in that cais he sall be holdin to mak it gude of his propper geir; They heirupoun thoght gude to deale with the said principall, to sie quhat overture and securitie he wald give for redressing thingis, at leist in sic measure as the wark altogidder fell not, rather than they suld be forced to proceid to a sentence against him; Who efter advysement takin condiscendit to the pointis efter following, as his band givin thairupoun at mair lenth beiris. Imprimis, that for plantatioun of the kirk of Machar, he suld presentlie give fyue hundreth merkis of yeirlie stipend furth of the rent of the deanrie, besydis anything that the parochineris of thair fredome wald contribute; and that this fyve hundreth merkis salbe gevin but for ane interim, till the colledge estait being bettered, may beir to give a better stipend. Item, that at Michaelmes, anno M vi° tuentie and ane yeiris, he sall give uther fyue hundreth merkis for plantatioun of a minister in the heid of the parochin, at the kirk of Monycabok. Item, that aganis the said Michaelmes, in anno M vi° tuentie and ane yeiris, he sall repair and furnische the haill edifice of the said universitie substantiallie in table clothes and utheris necessar for the table, in thak, ruiff, lofting, dooris, windowis and wallis, with leid whair leid wes, sklaittis quhair sklaitt wes, aik quhair aik is, fir quhair fir is; and be the sight and directioun of the said Patrik bischop of Aberdene, George Currour of Fingask, Robert Jonstoun baillie of Aberdene, Dauid Cargill maister of wark, Dauid Andersoun plumbear, George Andersoun, burgessis of Aberdene, and Alexander Annand sumtyme of Ochtirellone, or ony four of thame, quha sall visite the place in all the foirsaidis, and sall wpoun thair aithes sworne sett doun quhat quhair and in quhat degrie each thing salbe repaired; quha also or any four of thame, sall visite and cognosce the work quhen it is done, gif it be ansuerable. Item, that agane Michaelmes, in anno M vi° tuentie and thrie yeiris, he sall free the colledge of all debt: and these thingis he sall bind himselff to performe under the pane of twa thousand merkis of penaltie, in caice of failzie in any of the premissis, besydis the loss of all debt alledgit restand awand to him be the colledge, quhairwitht it sall not be lauchfull to him, his airis or executouris, to charge the colledge at ony tyme heireftir, nather to seik allocatioun thairfor in thair comptis at ony tyme heirefter, in cais of failzie in the premissis, and that without prejudice of the actioun compitent to the colledge aganis him for performance of thir presentis. Quhilkis thingis that the principall may the better performe, the saidis commissioneris constitutis

him or in his vice, for quhome he sallbe ansuerable, commoun procu

ratour of the said uniuersitie for the four yeiris befoir specifeit, with expres alwayis restrictioun that he sett no rightis to any persoun or persounis, or ratifie any but advyse and consent of the chancellar of the universitie and remanent foundit members of the same. It is also provydit that in the meintyme he mak thankfull payment to the regentis and memberis of thair stipendis allocattit to thame. And in cais it sall happin the said Mr. Dauid to deceis befoir the performance of the premissis, than and in that cais he to be frie of the penaltie of twa thousand merkis money foirsaid, gif so be he haif usit diligence in the tyme as wes possible for him to do; and, gif efter the reparatioun of the hous, it happin him to deceis befoir the twa ycris expyre, allowed him for freing the colledge of the debt forsaid of the said universitie, than and in that cais, his airis or executouris sall haif the procuratioun for the said space for that same effect, quhilk [gif] thay refuis, than the college to be frie of all they may charge it with. It is alwayis provydit that the principall salbe no forder astrictit in reparatioun of the twa turrettis on the heidis of the twa roundis, bot to repair thame witht leid efter the maist commodious and decent forme as the forsaidis overseieris sall think meitt and expedient, except we find him sic support and craftismen quha will repair thame according to the first forme. And in the meintyme for holding the estait of the said universitie in way, that teiching and discipline faill not, and for the better electioun of the memberis of the said universitie in tyme cumming, till the memberis quhilkis wer quvte abolisched and out of use may be agane erected, the saids commissioneris hes elected, and be thir presentis electis, Mr. Jon Leythe rector of the said universitie, Mr. William Forbes dean of facultie, and Thomas Nicolsoun professor of the civil law, Mr. Wm. Andersoun professor of the cannon law, Mr. Patrik Dun professor of physick, and Mr. Dauid Wedderburn grainmarier. And finallie, the saidis commissioneris decernis and ordainis the saidis principall regentis and remanent foundit memberis abonespecifeit to observe keip and fulfill the haill statutis ordinances and provisiounis contenit at lenth in the said fundatioun abonewrittin, and the violatour or brekar of all or ony ane of thame to be punischit as effciris.

At the colledge of New Aberdene, the sextene day of September, anno M vi° and nynetene yeiris.

The quhilk day the saidis commissioneris abonewrittin, appointed be his majestie for visitatioun of the said colledge, being conveined at the said colledge yett and requyring entrie, and causing knok sum space at the said yett, the porter of the said colledge ansuered from a window, that he himself wes loked in and hade not the keyis, for that doctour Strachin, Gilbert Keythe sone naturall to my lord Marschell, and Mr. William Ogstoun sone lauchfull to umquhill Ogstoun had cum and loked the yettis and takin the keyis witht thame. Heirupoun at the yett of the said colledge his majesties commissioun wes publictlie red, the summoundis called, quhairby the principall and remanent memberis wer lauchfullic summoundit to compeir the saidis day and place: Compeirit personallie, Mr. Andro Aydie principall of the said colledge, schew that he wes reddie and glaid that the visitatioun suld proceid, provyding the commissioneris wald warrand him of danger from his patroun my lord Marschall, wha had inhibite him ather to compeir or ansuer, or ony wayis to acknowledge the said commissioun, as the said noble erle his missive direct to the said principall and regentis of the said colledge for that effect, and producit be the said Mr. Andro Aydie in presens of the saidis commissioneris, at mair lenth proportis; utherwayis he wald not ansuer. And siclyk compeirit personallie Mr. Adame Reid ane of the regentis offering to ansuer and abyde tryell. But it being fundin be the saidis commissioneris that the said Mr. Adame wes alreadie transported to the ministrie of the kirk of Methlik, and that the remanent memberis compeirit not, the saidis commissioneris thoght meitt and expedient to send to doctor Strachin, alledgit rector of the said colledge, and quha wes present within the toun, and yitt had not onlie not compeirit according to the summoundis, but had also debarred his hienes commissioneris frome entrie, chairging him of new againe to compeir and exhibite the keyis for visitatioun of the colledge abonespecifiet; Quha being personallie apprehendit, refuised to compeir or deluyer any keyis or open any yettis, in so far as he had (as he alledgit) a contrair commandement of his lord and maister my lord Merschell; off the quhilkis the saidis commissioneris tuik actis and instrumentis in the handis of Mr. Thomas Merser and Jon Smythe, notaris publict. And the saidis commissioneris for thair forder exoneratioun, heiring of my lord chancellar his dyet to be in Aberdene on Mononday thairefter, being the tuentie of September, quha is ane and first of the commissioun, causit summound the said doctour Strachin, as also warnit the said Mr. Andro Aydie principall apud acta, to compeir befoir his lordship and remanent commissioneris the said day. At

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