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106. John Tabbart, in Knock of Strathyla, nephew and heir of George Tabbart

in Rothimay, constitutes his procurators for resigning the pieces of ground mentioned in No. 82 in favour of the College. p. 143.


107. Contract of sale of the lands of Cairnedradlane, mill, mill lands, multures,

and teind sheaves thereof, with the salmon fishing in the'Don, lying in the parish of Kinnellar, burdened with the yearly payment of six pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence Scots, by William Forbes of Cragievar to Patrick, Bishop of Aberdeen, and the moderators of the presbyteries within the diocese thereof, for the sum of ten thousand merks mortified by them to the professor of divinity to be admitted by them within the said College. 20 January, 1626. p. 143.


10". Charter thereon of same date. p. 144.


109. Disposition by Mr. Robert Gardyne, sometime sheriff-depute of Inverness, son and heir of Thomas Gardyne of Blairtoune, with consent of Sir Alexander Gordoune of Cluny, to the masters and members of the College of the foresaid croft of Loich-hilles. 22 October, 1631. p. 144.


110. Extract Act of Parliament, ratifying the old foundation, and all former

grants of properties and privileges to the University and College. 28 June, 1633. p. 145.


111. * Rental of the College from Martinmas, 1637, to Martinmas, 1638. p. 149.*


Ul.k Signature by Charles I. for a grant of the ruined house of the Bishop to the principal, because he has no house within the city. 4 October, 1641. p. 149.1


112. Signature for a charter by Charles I. of the rents of the bishopric of Aberdeen to the University of Old Aberdeen and King's College thereof, and to the new College of Aberdeen, called Marischal College, because the funds of both, by the report of his Majesty's Commissioners, are deficient yearly about five hundred pounds, two-thirds of the rents to be given to the former and one-third to the latter; and erecting the saids Colleges of Old and New Aberdeen into one University, to be called King Charles' University of Aberdeen. 15 January, 1642. p. 154.


113. Extract Act of Parliament ratifying the same. 17 November, 1641. p. 154.


114. The King's letter of direction for the division of these rents. January,

1641. p. 156.


115. Charter under the great seal in favour of Thomas Barclay, professor of di

vinity in the University, and his successors, of the foresaid lands of Cairntraidlan, appointing the moderator of the synod of Aberdeen, with two commissioners from each presbytery, the principal of the academia and University of Old Aberdeen, and another collegiate person thereof to be elected by the rest of the collegiate persons, and the dean of faculty of theology, to be electors of the said professor, who shall be elected after examinaiton, have the character and qualifications therein mentioned, and discharge his duties in the manner therein specified. 12 March, 1642. p. 157.


116. Disposition by John Forbes of Corss of the south-west and north-west

sides of the chaplain's chambers in the Chanonry of Old Aberdeen, in favour of William Douglas, professor of theology in the University, and his successors. 1644. p. 160.


117. Contract between Sir Thomas Burnett of Leys, baronet, and the masters

and members of the college, in regard to the administration of the mortification made by the said Sir Thomas, of the Greathead, Collatioun, Dwcat and Bow crofts, beside the burgh of Aberdeen, for the maintenance of three bursars of philosophy in the College, who shall be presented by the said Sir Thomas and his successors, lairds of Leys. 6 and 12 October, 1648. "p. 160.


118. Ordinance by the Lord Protector, granting the rents of the bishopric of

Aberdeen to the University of Aberdeen, in the proportion of two-thirds to the College of Old Aberdeen, and one-third to the College of New Aberdeen, and also two hundred merks sterling yearly out of the customs of Aberdeen, in the proportion of two-thirds to the latter, and one-third to the former College. (Without date.) p. 163.


119. Order by the Lord Protector for payment of the said yearly sum from the

customs of Aberdeen. 2 September, 1654. p. 165.


120. Charter following upon No. 118. 18 June, 1658. p. 166.


121. Copy of the latter will of William Ross of Rossyle, bequeathing the residue

of his estate to the Universities of Aberdeen and Glasgow, in the proportion of two-thirds to the former, and one-third to the latter, for breeding and maintaining four students of philosophy and four students of divinity, of the most quick and accurate spirits, of the name of Rosse. 25 January, 1659-60. p. 169.


122. Extract Act of Parliament, ratifying all former grants of endowments and

privileges made to the University and King's College of Old Aberdeen, except the grant of the rents of the bishopric of Aberdeen. 22 August, 1670. p. 169.


123. Commission by the masters and members of the King's College of Aberdeen,

and the College Marischal in Aberdeen, to Mr. Robert Forbes, regent in the
King's College, to collect the vacant stipends of the dioceses of Aberdeen,
Murray, Ross, Sutherland, Caithness, Orkney and Zetland.
1672. p. 174.


124. Extract Act of Privy Council, prohibiting the gathering together of scholars

and teaching them philosophy or Greek, except at the Universities and Colleges of the kingdom; and the admission of scholars from one College into


another, or conferring of degrees upon them, without sufficient testimonials from the masters of the College whence the scholars have come. 1 February, 1672. p- 175. (Orig.)

125. Mortification by John Lorimer, town-clerk of Cullen, of the Dow croft

in that town, for the support of a poor boy of his own name for four years at the Grammar School of Cullen, and at the King's College for other four years, if he be found qualified. 12 April, 1673. p. 176.


126. Agreement between the masters and members of the King's and Marischal

Colleges, dividing between them the gift of the vacant stipends in the proportion of eight-thirteenths to King's, and five-thirteenths to Marischal College; and the mortification of Williame Rosse of Rissieland, in the proportion of five-eighths to the former and three-eighths to the latter College. 15 November, 1576. p. 178.


127. Directions by Walter Ogilvie of Reidhyth for the administration of his

mortification of his lands of Reidhyth and Meikle and Little Bogtouns, &c, to educate and maintain twenty poor boys for five years at the school of Fordyce, and thereafter at the King's College. 16 September, 1678. p. 179.


128. The principal and professors acknowledge the receipt of the above mortifi

cation. 23 May, 1679. p. 183.

(From the original, in duplicate, in the University Archives.)

129. Discharge by the masters and members of the King's and Marischal Colleges

to the executor and heir of Mr. George Melvill, minister at Alford, for the residue of his estate which was bequeathed for the support of an equal number of bursars at each College, each bursar receiving yearly forty pounds Scots. 31 May and June, 1682. p. 183.

(From the original duplicate in the archives of Marischal College.)

130. Rental of the King's College from Michaelmas, 1685, to Michaelmas,

1686. p. 185.


131. Extract will of Robert Robysone, of Anaals Belturbet, in the county of

Cavan, bequeathing two hundred pounds sterling equally between the
King's College and Hospital of Old Aberdeen. 19 April, 1690. p. 193.

132. Mortification by James Park of Cranoch of two thousand merks Scots, for

the support of two bursars at the College. 25 July, 1691. p. 194.


133. Disposition by Mr. Alexander Adam, M.D., in Ansteruther Wester, of the

-fldipingle and the two Long Rigg crofts, a croft at the Sickhouse, a croft at the Spitthill, Fill the Cupp Croft, and the yard belonging thereto, all lying in the territories of the burgh of Aberdeen, to the University of Aberdeen, the Marischal College of New Aberdeen, the Hospital of Old Aberdeen, and the Trades' Hospital of New Aberdeen, for the maintenance of bursars in each of the said Colleges, and a beadman in the said Hospitals, allowing forty pounds (Scots) yearly to each bursar, and twenty pounds to each beadman; and specially giving to the masters and regents of the Old Town College, for the maintenance of three bursars of his own or his wife's kindred, or of the names of Adam, Davidson, and Simpson, certain crofts and houses beside the Gallowgate.head and the Loch. 10 August, 1691. p. 195.


134. Extract of the last will of James Fullerton of Halstead, Essex, bequeathing

the money arising from the sale of his property in Bockin, in the said county, to the University of Old Aberdeen, for the maintenance of scholars being his own relations, failing whom, of other poor scholars, at the said University. 25 January, 1692-3. p. 196.


135. Agreement between the masters of the College and the executors of the

said James Fullerton in regard to laying out the funds for the bursaries, and the preference to be given to parties. 22 March, 1695. p. 197.


136. Charter by William III., granting to the principal, professors, and masters

of the University of Aberdeen, and their successors in office, the sum of three hundred pounds sterling yearly out of the rents of the bishopries of

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