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Grant to professors of divinity and oriental languages.

William by the grace of God king of Great Brittain France and Ireland, defender of the faith, to all our subjects whom it effeirs: Forasmuch as we, considering that by a signature under our royall hand dated the 29th Aprile 1695 years, did, for the advancement of learning and religion, mortifie and dispone in favours of the principall proffessors and masters of the university of Aberdeen the soume of £300 sterling yearly, to be uplifted out of the rents and revenues of the bishopricks of our kingdom, faln in our hands by the abolition of Episcopacy, by the which signature we did appoint the soume of £100 sterling of the said soume for the maintenance and provision of another professor of divinity, besides the professor formerly established; but wee being weill informed now that the sallary of the former professor being small, and noways a sufficient allowance or encouragement for a person of such learning and literature as is necessary for that station, and being also informed that a part of the said pounds may be more usefully bestowed for the ends aforesaid, as a sallary to a proffessor of the orientall languages, for his encouragement to teach the same in the said university; therefor witt ye us to have allocat destinate and appointed, likeas we by these presents allocate destinate and appoint the soume of six hundred merks of the foresaid soume of one hundred pounds sterling to be added to the yearly sallary of Mr. Charles Gordon, present professor of divinity at Aberdeen, and his successors in office; and the remaining soume of 1200 merks thereof to be settled on Mr. George Gordon (to whom we have granted a presentation to be professor of the orientall languages of the foresaid university of Aberdeen) and that as a yearly fee and sallary to him for teaching and professing the saids languages, with power to the saids Mr. Charles and George Gordons to uplift and receave the respective soumes and portions destinate for them in manner foresaid, and if need bees to call and pursue for the same as accords; and that at two terms in the year, Whitsunday and Martimass, by equall portions, beginning the first term's payment thereof at the term of Whitsunday next to come, and so furth yearly and termly thereafter during the continuance of the said mortification and there exercing the respective offices above-mentioned, and that they enjoy all other profits rights privileges casualities and immunities belonging to other professors in the said university. Given under our privie

seall at our court at Kingston, the first day of March 1698, and of our reign the ninth year.

140. At Aberdeen the fifteenth day of October one thousand seven hundred years, in presence of Mr. Robert Paterson commissar of Aberdeen: which day Marjory Ramsay, relict of the deceased Mr. William Watson minister at Leslie, is executrix testamentar confirmed to the said defunct; and amongst other legacies and mortifications specified in the said testament, there is . . . mortified the sum of two thousand merks Scots money . . . the yearly annual rent thereof, ... to be employed for the behoof and maintainance of two philosophy bursars in the kings college of Aberdeen, each bursar having the interest of one thousand merks yearlie; . . . provided that any of the name of Watson or Ramsay being after examination by the masters of the said college found habile and qualified, shall be preferred to any other; and failling of any of these names the saids two burses are to be disposed of by the masters of the said college to those who after competition shall be found best qualified, as other burses in the said college are disposed of, conform to use and custom. Which last will and testament is dated the fourteenth day of August one thousand six hundred and ninety-nine years.

Lands sold to the managers of Reidhyth's mortification.

141. Be it knowne to all men by thes present letters, me Sir Patrick Ogilvie of Boyne, heretable proprietor of the lands milne milne lands and others under writtine, with speciall advyce and consent of James Ogilvie younger of Boyne my sone, ... to have sold . . and disponed ... to and in favors of Mr. Alexander Gellie minister at Fordyce, Mr. William Hunter minister at Banff, Mr. Patrick Darling minister at Inverboyndie, Mr. Heugh Innes minister at Mortlich, and Mr. George Ruddoch minister at Ordiewhill, and doctor George Middleton principall of the kings colledgo of Aberdein, Mr. Jolm Gordone civilist, doctor Patrick Urquhart professor of medicine, Mr. George Fraser subprincipall, Mr. Alexander Gordone humanist, Mr. William Black, Mr. Alexander Fraser, and Mr. George Skein, regents in the said colledge . . . and their successors in their respective places and functiones, as absolute patrons oversiers managers and administrators of the deceist Walter Ogilvie of Reidhyth his mortificationes, ... all and haill the tounes and lands of Balmad, comprehending therin the particular tounes lands and others underwritine, viz. the tounes and lands of Balmad and Craighead of Balmad, with the milne of Balmad milne lands multures suckine sequells and knaveships thereof, the tounes and lands of Gorrachrie Broomhill Haulkhillock and Moirless, with the maner place houses Diggings yairds orchards . . . and universal pertinents of the same whatsomever . . . together with the teynd sheaves and parsonage teynds of the lands and others above-written, ... all lying within the parochine of Kingedward and shirrefdome of Aberdein, . . . with this speciall provisione and declaratione alwayis, . . . that the granting of this present dispositione . . . shall nowayes prejudge enervat nor infreing myne the said Sir Patrick Ogilvie of Boyne and my aires maill and successores our right of comptrollerie and conjunct patronage of the said . . . mortificatioune ... In witnes whereof, (writtine be Jolm Clark servitor to Mr. Alexr Thomsone toune clerk of Aberdein) wee have subscryved thir presents as followes, viz.: I the said Sir Patrick Ogilvie have subscryved the same with my hand at Old Aberdein, the seventh day of March one thousand seven hundreth and one years, befor thir witnesses: Mr. Archbald Ogilvie advocat my sone, and the saids Mr. Alexr Thomsone and John Clark; and I the said James Ogilvie younger of Boyne have subscryved thir presents with my hand at Edinburgh, the sixteinth day of July one thousand seven hundred and thrie years, befor thir witnesses, the said Mr. Archibald Ogilvy, and Sir James Elphinstone of Logy inserter of the last dait and witnesses names.

Patrick Ogilvie.
James Ogilvie.

Grant by queen Anne in favour of the university and colleges of Aberdeen.

142. Anne by the grace of God queen of Great Britain France and Ireland, defender of the faith &c. To our high treasurer and under treasurer of our exchequer now being, and to our high treasurer or commissioners of our treasury and under treasurer of our exchequer for the time being, and to the barons of our court of exchequer in that part of our kingdom of Great Britain called Scotland now and for the time being, and to all others whom this may concern greeting: Whereas we are graciously [pleased,] out of our pious and princely zeal for the good and flourishing estate of our university of Aberdeen, to grant to the several professors hereinafter mentioned the yearly sums following amounting in all to two hundred and ten pounds per annum, that is to say, to the principall of the marshalls college there twenty pounds per annum, to the professor of divinity there twenty pounds per annum, to the three professors of philosophy and the professors of Greek Mathematicks and Medicine there, to be equally divided amongst them, sixty-five pounds per annum, to the principal of kings college in the said university twenty pounds per annum, to the professor of divinity there twelve pounds per annum, to the three professors of philosophy the professors of Greek medicine humanity and the civil law there, to be equally divided amongst them, seaventy-three pounds per annum: Our will and pleasure therefore is and we do hereby direct authorise and command that you cause the said annual sums, amounting as aforesaid to two hundred and ten pounds per annum, to be placed on our establishment for civil affaires in that part of our kingdom of Great Britain called Scotland, to commence from lady day last one thousand seven hundred and twelve, and to be paid and accounted payable quarterly to the said severall professors now being and to their successors in office for the time being respectively, or to their respective assigns in the proportions before expressed during our naturall life in like manner as other the pensions on our said establishment are or shall be paid or payable: nevertheless our will meaning and intention is, and we do hereby declare the same to be, that the said several and respective sums hereby granted are to be deemed and reckned in full satisfaction of all manner of claims or demands which the said university of Aberdeen, or the said principals or professors or any of them, may or can anywaies make claim or pretend to out of any part or parts of our revenue that they have not enjoyed since the union. Given under our privy seal at our palace of Westminster, the one and thirtieth day of May in the eleventh year of our reign.

Henry Ludlow.

Foundation of four burses by Sir Alexander Faleoner.

143. Be it known to all men be thir presents, me Sir Alexander Faleoner of Glenfarquhar, for the encouragement and advancement of letters and learning within the king's colledge of Aberdeen ... to have left . . . the sume of three hundreth and twentie pound Scots money of yearly annuitie, . . . payable out of . . . the lands of Tillevaird, . . . and the superplus of the said annuitie to be payed out of . . . the lands of Midletown, lying within the parochin of Conveth and sheriffdome of Kincarden, . . . oblidgeing me and my heirs . to . . . pay and deliver yearly ... to the provost baillies and councill of Aberdeen, or to their treasurer in their name, the said sume ... for educateing and meintaining of four boys yearly that are of good enjoyn and sufficiently qualified at the said colledge of the name of Faleoner, if any such there be, and falzieing of them of any other boyes that shall be born or educated within the parochins and at the school of Conveth, and falzieing that of Fordon, and falzieing of them of such other boyes duely qualified as . . . my heirs and successors shall nominate ... at the downsitting of the college, . . . and which sume is to be yearly imployed and distribute by the saids magistrates or their thesaurer yearly, ... at the rate of eighty pound Scots money to each of them that shall happen to be presented ... In witnes wherof, I have subscrivit thir presents ... at Glenfarquhar, this seventh day of August one thousand seven hundred and sixteen years . . •

Mr. David Ogilvy's foundation.

144. In the name of God Amen. I David Ogilvy of the parish of St. Stephen Coleman Street London, clerk, ... do make this my last will and testament . . . I . . . direct that the . . . sum of £200 ... be paid into the hands of the right honourable the earl of Findlater, the lord Deskfoord, the lord provost of Aberdeen, the principal of the kings college of Aberdeen, and to my . . . nephew Thomas Ogilvy, or to any person whom they . . . shall appoint, . . . and that the interest ... be yearly paid to a young gentleman in order to his being handsomely educated in the kings college of Aberdeen, and that my nephew Thomas Ogilvy and his heirs for ever shall have the sole nomination and appointment of such young man, ... and that he be taken out of the four bred (on my foundation) at the school of Kirriemuir if any of them be found capable, and that in this election speciall regard be had to those of our own name and who have relation to our family, that he be capable in his genius, dilligent in his studys, and

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