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in all poynts . Given under our privic seall at our palace of Haliroodhousc thin fourth day of October the yeare of God M. vic fourtie-ane years .

Per signaturam manu S.D.N, regis supra signatam .

Signature for a charter by K. Charles I. in favour of the university of Old Aberdeen and of Merschall college .

Charles R.

Our soveranc lord considering that the estaitis of bishopricks and benefeices thairof are by the lawis and actis of parliament of this kingdome abolisched and supprest aud therby the fruitis and rentis perteining therto ar fallen in his majestie's handis and to his majestie's disposing; and his majestie out of his pious and religious dispositionc being resolved to apply sutch pairt of the rentis of the said bischopricks and benefices therof as sall be fund necessar for the help and supplie of the universities and colleges within this his majestie's antient kingdome quhilk are the seminaries of pietie and religioune, wes pleased to give warrand to certane of his majestie's nobilitie and uthers to survey aud tak notice of the present estait of the university of Auld Aberdene and king's college therof and als of the new college of Aberdene callit merschall's colledge and quhat wes requisit for supplie and helpe of the samen in tyme cuming; quha efter tryall hes maid report to majestie be the quhilk it is fund that by and attour the present rents therof the competent maintinance in a ressonable way to the professors and fundit persones of the saids universitie and colledges foirsaid respective will amount to the soume of five hunderethe pundis sterling or therby; and his majestie being graciouslie pleased in some measour to supplie the saidis colledges be disponeing and mortifeing to thame the haill fruitis and rents of the lait bischoprick of Aberdene in maner efter specifeit: thairfor his majestie with advyse and consent of his hienes traist cusines and counsellours Jolm erle of Lowdoun lord Terrinziane and Machlane, heigh chancellar of this realme, Archbald marqueis of Argyle erle of Kintyre lord Campbell and Lorne, William erle of Glencairne lord Kilmauers, Jolm erle of Lindsay lord Parbroth and sir James Carmichaell of that ilk knicht, theasurer deput, commissionaris for the thesaurarie, and als with advys and consent of the remanent lords commissioneris of his majestie's exchequer of this his hienes' said kingdome, ordaines ane charter to be maid past and expede under his majestie's great seill in dew and competent forme uniting and erecting, lykas his majestie be thir presents units and erects, the saidis colledges of Auld and New Aberdene in ane universitie, to be callit in all tyme cuming King Charles' universitie of Aberdene ; and giveing granting founding mortefeing and disponeing, lykas his majestie with advyse and consent forsaid be thir presentis gives grantis foundes and mortefies and dispones, to the said universitie of Auld Aberdene consisting of the saids colledges of Auld and New Aberdene, now unit in ane joynt universitie, and to the principalls professors regents and utheris members of the said joynt universitie, according to the distributioune efter specifeit, viz.; tua pairtis to the use of the said auld colledge, and ane thrid pairt to the use of the said new colledge, of all and sundrie the few-maills few-fermes caynes customes and utheris rents and deweties of the lands barronies and uthers efter specifeit, perteining of befoir to the lait bischoprick of Aberdene, viz. the few-maills few-fermes caynes customes annuel rents and utheris deweties of the landis and barronie of Aberdene, and of the lands and barronies of Murthill, Fettcrneir, Clett, Tullinissle, Daviot, Rayne, and Berss, all lyand within the sheriffdome of Aberdene, and of the lands and barronie of Fordyce, lyand within the sheriffdome of Banffe, and of the landis and barronie of Mortlache, lyand within the sheriffdome of , and of the aikers of the auld toune of Aberdene, and of all uther landis tenementis houssis and utheris whatsumevir, quhilk pertenit of befoir to the said lait bischoprick of Aberdene, togidder with the few-maills few-deweties and utheris deweties of all and whatsumevir salmound fischingis and nets of the samen upone the waters of Die and Done, perteining to the said bischoprick; togidder also with all and sundrie the personage and viccarage teyndis of the kirks of Sanct Maucher and Sanct Nicolas, and of all uther kirks and parochines that perteinit to the said bischoprick; togidder with the teyndis of all and sundrie salmound fischingis and uther fischingis in the saidis waters of Die and Done, or within the sea or uther places elsquhair, that perteinit of before to the said bischoprick; togidder with all uther fruitis, rentis, teyndis, kirkis, and uthers quhatsumevir, provydit to the said bischoprick, temporalitie or spiritualitie of the samen, or quhairof the lait bischopes of Aberdene, and ther predicessors hes bein in possessione at any tyme bygane; with full power to the saids principalls, professors, regents, and uthers members of the said universitie now present, and thair successors in all tyme cuming, be thameselffis and ther commoun factor and comissioner and uthers in thair names, to uplift receave and intromett with all and sundrie tlie forsaids few-maills fewfermes caynes customes and uther deweties of the forsaids landis and barronies salmound fischingis and uthers above specifiet; with the pertinentis teyndis and teynd deweties respective above specifiet, according to the devision forsaid, viz. tua pairtis therof to the said auld colledge, and ane thrid pairt therof to the said new colledge, and that of the cropt and yeir of God 1641 yeires, and yeirlie and termelie in tyme cuming, at the tennes of payment therof uset and wount: and if neid beis, to convein call follow and persew for the forsaid few-maills teynds and uthers forsaids befoir quhatsumevir judge or judges competent, as accords; and to reduce and annull all rightis quhatsumevir of the forsaids landis teyndis and utheris forsaidis upon the irritant claussis therof, and upon quhatsumevir uther groundis competent of the law, as accords; and als to sett tacks of the forsaids teyndis quhilk hes beine sett in tack of before, at the expyrie of the tacks yet standing and not outrun, and for payment of valued teynds and worth of the samen and for no less tack dewetie yeirlie . Lykas his majestie declaires all tackis of any pairtis of the saids rents teynds and uthers forsaid, now foundit and mortifiet to the said universitie, to be sett for any less dewetie nor the just worthe and valuation therof, to be null and of nane availl, ipso facto, be way of exceptione or reply without any declaratour to follow therupon: And to the effect the worthe and valued teynds of the forsaid paroch kirks and parochines mortified to the said universitie may be certainlie knawen; thairfor, his majestie wills and ordaines the said principalls, professors, and regents of the said universitie to caus value the teynds of the forsaids kirks, so farre as yit unvalued, before the comissionaris appoyntit or to be appoyntit be his majestie, with consent of the estaits; and als ordaines thame to provyd and caus be provydit constant modifiet stipends to the ministers serving the cure at the saids kirks, conforme to the actis maid or to be maid theranent, and that furth of the teyndis of thair awin parochines allenarlie: And his majestie wills and ordaines, that the saids fewmaills few-fermes teyndes and uthers forsaids sall be distribut among the severall maistcrs, principalls, professors, regentis, and utheris foundit persones and members of the said universitie, and both colledges thairof, now unit in ane joynt universitie, as said is, viz.; tua pairtis therof to the said auld colledge, and the thrid part to the said new colledge, at and be the sycht of the comissionars and visitours appoyntit or to be appoyntit be his majestie and his successors for visiting of the said universitie and colledges thereof respective forsaid: And his majestie wills and ordaines that lettres of horning and poynding be direct, be delyverance of the lordis of his majestie's counsell and sessioun, in favors and at the instance of the saids principalls, professors and regents of the said universitie and colledges therof respective forsaid, present and to cum, aganes all and quhatsumevir fewars fermoraris tenentis tacksmen and uthers quhatsumevir addebtit in payment of the said few-maills few-fermes teyndis teynd dewties and uthers forsaids, and that of the cropt and yeir of God M. vi° and fourtie-ane yeires, and yeirlie and termlie in tyme cuming . And becaus the said universitie of Auld Aberdene and king's colledge thairof is for the present in debt and stands in neid lykwyse of reparatioun, both in ruiff leid sklait work lofting and uther pairtis thereof, and hes not ane sufficient librarie; thairfor it is hereby specially provydit that the just thrid pairt of the haill foresaid fruitis rentis and utheris forsaids, now mortified to the said universitie, with the haill benefeit of all vacand places, or that sall happen to vake within the said auld colledge (except of humanitie) sall be yeirlie and ilk yeir efter the dait heirof upliftit imployit and applyit for putting the said universitie out of debt, and for a full repairing of the said auld colledge in ruiff leid sklait work lofting and uther places necessar, and for furnisheing ane competent librarie therto, ay and quhill the fabrick of the said colledge be fullie repaired freed of debt and furnisheit with ane competent librarie, as said is . It is alwyse declairit that thir presentis ar grantit with exceptioun and reservatioun to Mr. James Sandilands, comissar of Aberdene, and lait clerk of the generall assemblie, of the soume of tua thousand tua hundereth fiftie-thrie pundis Scotis money, dew to him be the lait archbischops and bischops of this kingdome, and restand unpayit be them of certane yeires bygane, for his fie of his clerkship of the said generall assemblie, and that to be payit to him furth of the first and reddiest of the few-maills fewfermes and uthers rents above specifeit, perteining to the said bischoprick of Aberdene, of the crop*s and yeirs of God, M. vi° and fourtie-ane, and M. vi° and fourtie-tuo yeires, according to the signatour past therupon; the burding quherof sall proportionallie ly on the said auld colledge of Aberdene, for the tua parts therof, and on the said new colledge of Aberdene for the thrid pairt therof . And his majestie wills and declaires, that thir presentis sall be a sufficient warrand to the director of his majestie's chancellarie to wryt out a chartor on thir presentis, to the great seill and to his majestie's heigh chancellar for appending of the said seill, without passing of any uther seills or registeris . Given at Halyruidhous, the aucht day of November, M. vi° and fourtie-ane yeires .

It is hereby speciallie provydit that the mortificatioun above writtin is and sall be lyable to the tennour of the act of exchequer maid theranent, of the dait the fyfteint day of Januarii, the yeir of God H. vi° and fourtietua yeirs, and ordaines preceptis to be derect heirupone in forme as effeirs .

Lowdoun, eancellarius.



J. Carmichaell.

J. Fletcher.

Mr. Alex. Gibsone, Durie.
Sir Thomas Hop.
J. Hamiltoune.
J. Baleomie.

Please your saered majestie . This content's ane unioun and erectioun of the twa colledges of Aberdene, viz. the auld colledge therof, and the new colledge callit marischalls colledge, uniting and erecting the samen in ane joynt universitie, to be callit, in all tyme cuming, King Charles his universitie; and contenes ane mortificatioune to the said universitie of the haill few-maills few-fermes teinds and utheris rents perteining to the bischoprick of Aberdene, viz. to the said auld colledge the tua pairt, and to the new colledge the thrid pairt therof; to be distributit amongst the professors and foundit persounes, be your majestie's comissioneris and visitours; and reserveing 2253 punds for payment of the bygane fies, auclitand be the bischopis to the clerk of the generall assemblie .

Sir Thomas Hop .

Ratification of the mortification of the rents of the bishoprick of Aberdeen to the college .

. In the parliament haldine at Edinburghe the sevintene day of November the yeir of God M. viu fourtie-ane yeirs our soverane lord and estaittis of

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