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and his succesSoris civilistis of the said universitie -sufficient procuratories of resignatioune ... for resigning off all and haill that croft of land callit the civilists croft with the barne biggit thairnpone and pertinentis belonging thairto lyand in the east territorie of the said colledge betuix the lands of Spittall perteining to William Keith at the south the kingis common gait at the wast the Civillhous and yaird sumtyme perteining to Jolme Reid skinner and to me now at the north and the saids lands of Spittall at the cist in the handis off the said Thomas Nicolsone and his successoris civilistis of the said universitie or in the handis of the principall subprincipall canonist mediciner grammarian commone procuratour and remanent fundit memberis of the said universitie . . . my undoutit superioris of the said croft ... ad perpetuam remanentiam to the effect the propertie thairof may be consolidat with thair superioritie of the samen ... In witnes quhairof I haif subscriuit thir presentis with my hand as followis written be Mr. Alexr Reid writter in Abirdene at Auld Abirdene the day of

the zeir of God ane thousand sex hundreth twantie-four zeiris befor thir witnesses George Mersser advocat in Abirdene Thomas Mersser his sone and the said Mr. Alexr Reid .

George Bruce .

106. Instrumentum quo Joannes Tabbart in Knock de Strathyla nepos et heres Georgii Tabbart in Rothimay constituit procuratores ad resignandas terras seu croftas predictas (ut ante No. &2.) in favorem dicti collegii . 8 Februarii 1625 .

107. Contract between William Forbes of Cragievar, on the one part, and Patrick bishop of Aberdeen, and the moderators of the presbyteries within the diocese of Aberdeen, on the other part, whereby on the narrative that the saids bishop and moderators had mortified the sum of 10,000 merks Scots to the professpr of divinity of the said college (who shall be admitted by the saids bishop and commissioners of presbyteries) the said William Forbes in consideration of the said sum of 10,000 merks dispones to them the lands of Cairnedradlane, mill, mill lands, multures &c. and salmon fishing on the Don, lying in the parish of Kinnellar, burdened with the yearly

payment of 6 punds 13s. 4d.; and grants also the teind sheaves of the saids lands . The contract also contains a clause of reversion and is dated 20 January 1626 .

108. Carta super eodem contractu . 20 Januarii 1626 .

Disposition of the Loch hills .

109. Be it kend till all men be thir present lettres me Mr. Robert Gardyne sumtyme shireff deputt of Inuerness sone and air to umquhill Mr. Thomas Gardyne of Blairtoune my father: Forsamekill as I myselff and the richt worschipfull schir Alexander Gordoune of Cluny knicht to my behowe and utilitie hawe instantlie . . . receawed fra Mr. Wm Leslie subprincipall and commoun procuratour of the keingis colledge of Auld Aberdeine for himselff and in name and behalff of the remanent maisteris and memberis of the said colledge certaine soumes of money . . . thairfor to hawe sauld ... to the principall ciuilist canonist mediciner supprincipall grammarian and remanent maisteris and memberis of the said college present and to come and to their successoures ... all and haill the landis or croft of land callit the Loch hilles with the loche and mareishe thairof neer adiacent and perteining thareto with the haill boundis mercheis priveleges . . . lyand wpoune the west syid of the citie of Auld Aberdene within the parochine of

and the shireffdome of Aberdene ... In witness quharof I and the saids schir Alexander Gordoune . . . hawe subscrivit thir presentis witht thar handis writtin be Thomas Gordoune notar publict at the kingis colledge of Abirdene the twantie-twa day of October M. vi° threttie-ane zeiris befor the witnessis Alexr Lillie commissar clerk deput of Aberdene and Thomas Lillie his sone and Mr. Alex' Reid colledge clerk .

Ro. Gairdyn .

Act of Parliament ratifying the old foundation and all former mortifications and donations .

110. In the Parliament haldin at Edinburgh upon the twenty-augtht day of June one thousand six hundred and thirty-three years Our Sovereine lord and estates of this present Parliament ordains an ratification to be maide thairin makand mention that his majestie remembering and calling to mind the manifold acts of Parliament made be his majestie's predecessoris of worthy memorie in favour of the auld universities of this realme whilks are the seminaries of the kirk and policie within the same; And his majestie being movit with fervent zeal of the propagation and advancement of religion and with an earnest love of incress of policie, and having therewith an special regaird to the education and upbringing of the youth within this kingdom in piety and learning and specially within the north parts of this realme quhairof our sovereine lord's university and king's college in Auld Aberdene has been special instructors for the space of seven scoir yeirs or thaireby since the first foundation of the samyn: And understanding that the said University and college was of auld foundit and erectit be umquhill King James the fourt of worthie memorie for serving the north parts of this realme and indewit be him with most ample privileges of teaching and professing divinity canon and civile laws medicine philosophic and all other lawfull faculties and liberal sciences; and alse giving of degrees of baccallawreatt licentiat and doctorat to these that are worthy and capable of the said degries in all and sundry the faculties and sciences abone exprest; with full power and liberty to the persons promotit and graduated in the samyn to reid teich do and exerce all things whatsomever the persons promoted to the same degrees within the university of Paris in the university of Bononia or any other university whatsomever may do or exerce both in the university quhair they receivit thair degries and also in whatsomever other university ubicunque terrarum absque alio examine vel approbatione: and generally with all and sundry quhatsomever other richts privileges liberties immunitys and exemptionis given and granted to the said universities of Paris and Bononia or to ony other university of this realme or pertaining and belonging to ony university or general studie; togidder with conservators specially ordanit and constitute for conserving and maintaining of the saids richts privileges liberties immunities and exemptionis of the said university and colledge ; as is at greater lenth exprest and sett down in the first foundatiouns and erectiouns of the said university and king's colledge of Auld Aberdene of the dates H.CCOC. nyntie-four and M.cccc nyntie-sevine yeirs respective: and that the saids university and king's colledge of Auld Aberdene wer of auld giftit and dottit be the said umquhill King James the fourt of worthie memorie and by the bishops of Aberdene and certain others his majestie's subjects with the kirks and benefices patronages personages and vicarages thereof lands and annualrents following mortifiet united annexit and incorporat thairto viz.; the parsonage and vicarage of Aberlutlmot, the parsonage and vicarage of Qlenmuik and Glengardyn, the parsonage and vicarage of Slains, the parsonage and vicarage of Snaw, the parsonage and vicarage of Auchindor, the vicarage of Tillynessill, together with the patronages of the said kirks; the half-town lands of Drumlugus, the town and lands of Adiel, Balmakettill, Colyine and Audait, Berriehill, Mundurno, certain crofts and tenements of land lyand in the eist and west territories of New Abirdeine, an annualrent of twenty pounds out of the barony of Balhelvie, nineteene merks out of the waters of Banff", twelve poundis sex shillings aught pennies yeirly furth of the lands of Ord, Monbray, Blayrshynne and Pittenbreonyuns in Boyne, an annualrent of five poundis out of the lands of Udoche, an annualrent of four poundis yearly furth of the lands of Pettie, the lands of the hospital of St. Germanes with the haile fruits rents and duties of the same whatsomever belonging thairto, wherever the samyn bees or lys within this realme, the lands whereupon the same college is foiuidit, with the yeards croftis and haile precincts of the samyne with the manses yards and croftis of the canonist civilist mediciner and grammarian of the said university and college and others particularly specifit and contained in the auld foundations of the saids universyty and colledge charters and donations of the samyn of several daits respective; whilks privileges and libertys with the said auld foundations and mortifications were afterwards ratifiet and approvin by umquhill King James the Fifth of worthie memorie in the yeir of God M.d. tuentie-sevine yeirs, and be his royal daughter umquhill Queen Mary of worthie memorie in the yeir of God M.D. sextie and tua yeirs, and be his hienes' umquhill dearest father King James the Sixth of worthie memorie, be an act of his parliament holdin in the year of God M. vi" seventeen years: as likewise that his hienes said umquhill dearest father of worthie memorie having consideration and respect that the means of the saids auld rents and duties being greatly diminished and impairit be diverse alienations and impropriations and other dilapidations of the same was naways able nor sufficient to intertain in ony competent manner or measor the masters and members of the said university and colledge as the same war first foundit: thairfore his hienes said umquhill dearest father of worthie memorie of his majestie's princelie liberaHtie love and affection quhilks he had to learning and vertue and to the mantenance and increas therof within this realme gave disponit united and annexit to the said university and college of Auld Aberdene with special consent and assent of all having intrast the kirks teynds lands and annualrents after specifiet To witt; all and haile the parsonage and vicarage of Saint Machar called the deanry of the cathedral kirk of Aberdene, with the haile lands fruits teynds rents emoluments and duties perteining and belonging therto, all and haile the parsonage of Methlik, Furvie, Petterkirk called Spittle, or the sub-chantory of Aberdene, with the haile manses gleibs lands rents and duties of the saids kirks respective, all lyand within the dioces of St. Andros and Aberdene respective; togidder also with all and sundry kirk-lands teynds annualrents feu-farms manses gleibs houses biggings vards and others fruits rents and emoluments quhilk pertenit of before to the friars Carmalites of Banff, the chaplanaries of Westhal and Fallaroul, the chaplanries of Saint Magdalens altar, with all and sundry kirk-lands teinds annualrents feu-farms manses gleibs houses biggings and all other fruits rents emoluments and dutys quhatsomever quhilks pertainit of before to the saids chaplanrys or to the auld chaplains of the said university and colledge of Auld Aberdene; togidder with all other lands houses biggings provents teinds annualrents feu-farms manses gleibs titles richts jurisdictions and others quhatsomever perteining and addebtit to the said colledge masters regents bursars and members therof, ather given and grantit be his hienes said umquhill dearest father King James the Sixth of worthie memorie, or any others his hienes most noble progenitors and predicessoris kings and queens of Scotland their regents or gouvernours for the time, or be the bishops of Aberdene of guide memorie, or be ony others at any time of before, whilks the said college and university possessis hes possest or any ways micht possess as in his hienes said umquhill darrest father of worthie memorie his donations gifts dispositions and mortifications therof at more lenth is contanit: Whilks last mortifications and donations grantit be his hienes' said umquhill darrest father of worthie memorie to the said university and college were likewise ratifiet be him be an act of his said parlia

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