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Andrew Arbutlmot.

1583 David Rait.
Robert Burnett.
David Clerk.
William Barclay.

1584 Peter Udney.
1587 Jonn Guthrie.
1590 James Sibbald.
1592 William Forbes.
1594 David Robertson.
1597 Andrew Robertson.

... Jolm Chalmer.

1600 Andrew Young. James Strathauchin.

1601 Gilbert Ketht.

1602 Patrick Guthrie. 1610 Patrick Reid.

... Robert Dunbar.

... James Rait. 1613 William Forbes. 1617 William Lesly of Aiknavy 1619 Alexander Lunand.

Jolm Forbes. 1623 Patrick Forbes.

1626 John Lundie.

1627 George Leith. David Leitche.

1629 Andrew Strachan.

George Mill. 1631 James Sandelands. 1633 Robert Ogilvie.

1634 William Strachan.

... Alexander Middleton.

1635 Alexander Garden. 1638 Alexander Serogie. 1640 Patrick Gordon.

... William Rait. 1642 Dr. George Middleton. 1644 Andrew Youngson. 1646 Patrick Sandelands. 1648 J. Middleton. 1651 Jolm Strachan.

... Gilbert Ruile. 1654 Hugh Anderson.

1657 William Jolmston.

1658 Andrew Massie.

1659 George Gordon (afterwards first Earl of Aberdeen.) 1661 Robert Forbes.

1669 Henry Scougal.
1671 George Middleton.
1673 George Garden.
1675 Jolm Buchan.
1679 George Fraser.

1685 Ma. Scougall.
... William Black.

1686 Alexander Fraser.
... George Skene.

1709 Dr. James Urquhart.
1712 Alexander Burnett.
1715 Richard Gordon.
I7I7 Daniel Bradfut.
1717 Jolm Ker.
1733 Alexander Rait.

1742 Jolm Chalmers.
1746 Dr. Jolm Gregory.
1749 Dr. Roderick Macleod.
1751 Dr. Thomas Reid.
1754 Jolm Lesly.

1765 Alexander Burnett, sub-principal. ... William Ogilvy.

... Thomas Gordon.

1766 James Dunbar.
1790 Dr. Gilbert Gerard.
1794 Dr. William Jack.
1796 Robert Eden Scott.
1798 Dr. Hugh Maepherson.
1800 William Duncan.
1811 William Paul.

... Dr. John Tulloch. 1817 Dr. Daniel Dewar.

1819 Andrew Alexander.

1820 Dr. John Lee.

1821 Dr. Hercules Scott. J 834 Dr. Jolm Fleming. 1846 David Thomson. 1851 Frederick Fuller. 1854 Peter C. Campbell.


1620 Dr. John Forbes of Corse.

1633 Dr. Andrew Strachan.

1634 Dr. Jolm Forbes of Corse.

1640 Thomas Barclay.

1641 Jolm Forbes.



1. Bull of Pope Alexander VI., issued on the petition of James IV., King of Scots, which sets forth that the north parts of his kingdom were inhabited by a rude illiterate and savage people, and therefore erecting in the City of Old Aberdeen a "Studium Generale" and University, as well for theology canon and civil law medicine and the liberal arts, as for any other lawful faculty, to be there studied and taught by ecclesiastical and lay Masters and Doctors, in the same manner as in the " Studia Generalia" of Paris and Bologna, and for conferring on deserving persons the degrees of Bachelor, Licentiate, Doctor, Master, and all other degrees and honourable distinctions; conferring on William, Bishop of Aberdeen, and his successors, the office of Chancellor, impowering them, or during the vacancy of the See the Vicar deputed by the Chapter, to confer these degrees in all the faculties on such well behaved scholars as 6hall, after due examination, be deemed fit by the Rector, Regents, Masters, or Doctors of the faculty in which the degree is sought; granting to such graduates full power of teaching in this or any other studium, without any other examination; giving power to the Chancellor or his Vicar, the Rector for the time, and the resident Doctors, with the assistance of a competent number of Licentiates in each faculty, and of circumspect scholars of the said studium, and of two of the King's Councillors at the least, to make statutes for the good government thereof; and conferring on the students and graduates thereof all the privileges and immunities of any other University. 10 February, 1494-5. p. 3.

(From the original in the University Archives, the leaden bulla perfect.)


2. The Pope's Mandate to the Bishops of Aberdeen and Dumblane, and the

Abbot of Cambuskynneth, to publish the foresaid Bull, and to see to its being observed. 10 February, 1494-5. p. 6.


3. Publication of the foresaid two Bulls by William, Bishop of Aberdeen, as

acting for the Masters, Doctors, and Scholars of the said University of Aberdeen. 25 February, 1496-7. p. 7.


4. Bull of Pope Alexander VI., granted on the petition of James IV., for applying

the revenues, amounting to thirty pounds sterling yearly, of the Hospital of St. Germains of the order of St. Augustine in the diocese of St. Andrews, to the support of the Masters, Doctors, and Scholars reading in the said University, and also for the support of one religious person of the said order, three poor persons in the said Hospital, and as many in the said University. 9 February, 1495-6. p. 9.


5. Charter under his great seal by James IV., with consent of his brother

James, Archbishop of St. Andrews, granting to, and incorporating with, the said University the churches of Abirluthnot in the diocese of St. Andrews, and of Glenmyk and Abirganiy in the diocese of Aberdeen, with their revenues; granting also for the support of a Mediciner, being a graduate and reader in the faculty of medicine, and his successors, in the said University, the annual feu-duties of twenty-four shillings from the lands of Orde and Montbrey, thirty-six shillings from the lands of Pettenbrynzane, thirty-six shillings from the lands of Baldavy, and seven pounds ten shillings from the lands of Blareschynnach, all in Banffshire; giving to the Regents, Students, Readers, Chaplains, and Members of the said University all the privileges granted by the French Kings to the University of Paris, by James I. to the University of St. Andrews, and by James II. to the University of Glasgow; making the Sheriff of Aberdeen, or his depute, or the Alderman of the burgh of Aberdeen, or the Baillie of the Bishop for the City of Old Aberdeen, conservators of these privileges; and farther, appointing the revenues of these churches to be applied to the support of the Collegiate Church, to be founded by the Bishop in the foresaid University, and of these skilled persons, viz.: one in the faculty of Theology, one in Canon Law, one in Imperial

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